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Granting You A Dreamlike Life Chapter 50

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Chapter 50

Lin Daoshan’s car rushed to the hospital, Tian Ying and him sat in the back row relatively speechless.

If it hadn’t happened tonight, Tianying would have been looking forward to seeing this biological father. But now except for numbness, she had no other feelings, as if everything was a ridiculous dream she had made.

Lin Daoshan’s heart is turbulent. His daughter who has been missing for more than ten years is still alive, and she can still grow so healthy and beautiful. This is something he couldn’t even imagine. He has a lot of questions he wants to ask her, asking her how well these years have been? Do you remember Daddy and Big Brother? But seeing her appearance, nothing could be said.

The car stopped in front of the hospital, Tian Ying got out of the car and ran towards the ward at the fastest speed. But at the door of the ward, I heard Duan Tianci’s heartbreaking father!

Tianying’s legs weakened, and she was about to fall off. Luo Fusheng supported her body from behind. Help her stagger into the ward.

The nine-year-old’s red eyes were closed, his face was blue and gray, and there were blood stains coughed up on the quilt. Tian Ying cried out dumbly: “Father…”

No one responded to her. Duan Tianci pounced on Jiu Suihong and refused to get up, and even the brothers who had been fond of her before saw her with a bit of resentment. In their eyes, it was Tian Ying’s willful collusion with Xu Xingcheng to escape the marriage, which made the master angry.

“Little Sister, how nice the master is to you on weekdays. But you returned him like this. His old man was still chanting your name at the last moment before his death.” Dayun’s words undoubtedly added another layer to Tianying’s precarious state in the wind and rain. weight.

Luo Fusheng squeezed the palm of her hand and invisibly passed some strength to her, telling her that there was still someone with her anyway.

“Before Dad is dying… do you have any words for me?”

After Lin Daoshan left, the brothers entered the ward together. “Nine-year-old” Hong urged everyone to continue to practice more frequently in the future. In the future, if Tianying is gone, he must be able to support Duan’s family class. The meaning of these words is to expel Tianying from the teacher.

Later, the senior brothers all retreated and gave the senior brother time to say other things to the master.

“This is the end of the matter. It can only prove that you and Tianying have no relationship. Son. Don’t force her, let her go. She is not a thing in the pool, but we have held her for too long.”

“Father! She was my wife after tonight! I won’t let it go!”

“If her father didn’t find it, my sick body might still be able to keep Tianying for you. But you have also seen that her father is not an ordinary person. People do not fight against officials, we have already suffered too much here. .”

“Is that man Tianying’s father just now?”

“Nine-year-old” Hong nodded tiredly. As soon as the man with extraordinary temperament came in, he asked if Tianying was adopted? When and where was he picked up? Did you have any special jewelry on your body when you picked it up? He can answer the numbers one by one. Tianying is indeed his daughter.

“Son. Let go of the obsession. What I worry most is that this obsession will turn into your demon, and you will be ruined in your life. Did you see Master Xu Jiao like that today? He was strangled by the demon. !”

Maybe it was a mistake in the beginning. If it were not for his selfishness with his wife, Tianying and Tianci would be a carefree pair of brothers and sisters, and eventually killed two children.

“…Father, I won’t. Don’t worry.”

Nine-year-old Hong really didn’t worry too much, and patted the back of his hand.

“I’m a little tired…” He slowly closed his eyes. 】

“Father let you go.” Duan Tianci looked up coldly. “From now on, Duan Jian has nothing to do with you.”

Tianying trembled all over. “Brother, is this father’s last wish?”

“Yes. Go home and be your daughter. Duan is not worthy of your brother.”

Lin Daoshan frowned at his innocence, but still maintained a good tutor. “The expenses incurred in the funeral of the nine-year-old Mr. Hong shall be fully borne by us. A series of expenses after the theater troupe can also be reported to the Lin Mansion. You have nurtured such a dream for so many years, Lin Mou feels this kindness in his heart. Your marriage to the little girl was void without the consent of your parents. Surely Mr. Duan has no objection to this?”

Duan Tianci knows that the matter is over, what if he has objections. Who will listen to his opinion. Anyway, the cash cow of the Lin family is hugged, which is very important to the Duan family who lost Tian Ying.

“Ruomeng. You are still sick. After this day, do you want to go home and rest with Dad?”

Although Luo Fusheng had already told her about the whole story, Tian Ying could not yet reflect this new name and new identity.

“I want to accompany my brothers here to finish my father…my master’s funeral.”

Lin Daoshan is naturally responsive to his lost daughter. “Well then. I’ll call some people to follow you. If you need help, just call them.”

“Thank you.”

Lin Daoshan left several capable assistants to accompany her in the hospital. Going down one night, going through the hospital procedures, finding someone to be engulfed, buying a coffin, setting up a mourning hall… She is as busy as a top, so that she has no time to think about other things. Luo Fusheng also accompanied him all the way, but he didn’t speak much.

By the end of the day, everything was arranged properly, and finally there was a short rest time. Tian Ying and Luo Fusheng sat side by side on the threshold of the theater, watching the master sister and the two brothers remove the red silk and happy characters from the door and put on black and white elegiac couplets. They seemed to not know her, treating them as air.

Tian Ying looked at the empty coffin in the middle of the mourning hall. “Life is really impermanent. I should have been lying in it today.”

She had changed her wedding gown long ago, but the pill was still on her body. She showed it to Luo Fusheng. “Do you know that if I didn’t see you outside the car window last night, I should have taken this medicine.”

Luo Fusheng grabbed the pill in her hand with some fear, and grind it to pieces in the palm of his hand. “Don’t have such thoughts again. No matter how bad things are, there is a day in the past.”

Tian Ying noticed that the wounds on the back of Luo Fusheng’s hands were all scabs, and he did not bandage them in the hospital. “You don’t need to accompany me, go to the hospital to treat the wound!”

Luo Fusheng glanced at the scratched place on his hand, except for the tingling sensation caused by the burning of the ignition powder. He shook his hand and put his hand behind him. ” It’s just Little things.”

Hong’s body is still in the hospital, and Duan Tianci has hired an engulf to put makeup on him. Seeing that there was no other place to help, Tian Ying stretched out his hand to Lalo Fusheng. “Come with me to the hospital to get a fever injection. By the way, tell me about Lin Ruomeng.”

It was an excuse to take him to the hospital to treat the wound, but Luo Fusheng didn’t expect Luo Fusheng to hear the name like an electric shock. He woke up from a big dream. She is not Duan Tianying, but Lin Ruomeng! When she knew why she had suffered so many years of sin for no reason, she knew how her mother died. She would hate him, just like her father.

Luo Fusheng shook off her hand and staggered back, almost tripping on the threshold and falling down. “I remembered that I still have something to deal with. Let’s go.”

At the funeral of the nine-year-old Hong, the mourning music played by suona resounded in the compound. Duan Tianying, Duan Tianci, and brothers are kowtow to Hong.

Tian Ying was a little dizzy when she stood up, supporting her strongly with both hands from behind. She thought it was Luo Fusheng, but when she looked back, it turned out to be Lin Daoshan.

“I’ll give the class master incense, thank him for raising you so well.”

Tian Ying was a little moved, and together with Duan Tianci bowed to Lin Daoshan. The troupe also nodded to Lin Daoshan.

“Thank you, dad…” Old Lin Daoshan burst into tears when he called.

Duan Tianci straightened up, his face changed as he looked at the gate.

Xu Xingcheng appeared at the door with a bunch of chrysanthemums in his hand. Tian Ying’s expression quickly cooled down and walked towards Xu Xingcheng. “Please go out, you are not welcome here.”

When Xu Xingcheng heard her words, his heart felt sore: “Tianying, I’m sorry. I really didn’t expect things to turn out like this. Do you know? I have trouble sleeping and eating these days, and I blame myself. I really thought it was that day. Their bitter tricks, if I knew your father was going to be dying, I would definitely not stimulate him! I just love you too much…”

“Stop saying this word, I’m sick.” Tianying’s heart is like still water at the moment, and his words can no longer cause waves in her heart.

Duan Tianci rushed over and shouted. “Get out of here! You murderer!”

Xu Xingcheng ignored the others, but held Tian Ying’s hand tightly. “I’m going to join the army soon. Today, I will see you for the last time for the nine-year-old Mr. Hong. Don’t shut me out.”

“My father won’t accept your wishes. I don’t want to see you again. You can go.”

“Tian Ying, I will ask you one last sentence. Is it because Luo Fusheng? You fell in love with him so that you are so unsympathetic to me! Why? I love you so much…”

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by a loud slap in the face. Everyone present was stunned, and even Lin Daoshan was taken aback by his daughter’s behavior.

“You have always loved yourself. You borrowed me to rebel against your father and complete your heroic romance. But you are reluctant to really leave everything your father gave you. People are selfish, and I don’t blame you. But you robbed the marriage against my will and killed my father! Now at his funeral, you still clamored about your so-called love. In your world, does everything have to revolve around you? This slap is Give it to you for my father.”

“Send off guests!” Tian Ying stepped in resolutely and closed the door. If we say that before today, she still has a little unclear love for Mi Zhu. There is really nothing left at this moment.

Luo Fusheng didn’t come to express his condolences until very late, and stood far away without even saying hello. Lin Daoshan has been paying attention to Xu Xingcheng’s previous words.

With sorrow and joy, the funeral procession slowly moved forward on the street, white papers flying in the sky, full of grief.

Xu Xingcheng hid in the dark, watching the team go away from a distance.

In his heart, this is no different from the funeral of his love with Tianying.

Xu Xingcheng smiled bitterly, looking at Tian Ying’s back, his eyes fell on Luo Fusheng who was following her. He chuckled and whispered, softly speaking to his lover. “If so, I will let everyone die for us!”

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