Granting You A Dreamlike Life Chapter 52

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Chapter 52

Late at night, Lin Qikai’s car was driving on the road. The street scene was reflected on the car window and on Lin Qikai’s face, like a dream.

Qi Fei asked, “Master, shall we send Miss Hong home? Or MGM?”

Hong Lan shouted drunkly. “I won’t go home, Brother Lin, I won’t go home! I won’t go to Megami!”

Lin Qikai looked at Hong Lan embarrassedly. “Go to the Sheraton Hotel and send someone back to send a letter to the Hong family.”

The car crossed the Bund. Stopping at the entrance of the Sheraton Hotel, Lin Qikai helped Hong Lan walk into the hotel.

It took Lin Qikai a lot of effort to put the drunken Hong Lan on the big bed of the hotel, and Hong Lan was still talking nonsense that could not understand the content.

Lin Qikai helped Hong Lan take off his coat and shoes, and covered the quilt. Just about to leave, he looked back at Hong Lan, who was asleep without any gesture.

As if knowing that Lin Qikai looked at her, Hong Lan slowly opened his eyes and sat up slowly. Lin Qikai saw Hong Lan wake up, and quickly walked to Hong Lan’s side.

“Lan Lan, are you awake? Are you uncomfortable? Do you want to drink water?”

Hong Lan just looked at him blankly without speaking. Suddenly, Hong Lan felt a little nauseous in his chest and couldn’t help but vomit, lying on the bedside.

Lin Qikai hurriedly took the trash can, placed it by the bed, and gently patted Hong Lan on the back.

After Hong Lan vomited, Lin Qikai quickly took out the handkerchief and carefully wiped off the filth from her mouth. He leaned her against the bed, poured another glass of water, and handed it to Hong Lan.

Hong Lan drank the water and looked at Lin Qikai with some emotion.

“Lan Lan, are you better?”

After Hong Lan vomited, he was still half-dreaming and half-awake. She slowly approached him, and lightly pecked him on the lips. It touched his forehead, his ears rubbed against his temples.

Lin Qikai looked at Hong Lan affectionately, his heart beating like a drum, and couldn’t help but slowly kiss her forehead.

“Fusheng…” Hearing the name she was chanting, his kiss was suddenly in the air. Can’t help but lift up a bitter smile.

His mind returned to calm for a moment, and he helped her lie down again. He picked up his suit jacket and walked out of the hotel room, gently closing the door.

Half an hour later, Hong Lan was asleep. One hand unscrewed the door of the room and entered the room with a drunk scent of alcohol.

The night market is bustling. Luo Fusheng pulled Lin Ruomeng through.

“Luo Fusheng, I really don’t have the mood to go to the night market now…” Tian Ying has now moved back to the Lin family, officially recognized the ancestor and returned to the clan, and called Lin Ruomeng back.

Duan Tianci took a large sum of money from Lin Daoshan, then disbanded Duan Jiaban, and then went missing. Lin Ruomeng has been looking for news about him, only occasionally heard of which casino or smokehouse he appeared in. He was addicted to drugs, eating, drinking, prostitution, and gambling.

Lin Ruomeng got the news today that Duan Tianci appeared in the Hong Gang’s smokehouse, looking for him, hoping to persuade him to turn back. As a result, he was humiliated by Duan Tianci in the smokehouse. He walked away, and Lin Ruomeng turned his head and saw Luo Fusheng standing behind him with deep eyesight.

Luo Fusheng came to collect the bills, but unexpectedly bumped into her. Since the last funeral, Luo Fusheng deliberately avoided her, but he had never seen it once. The words of the foster father sounded in his ears, and Luo Cheng called him: “Big Brother.”

“You stay here and wait for me to come back.” Luo Fusheng strode forward and took her hand and walked out.

Luo Fusheng took her to a small lantern and shadow play stall. Looking at the vivid portraits on the screen, Tian Ying’s terrible mood improved slightly. “Shadow play? What is this for?”

Pretending to be mysterious, Luo Fusheng pressed Tianying on the bench next to him, then took out the money and handed it to the stall owner. “Boss, please do me a favor and cooperate with me.”

Luo Fusheng whispered to the boss, and the boss nodded.

As the opera sounded, there was a warm yellow light on the curtain in front of Tianying, and an old man appeared, and then a little girl appeared.

Behind the screen, Luo Fusheng and the boss each operate a shadow puppet.

Luo Fusheng imitated the voice of Nine-year-old Hong. “Tianying? Tianying? What are you doing in a daze?”

The little girl in the hands of the boss turned around. “father?”

Lin Ruomeng understood that Luo Fusheng was imitating her dialogue with her adoptive father. Thinking of “Nine-year-old” Hong, her eyes were a little swollen, she secretly wiped a tear and continued watching.

“Hey! Tianying, you have to cheer up! Dad asks you, can you practice well today?”

The little girl shook her head and said aggrieved. “No. My brother is disobedient, I’m going to look for him.”

The old man made a gesture to fight, raised his hand and then gently put it down, patted the little girl on the head. Nine-year-old red pretending to be a majestic voice. “This is not a reason for you to be lazy, not as an example!”

The little girl shadow man turned over her head mischievously and made a fist-cuffing gesture. “I know! Thank you, father, for your kindness!”

Lin Ruomeng couldn’t help but smile, as if he had returned to the old days. When they don’t practice well, dad is always very angry and everyone has to take a meal. But when it was her turn, she was reluctant to fight, so she locked her in the house with the bamboo slivers on the ground. Let the brothers think that she has been beaten.

“Even if the theatre troupe is gone, you are not allowed to be lazy, Dad can always look at you! You will always be Dad’s pride.”

“I know my father, my daughter will never be lazy in the future!”

“Tian Ying, you don’t owe anyone. You have brought a lot of happiness to Dad and supported the entire theater troupe. You have done enough. Your life is yours. It’s your own life. , The job is bad, it’s your own. If you want to keep Dad happy, let Dad watch you live well in the sky!”

When Lin Ruomeng saw this, tears were already falling.

Luo Fusheng walked out from behind the curtain of the Deng Ying Opera and came to her, “Your father has been watching you from the sky, if you can’t live well, he is the most sorry person, do you know?”

Lin Ruomeng cried and nodded, smiling at the sky. “Father! Daughter got it!”

When I look back, the haze on his face has been swept away. “Is the Deng Ying Opera difficult? How can you play it?”

“When I was young, I often watched and learned a few tricks from the master. Do you know that this is the origin of the movie. We have movies in China in the Han Dynasty. It is said that Emperor Wu of the Han misses the passing away of Mrs. Li, and he misses the sickness, the alchemist Li Shaoweng He said that he would call upon the spirits, and he could summon Mrs. Li’s undead back to the shadow puppets. The shadow puppetry started from then on.”

“So awesome! You teach me.” Lin Ruomeng walked to the boss’ shadow puppet box, and the shadow clip was pasted with multiple layers of hemp paper and covered with blue cloth. The photo clips are divided into: head hat clip, shadow clip, gun clip, big loop clip, stage clip, change clip, field clip and horse clip, etc. Different clips can be matched with different characters, which are actually very similar to their costumes.

Lin Ruomeng enthusiastically matched Luo Fusheng with a great general shadowman wearing a black cloak and riding a white horse. She was a female general wearing fish-scale armor, a flag and colorful streamers on her back.

Luo Fusheng was explaining to her. “The shadow man’s neck has a joystick that supports the entire shadow man, called the neck tag. There is also a joystick on each of the shadow man’s hands, called the hand sign. You hold the neck tag in one hand, and the other Grasp the two hand signs in your hand and bring the shadow man close to the curtain.

Luo Fusheng grabbed Lin Ruomeng’s hand and taught her how to grasp the bamboo stick on the shadow man. The shadows of the two were cast on the screen, like a pair of lovers hugging. Luo Fusheng hadn’t noticed how ambiguous the distance between the two was at this time, Lin Ruomeng raised his head to see their shadows, and quietly curled his lips.

“How can a big man be old and dead and learn a corpse of horse leather to serve the country. I train the Yangtze River as a horse, and I feel comfortable walking in Pingchuan.” Lin Ruomeng manipulated the doll in his hand, squeezed the Peking opera singing, and wrote The passages in “Farewell” are easily squeezed.

Luo Fusheng, an old fancier, accepted her words tacitly, not to mention it. “The fire is even more courageous for the hero. I told him to put out the fire with the 830,000 ashes and smoke. Pick up the wind and thunder for dispatch, a million talk and laugh.”

The hero’s heroic poems and the actions of the puppets come to life on the screen. It attracted a round of applause from the onlookers.

Sing to the last sentence, Luo Fusheng came to the end. He abandoned the original word. Suddenly looking at Lin Ruomeng, he said softly in his own voice: “Remember me and your lord, don’t make a summary, how can you say that you are in the middle of the road, give up and give up and say goodbye. Crossing this bridge is the end of the world.”

Lin Ruomeng’s heart trembled. This is a sentence in a song of farewell. I don’t know what he meant. Luo Fusheng seemed to have a thousand words in his eyes, and finally only said this farewell word.

“Do you remember the three wishes you promised me? My second wish is not to meet again.”

On the curtain, the general’s shadow man disappeared. Under the warm light, a doll of a female general was left alone, with her head hanging down, as if crying.