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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 6

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On the stage, “nine-year-old red” dressed in Zhou Yu costumes debut on stage, the body of that temperament, can not see that the people is sick, has not opened the chamber, it has already attracted the scene to scream. Even the picky Luo Fusheng can not help but applaud.

“It’s really worthy of the name. It seems that today I have to be full of happiness.”

On the stage, “nine-year-old red” brewed emotions, and just sang the first sentence, he was interrupted by a fierce gunshot.

The audience was in awe.

Luo Fusheng turned over to protect Xu Xingcheng for the first time and put him behind the pillars of the box.

“This is… what’s wrong?” After spending a long time in the blue sea and blue sky abroad, Xu Xingcheng almost forgot that the current beach is more chaotic than when he left. The warlord was just flat, the people had not lived for two days, and there were officials, businessmen colluding, and the gangs were rolling. To put it bluntly, these people are the culprit at the top of the food chain, so it is common for someone to want to assassinate them, even a righteous person.

Things are far from being as ambitious as Xu Xingcheng thought. I saw a thin man with a wrinkled face and a sly face rising from the audience, holding a pistol against the ceiling, and the muzzle was still smoking. It was Hu Qi of the Green Gang, who was skinny because of smoking smoke.

The “nine-year-old red” on the stage, the apprentices, don’t panic, and they don’t change their posture. “This boss has something to say.”

“I can’t help but disturb everyone’s interest in watching the show. But everyone in the room can’t blame me. I have to blame him for being like this. What is the most important thing about this troupe? It’s a rule. But how can you do your class?” Keeping the rules here? In our Green Gang site, can you sing if you want to sing?”

He came to pay for the protection fee for the youth. The “nine-year-old Red” had already heard about the rules of the beach. Before the sing, he had already taken a large amount of savings to the horse owner of the theater to make a relationship. The owner of the horse vowed to take a picture of him and promised that he had already managed it, but he did not know how to make such a thing.

When the theater horse boss saw that the situation was not right, he had already found a place to hide.

“Nine-year-old red” did not expect to be in the first big show on the beach, and the audience had already gone. The rest is probably Hu Qi’s men. He was so angry that he was violent, and he was dizzy, and he couldn’t speak without words.

Tian Ying couldn’t bear to go to the stage, but she saw her of the group shaking her head and motioning her not to come up. Duan Tianci also took her.

Tian Ying is in a hurry. “Brother, I can’t hold it anymore!”

“But, the play is constant, the corner can’t go down! This is the rule of our pear garden ancestors!” In some respects, my brother and I are very similar and have their own insistence.

Tian Ying tried to calm herself down, thinking for a moment, and pulling the paragraph to go in the direction of the dressing room. “Brother, then you can do me a favor, be quick!”

Under the stage, Hu Qi looked at the “nine-year-old red” and was even more arrogant. “Nine-year-old red” , “don’t talk or mess, I really don’t understand, I will tell you, on the site of our green gang, from now on, your daily performance income, with our green help five-five accounts. We will not go to the Japanese side. ”

“Oh? I don’t know when this Fulong Theatre became the site of your youth gang?” Luo Fusheng Xu Xingcheng hid here, and strode down the stairs.

“Hey, isn’t this a Hongbang two?” Hu Qi’s mouth glimpsed.

Yes, wait for you. The horse boss did not deceive the  nine-year-old red”, and the money was taken to tie the relationship, but all of them “Nagong” went to the Hong Bang. The green gang is not a rare chicken. Looking for a her like suffocating is just a scorpion. His goal is to play for Luo Fusheng here tonight.

Luo Fusheng slowly walked to Hu Qi, and brought his own gas field: “Hu Qi, I thought that at the beginning, your youth help to collect the protection fee in Xianpin, which disturbed my interest in eating tea. Now I don’t think about repentance, now To disturb the mood of watching the movie. Do you say that you are targeting me alone, or is it helping us to help thousands of brothers? I see… you are so scared, forget the pain!”

With him, the one that flew out was a skullbone on the table. Hu Qi is smart and avoids the past. But did not notice that Luo Fusheng also popped a peanut at the same time, is hitting the scar on his face, intended to remind him not to forget who is this gift.

Hu Qi subconsciously grabbed the cockroaches on his face, and was angry and annoyed: “You are deceiving too much!” He raised his pistol and fired at Luo Fusheng.

When it was said that it was too late, Luo Fusheng had already used his fingers to get stuck in the trigger of the pistol, so that Hu Qi could not shoot, then took the magazine and turned the right hand. The bullets had already retreated and were thrown on the ground.

Luo Fusheng threw the magazine on Hu Qi’s face: “What is the difference between your face and the destruction?”

Hu Qi was completely irritated and whistled. The young brothers who are mixed in the guests stand up in all directions and have a large number of people.

Luo Fusheng had some accidents.

When Hu Qi met with the accident in his eyes, he could not help but be proud. “Luo Fusheng, Luo Fusheng, I didn’t expect you to have it today.”

The green brothers took out all kinds of weapons and surrounded them.

Luo Fusheng dragged the chair of the pear tree and placed it in the middle of the audience. I am so determined that I don’t want to fight, but I want to listen to the drama, but also to find a delicate small jug.

Luo Fusheng is facing the “nine-year-old red” yang on the stage: “I respect you” nine-year-old red” is in a corner, but you listen well, even if the blood flows down into the river, the corpse is everywhere, and once the show is sung, there is no stop. The truth, this is the rules of the Longfu Theatre, and it is also the rule of Luo Fusheng. Do you understand?”

In” the nine-year-old red” heart, this is a person who understands the drama. The sorcerer died for the confidant. The gongs and drums began to sing.

“There is still this leisurely feeling in the dead.” Hu Qi laughed at him to show off the mystery, and the young brethren couldn’t figure out what to do.

Luo Fusheng listened very much and enjoyed drinking, but suddenly sprayed the wine to the green brothers, and then took the initiative to attack them. They beat them and they became more and more dominant.

“Nine-year-old red” sang and sang on the stage, but he sweated coldly and his body began to shake.

Luo Fusheng is a madman, and this screaming squad will make every drop of blood in his body boil. Even if the other person is too heavy, it is inevitable that he will occasionally hurt the flesh, but he played refreshingly and did not care about these minor injuries. The momentum was absolutely overwhelming.

When the play arrived, suddenly a muffled sound followed by a silence. “Nine-year-old red” can’t hold on, and has fallen on the stage. The brothers and sisters all rushed to the stage.

Luo Fusheng split his heart and stunned for a while. Taking advantage of this opportunity, a young green brother took a black hand and held a small knife in his hand to give Luo Fu a leg to come up. Luo Fu was almost a knee on his knees. He supported the Eight Immortals table and was able to stop at a distance of a few centimeters from the ground.

Xu Xingcheng wanted to rush out and was stopped by Luo Fusheng. He thought about it, trying not to attract attention to the crowd and slowly withdraw from the theater to rescue the soldiers.

“Ha ha! Luo Fusheng, you said it yourself, the play can’t stop. This play is your life! The play is stopped, your life is not guaranteed.”

Luo Fusheng frowned and did not answer. There is a saying that Hu Qi said it is right. In addition to his skills, sometimes he relies on one breath. Because of the leg injury, he gradually became passive, surrounded by the green gangsters, and even the hip flask was hit aside, smashing a corner.

A young brother took the opportunity to take out a dagger and prepare to stab behind Luo Fusheng.

At this point, the gongs and drums suddenly sounded again. The sound of a sigh of anger screamed like a scorpio. Even Xu Xingcheng, who had already ran to the door, couldn’t help but look back. His eyes lit up and he was in the same place as everyone else present.

I saw that the master of Tianying who was  dressed as Zhou Yu’s appearance, and the heroic and refreshing, open and bright. “Hands hold the soldiers, turn off the road!”

This male singer, soft and soft, and aggressive, coupled with her exquisite appearance and sturdy body, let Luo Fusheng, Qing gang and all the audience present are shocked.

On the stage, Zhou Yu’s domineering seemed to have passed Luo Fusheng’s body. He first reacted and kicked the dagger of his vest. The heart secretly thanked the human on the stage.

Xu Xingcheng, who had come back to God, did not dare to delay, and ran out all the way.

In the background, Duan Tianci couldn’t help but pinch the sweat for Tianying. Next to the “nine-year-old red” saw her opening the scene, knowing that the signboard kept, and finally passed out in peace.

On the stage, Tian Ying recognized the blood-stained bloodthirsty Luo who was under the stage and grabbed his buzzer in the afternoon. There is an answer in my heart, this group of people is coming to him. They are just scapegoats, so the dislike of him is deeper.

However, the signboard of Duanjiaban can’t be embarrassed, she can only do her best, the first appearance is like a swan song. “Shi Yingwu, support Dongwu. Who dares to stop the teacher!”

Her watery voice stopped at the last sentence, and the play was perfectly finished.

Luo Fusheng was so intoxicated and shouted: “Good! Good play!”

Tian Ying deeply glanced at the man under the stage. His danger was not removed. He suffered a lot of injuries, but the play was over. She gave him a glimpse of it, which was a curtain call. The rest can only look at your own life.

The man under the stage seemed to see the meaning in her eyes, raising a smile of the evil spirits, and Zhu Lips lightly gave her a four-word mouth shape. Tian Ying read these four words and trembled. Slow down and speed up the pace to retreat from the stage.

Hu Qi pushed a younger brother who had to retreat and tremble. “Haha. After the show is over, he is exhausted, you give it to me! So many people, afraid of him?”

Luo Fu’s life is like a ring, but his face is calm. Even the provocative hook hooks on them, the mouth is like a life, the sound is cold, only spit out a word: “Come.”

The people of the Qing Gang raised their weapons in their hands and stood ready to go.

Tian Ying in the background did not have time to unload and rushed to the comatose father, but inevitably remembered the man under the stage. The four words that have just been spit out from his bloody lips are: “Death without regrets.”

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