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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 7 (Part 1)

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There is no secret in Shanghai. In the car of Lin Qikai , Hong Yi also listened to the people who escaped from the Fulong Theater and said that Luo Fusheng was in distress.

Hong Hao immediately got off the bus and rushed into a department store to borrow a phone call and shook his phone and went home: “Luo Cheng, fast, bring the brother to the Longfu Theater, the floating brother and the green guys fight, and go to help the other people. ”

When Luo Chengyi heard that he was nervous immediately, he shouted that he would leave. Hong Yu worried about Luo Fusheng, and when he saw this scene, he said something to Lin Qikai. “Linda, I don’t trust, I will go and see.”

Lin Qikai stopped her: “Hey, you can’t go, it’s too dangerous. I will go, let the driver take you home.”

Hong Yan opened his hand. “I am Miss Hong Bang, who dares to treat me?”

Lin Qikai called her full name in a hurry. “Han Wei! Have you ever thought that they are coming to Hong Gang, and you are a bigger fish than alive? You go, he has to be distracted to protect you. Don’t worry, nothing is floating. Yes, do you think that “Jade Luo” is called white?”

Hong Yu knows that he is right and does not argue. Just muttering. “That is what the people on the road gave him a name.”

“I can hear that five years ago, your father, the Songjiang Pier, was alive, a knife, facing a hundred and ten people, and took it one night. In that battle, he helped your father to win the last. A surnamed pier, so that Hongjia alone occupied all the piers on the beach, won the title of “Jade Luo”.”

Hong Yan eyes a glimpse. Lin Qikai’s words are not empty, but behind her fame, she only saw him bathing in blood, broken bones, lying on the bed for two months without coming to bed.

That war became famous, the name is the name, the bet is the life.

In the theater, three consecutive gunshots shook the audience.

“Don’t move!” Xu Xingcheng led a uniform policeman to the Fulong Theatre. Followed by Luo Cheng’s Hong Bang brothers and Lin Kekai’s people named Teke. For a time, the big theater was filled with people of all colors.

In the past, these people will never appear at the same time, so they are only transparent to each other now, and each of them is doing its own thing.

Hu Qi had never seen this shackle, and he was so scared that he hugged his head and shouted.

Lin Qikai saw the situation stabilize and called the  people to go first. Let the police officers take the little gangsters of the birth to the police station, leaving only one Hu Qi handed to Luo Cheng.

Luo Fusheng did not go to ask Hu Qi’s disposal, in short, it became nothing but a fish food in the sea or a slave on the other side of the ocean. No one will go to your theory. This is a human life, they are used to it.

Seeing that Luo Fusheng was covered in blood, Xu Xingcheng quickly stepped forward to hold him. “Is it okay?”

“It’s okay. Most of it is not my blood.” Luo Fusheng took off his bloody coat and left it aside.

Lin Qikai saw that there were many wounds on his body, but they were all skin wounds, not serious. Only the knife on the trousers cuts were a little deep. Persuaded him to go to the hospital for treatment.

Luo Fusheng made a stop gesture. “I have to go there alone.”


“Salvage benefactor.” Xu Xing Cheng  will be the play, Luo Fusheng hooked his neck. “Go, go with the buddy at the meeting, ‘Female Zhou Yu’.”

In the background, Tianying was still wearing a water jacket and water pants. The makeup on her face was too late to be unloaded, and Duan Tianci and the brothers and sisters were surrounded by the” nine-year-old red” lying down.

When Luo Fusheng came in, he just hit  Tianying who was going out to see the situation. She stunned, but did not pay attention to him. Since he has nothing to do, it proves that the situation outside is too flat.

Tian Ying took the “nine-year-old red” hand and saw that he had lost consciousness and his eyes were red. “Brothers, it’s safe outside. Let’s go to the nearest hospital now.”

Luo Fusheng stopped her way. “Xiao Zhouyu, you… how do you look so familiar?”

Tian Ying did not care about him, she had to admit that when she was just alive and kicking, she was really nervous for him. But now the situation has been fixed, and the rest is only the initial enmity. This person is really her broomstick, and she fell twice twice when she met twice.

“Good dogs don’t block. Let me. I want to send me to the hospital.”

As soon as Tian Ying opened his mouth, Luo Fusheng felt that this tone was very familiar. Then she saw the shining star-shaped gemstone pendant on her neck and immediately recognized who she was. “It turned out to be a little thief.”

“You’re going to fight!” He didn’t mention it, and raised the unknown fire in her heart. But she didn’t want to spend more time with her because she couldn’t afford to worry about her father’s condition. “People are at a juncture, can you let them go?”

Luofu oysters did not move at the exit because he was extremely tall and blocked most of the exits at that stop. “The nearest hospital, Shili Road. You ran over with your two legs, and when you ran, people were gone.”

“You! You are not allowed to curse me.” The blush of the day is red. However, it is also unclear whether Luo Fusheng said that he is not telling the truth.

During the quarrel between the two men, Xu Xingcheng had been watching the situation of  “nine-year-old red” in the past. And gave him a simple treatment. At the age of nine, the red waking up, and the face gradually became bloody.

“Hey, Master!” The big guy hurryed up.

“You are a doctor?” Tian Ying looked at Xu Xingcheng and seized a life-saving straw. “What happened to him? The situation is not serious.”

“I am a Western doctor who is not a Chinese medicine practitioner. I don’t want to hear about it. The specific situation of the old gentleman still has to wait until the hospital has done a specific examination to determine it. My initial judgment may just be a little issue of the heart. If it is, I will have a good life in the future. Can’t be so tired and scared again. He is no longer in danger of life, but he still has to go to the hospital to settle down.” Xu Xingcheng and Tian Ying talked with the gentleness and patience of the doctor, compared to the “Ruosha ghost” next to it, Tian Ying thinks he is an angel. It is no wonder that the red-haired ghosts are called doctors to be white angels.

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