Granting You A Dreamlike Life Chapter 7 (Part 2/2)

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This is @tigrasev and this is the second part of the chapter 7 of Granting You a Dreamlike Life

Everyone went out with the “nine-year-old red” , but found that when they didn’t know when it was pouring rain, it was almost impossible.

Luo Fusheng proposed to drive him to send him, Tian Ying refused. This person is afraid that he will be suffocated, and he will be killed if he is too close. Since now, there is no danger to life. It is also okay for the brothers and sisters to carry a squat to the hospital.

Luo Fusheng was not so dismissed by a woman. Moreover, he is still injured now, wants to repay, but is regarded as a wolf. Looks like iron blue, not coming down from Taiwan.

Xu Xingcheng has the heart to solve the problem for Tian Ying, and also find a step for Luo Fusheng. He saw a nobody carrying a rickshaw at the entrance of the theater and took the initiative to pull up the car. “I sent you and your family to the hospital, the other brothers are a little slower. You are not familiar with the hospital road.”

Tian Ying looked more and more weak, could not bear to be bumped again, agreed with Xu Xingcheng’s proposal, and helped him into the rickshaw. I also sat up and whispered, “I am in trouble.”

Luo Fusheng was somewhat worried. When did Xu Erhao do such a job: “Well, do you?”

Xu Xingcheng took off his white suit jacket and threw it to Luo Fusheng. “You are in the car, I am running. Let’s see you in the hospital. Bibi sees who is going fast this time.”

Luo Fu gave him a sigh, and after all, he was still not at ease. He asked Luo Cheng to follow him.

Xu Xingcheng pulled the car and rushed into the rain. Duan Tianci and the brothers and sisters also ran out.

Xu Xingcheng pulled a rickshaw in front, and the back seat was composed to people who was nursing “nine-year-old red” , watching Xu Xingcheng’s back from time to time. Although it was wet by the wind and rain, he did not have a strong back, but made her feel very warm.

The makeup on the face of Tian Ying was also washed away by the rain, and it was no longer so clear. She is not able to see her own appearance now, otherwise she is afraid that she will no longer see her face.

The rickshaw arrived at the hospital door, and Xu Xingcheng and Tian Ying were busy helping the “nine-year-old red” to get off.

In the chaos, the pendant on the neck of Tianying was accidentally ripped off and fell inside the rickshaw, but he did not find it.

Tian Ying and Xu Xingcheng sent  “nine-year-old red” into the emergency department, and the two waited outside the door.

Tian Ying saw that his sweat was mixed with rain, but he could not cover the color of Qing Jun. That sentence is how to say it, and there is a poem in the belly. The person in front of me is such a gentleman. It can be seen that he is of good origin, but he is not proud, and will not be bullied. Willing to lend a helping hand to those who have difficulties, and never let people be embarrassed. It is a stark contrast to his good friend.

“thank you.”

“There is a small thing.”

“What’s your name?”

“My name is Xu Xingcheng, the wish of Xu, the star of the stars, the process of the future”

“Quiet sly?” He heard a little mutter in Tian Ying. There are not many books written by Tian Ying, and many of the words that are known are from the drama. This word is too unfamiliar to her.

Xu Xingcheng took up her hand and used the finger as a pen to write the word in her hand.

Tian Ying also looked seriously and did not realize how much the two men are now. She couldn’t count on the number of words in the end, only that the form she wrote was very good-looking. “It’s so complicated. Hello, I am called Tian Ying.”

The two raised their heads and suddenly realized how close each other was, but did not want to move away immediately. They looked at each other and suddenly Xu Xingcheng laughed.

Tian Ying hurriedly asked: “What happened?”

“Sorry, your makeup is ruined.”

Tian Ying suddenly remembered that she did not remove makeup, and now it must be ugly. She was annoyed and turned to face the wall. I don’t know how to be good? Suddenly, both hands held Tian Ying’s shoulder and turned her over. Tian Ying looked at Xu Xingcheng and just wanted to talk. Xu Xingcheng took out a plain silk handkerchief from his pocket and began to wipe the residual pigment on her face. The technique was gentle and considerate.

Tian Ying’s face rose red, grabbed the handkerchief in his hand, and stepped back a few steps. “I can do it myself, thank you.”

After unloading the makeup, Tianying reveals her true colors. Her facial features are exquisite, her skin has a pearl-like luster, and she is more white under the wet black hair. The thin two lips slid together to reveal the tension of the owner. Xu Xingcheng carefully looked at Tian Ying, and all the likes that couldn’t cover his eyes ran out.

“Who is the patient’s family?” The doctor came out of the emergency room, and Tian Ying and Xu Xingcheng immediately encircled. “The patient’s condition has been basically stable. You can go through the admission procedure. This is the medical record book. The family members will go to my office to discuss in detail.”

At this point, Luo Cheng ran in with two younger brothers and said to Xu Xingcheng. “Xu Xingcheng they are waiting for you at the Hilton Club. Can you leave here?”

“Clubs? How can you not come to the hospital to pick me?”

“The young master said that everything is okay. He has prepared for you for a long time. The returning party is at the Hilton Club. The young master said that he could not delay this.”

“It’s a guy who doesn’t want to die.” Although Xu Xingcheng complained that he was coming, his heart was very touched by his life. He looked at Tian Ying and said. “There is nothing wrong with the old gentleman here, I will leave first.”

Tian Ying nodded and showed a trace of reluctance: “That… goodbye.”

Xu Xingcheng left with Luo Cheng. When he went out, he accidentally saw the pendant on the rickshaw blazing in the rain. He took it up and took a closer look. The original glassware was actually a five-pointed star made of a very high purity diamond. In general, in order to maximize the use of diamonds, diamond carvings are mostly round. This kind of fee is really extravagant.

Xu Xingcheng realized that the pendant was lost by the girl. He quickly picked it up and was thinking about what to do.

Luo Cheng has already got on the car and urged: “Xu Xingcheng, they are waiting for you, hurry.”

Xu Xingcheng turned to think, finally put the pendant into his pocket, bowed into the car, and left with Luo Cheng.

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