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Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 8

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Here the new chapter (Chapter 8) of Granting You a Dreamlike Life

Translated by @tigrasev

Xu Xingcheng started to scream that it was too crazy to play at the clubhouse. Luo Fusheng was the madman who used the sea bowl to drink alcohol. A good whiskey is ridiculed by his whole. After drinking it, he went to the pool and yelled at him. At that time, they were all on the head, no one stopped. Now I think about it and I am afraid that when he was internship in the 13th district hospital in Paris, he had seen too many drunks who had accidents because of drunkenness.

He was too drunk last night, and Lin Qikai did not dare to send him back to Xu Zhai. Just stayed in Luo Fusheng’s special suite in MGM, two drunken chests were pressed against the chest, and his face was pressed against his face for a night.

When he woke up, Luo Fusheng was still asleep and slept. Xu Xingcheng slowly recalled the memory of the last night’s fragment, while looking at the person lying on his side. Luo Fusheng has a naked upper body and many scars on his chest and back. Even when i was asleep, the muscles of my whole body were tight and the frowning was very uncomfortable. I have to mention that his buddy, who is out of the air, is like an insecure child when he goes to sleep. Bowing his back and shrinking himself into a ball, from a medical point of view, this is an extremely insecure performance.

Ah. There is no sense of security in the presence of Luo Gangsheng. Who said this letter?

When Xu Xingcheng moved, Luo Fusheng woke up and instinctively reached under the pillow. When he opened his eyes, he showed a second of confusion. The lack of vision in his eyes softened his anger in the weekdays. Xu Xingcheng’s heart was soft and he touched his chin. “Beauty, wake up?”

“How are you in my bed?” He worked very well to give a problem common to innocent girls but instead it’s was a guy.

“Good question. Probably because you held me last night, Zhongjing couldn’t send me to your bed.” Xu Xingcheng looked at me with no expression.

 Luo Fusheng pulled his hand out of the pillow. “Then you are too alert. My woman knows the rules, and I have to sneak out before I wake up. Otherwise I may have married someone if I didn’t wake up.”

Luo Fusheng had a gun under the pillow, revealing a black tube that was infiltrated. Xu Xingcheng groaned: “As for it? Do you dare to assassinate me?”

“Every day.” Luo Fusheng replied lazily.

Xu Xing Cheng, knowing what he said is not empty. Yesterday’s business is the best example. Suddenly there was no joke, and the quilt was taken to see the wound on his leg.

Feeling a cold wind, Luo Fusheng, who was stumbling to sleep, muttered. “What are you doing?”

“Don’t move.” Xu Xingcheng held his injured leg, and the blood leaked into the bandage. After a night, the cracked wound was covered with blood.

Luo Fusheng only felt the coolness on the calf, and it was mixed with a little itching, very strange and very comfortable. He didn’t sleep, and looked up at Xu Xingcheng.

Xu Xingcheng did not know where to pull out the medicine box in his room and was giving him medicine again. When he was doing things, he would wear the pair of gold glasses, and Luo Fusheng could not get used to it. Because Xu Xing Cheng gave birth to a pair of very beautiful eyes, as soon as he looked at you, you could feel the sincerity in that eye. I don’t blame so many women on the beach for his fascination. Even a man can’t help but want to be good to him. Luo Fusheng certainly doesn’t know what kind of personality charm. For him, this is just a natural protection for good things.

“If you are a daughter, I really want to marry you.”

“If I am a daughter, I will never marry you.” Xu Xingcheng habitually lifted the bar.

Luo Fusheng rolled over and put his arm under his head. Xu Xingcheng’s words made him somehow, remembering the female girl on the stage last night. Such a swan song really made him feel like he had a kind of death without regrets. But since it is still alive, then there is an opportunity to listen to it every day and listen to it from time to time. Thinking about it, I gave birth to a glimmer of hope.

Xu Xingcheng knows his thinking spring, got up and washed, opened Luo Fusheng’s wardrobe. All-in-one cloth, gown, short-sleeved, black, black, black…

Xu Xingcheng rummaged through the huge wardrobe and couldn’t bear it. “Hey. You don’t have a suit?”

“Have you seen wearing a suit to cut people?”

“……. At least there are other colors.”

“Black is dirty.”

Xu Xingcheng felt that their thinking was not on the same channel, and they struggled or put on their suit yesterday. He touched the necklace in his suit pocket and remembered that there was one more thing to forget.

In the hospital of love, Tian Ying was carefully rubbing his forehead with a wet towel for nine years old. The “nine-year-old red” eyes suddenly opened, and Tian Ying shouted in surprise: “Hey! You woke up!”

“Nine-year-old red” did not speak, and closed his eyes. It looks like it is very tired.

Tian Ying suddenly fell in front of the nine-year-old red bed. “Oh, I am wrong! I shouldn’t have enough experience to go on stage and break the rules of the troupe. Hey, if you are angry, you can kill Tian Ying, but you must not ruin your body. Hey!”

“Nine-year-old red” stunned his lips and was about to open his mouth. The ward door was suddenly pushed open. Duan Tianci stopped the theater owner and looked flustered. “Ma boss, I am still sick.”

The Ma boss pushed him away and walked to the ward. “How can your child be so ignorant? Just because the boss is sick, I should come to visit.”

I saw Ma Boss who was struggled to stand up. Duan Tianci quickly hugged him with Tian Ying. He was coughing and panting, and yelling at the owner of the horse.

Ma boss, I can’t help it! I don’t have a good responsibility for this class owner. Everyone is looking forward to the opening of the door. I can’t help the ticket, I can’t trust you! Please also give me more care, then give me and Duanjia. One opportunity for the class, I will raise my body in these few days and re-stage the show! I will be responsible for the loss of these days. I am going to lose money and I will not let you suffer any losses!”

The Ma boss  smiled and said: “The boss is where you are. Even if it is only half a song, the friends know that the” nine-year-old red” is well-deserved. Besides, you still have a blue-eyed apprentice, our theater drama, you still have your The team sang.”

” Nine-year-old red” heard the Ma boss drunkenness is not in the wine, intended to Tianying. Sure enough, before he answered, Ma’s boss immediately said: “Fulong’s play will be sung by Tianying in the future! As long as Tianying and Duanjiaban are willing to stay in Fulong, all losses in the theater last night will be written off.”

“Nine-year-old red” looked at Tianying with some surprise. Although she was shocked to be a heavenly person last night, but there were very few people present last night, but she still started her reputation?

“You don’t know the class owner? Yesterday, although you have caused some trouble in me, the name of your troupe has spread on the beach. This is not because the people who buy the tickets are full, except for the evening. Every afternoon, I will play another game. These audiences are all coming to Tianying. This chaos is so good, the more chaotic it is, the more stable it is, the younger, the younger. The shock field, not afraid of danger, sings well, in time, will be able to become a corner!” The pleats on the face of Ma’s boss laughed together. This is a good word for Hong’s family’s reputation. It’s spread to the entire Shanghai ticketing circle in less than half a day. Of course he has to try his best to keep this golden plaque.

” Nine-year-old red” was somewhat surprised to see Tian Ying, but his mouth was still modest. “I don’t dare to be afraid, Tianying is young, so much praise, she can’t afford it.”

“Where! If you come to Shanghai, you will be such a chance to become famous overnight. Tianying is lucky and has strength. She deserves it. Not to mention that Hong Jiashao said that he is good, then he can have a bad time.” The truth?”

Tian Ying heard the name of Luo Fusheng and frowned.

The Ma boss took a contract from his arms and set up their cooperation. “I am here to tell you this good news, so that you can be broad-minded. After the class is followed by someone, you will have a good health.”

He responded and thanked the Ma owner. “Hey, thank you Ma boss! Give you trouble! Godsend, send the MA owner!”

“Yes!” Duan Tianci sent the Ma boss to go out.

The Ma boss did not forget to look back: “Yes, this afternoon performance, Tian Ying girl can not be late! We can count on you in the theater.”

Tian Ying is embarrassed to nod. Still can’t believe it.

He sat back on the bed, frowning and thinking, and looking at Tianying, laughing. “My daughter has a good time!”

Duan Tianci pushed the door in.

“Nine-year-old red” asked: “Sent?”

Duan Tianci nodded.

He smiled and waved his son to come over. “It was an accident last night. However, there is no road to heaven. Tianying’s name on the beach is also passed on. Tian Ying, you must sing well, you must concentrate on your practice and never let down. This is a good talent! I think this world has changed. Who says that a woman is not as good as a man? What is a passing man who does not pass a woman, you both speak by your own skill, and the seat of my lord in the future will be passed on to those who can afford it! ”

Tian Ying was a little surprised, looking at Duan Tianci, afraid that he would think more.

If a person is born with a number plate such as three or six, the baby receives the card number. The playman has always been called the next nine-stream business, she is still the third-class female play in the pear garden. If these years are not the blessing of my brother and father, this society has her place.

She was able to make a big hit this time, and it’s a surprise to earn a ticket to the society. If you take the class home from your brother’s hand, you can’t help your brother.

Duan Tianci was also stunned by a sudden screaming. When he saw Tian Ying looking at him, he added a smile and said that he did not care.

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