Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 9 (Part 1/2)

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Here the new chapter of Granting You a Dreamlike Life

Translated by @tigrasev

Xu Xingcheng came out from Mei Gaomei and walked on the street. While walking, he pulled out the pendant of Tianying, and he couldn’t help but smile.

As soon as he looked up, he saw from the window glass next to him that there were a few plainclothes policemen dressed up behind him, and he was following him with sneaking. Xu Xingcheng turned back, and the few people pretended to chat and stopped looking at him.

Xu Xingcheng realized that he was being tracked and speeded up the pace of travel.

The plainclothes also followed quickly, and as Xu Xingcheng entered the corner of the street, he found that Xu Xingcheng had disappeared.

A few plainclothes face each other, whispering, and then looking around.

When they got out of the way, Xu Xingcheng, who was hiding in the telephone booth, stood up and walked out. He saw a rickshaw passing by and rushed to say hello. “Gentleman, where are you going?”

“hospital, fast.” The rickshaw driver should scream, pull up the car and run fast, Xu Xingcheng put the rickshaw car roof open, the body nest in the car, with the collar to block the face.

On the street, a few plain clothes came back together, shaking their heads and shaking their heads, sighing, and the rickshaw was just passing by them, completely unseen.

Xu Xingcheng rushed to the hospital and ran into the Tianshen outside the ward.

Duan Tianci saw him and took the initiative to welcome him. “You were the son of last night? You are my savior, please be blessed.”

“There no need. I just happened to pass the hospital, thinking about how he is recovering” Xu Xingcheng quickly returned. While talking to the ward, looking for the figure of the baby.

Duan Tianci saw that he was looking for a baby, but he still answered his question as it was. “I was rescued by Xu Gongzi last night. I am already out of danger. The doctor said that I need to let me stay for a while. Now he is asleep.”

“It’s okay. Just why didn’t you see Tian Ying?”

“She had a performance this afternoon and went back to Fulong to prepare.” Duan Tianji did not change the color of his face and did not jump.

Xu Xingcheng regrets that she did not see her, but she knows that she still has performances in the afternoon, and she has some expectations. “Then I will not disturb, I am sorry to ask Duanxiong to convey a greeting to the boss for me.”

“Slow and don’t send!” Duan Tianci did not know if he was doing this right. This is a very charming son, but he intuitively believes that such a son will definitely hurt his sister in the future. Since the younger sister and he are not a person of the world, it’s simply take the opportunity to break the beginning.

Xu Xing Cheng Yi left and just disappeared into the corner of the corridor. Tian Ying came over from the boiling water room with a pot of hot water: “Brother, who did you just talk to?”

“Oh, no one, one who asked for directions. Tianying, you have been okay for tonight or are you  tired? Go home and take a break for a while, and there will be performances in the afternoon. Don’t break your body.”

Tian Ying saw the care and distress in his eyes, and took his brother’s arm to spoil. “It’s still good for me.”

“I will nothurt you. Remember, there is no second person in this world who is better than me.” Duan Tianci looked at Tianying with some meaning.

At the Longfu Theatre, outside the dressing room, the gongs and drums sounded and the voices were full.

Tian Ying looked at himself in the mirror who had already made up her makeup, but could not help but think of a person.

There was a pair of hands on her shoulders, turned her over, and gently wiped the remaining paint on her face, and the technique was gentle and considerate. He also took her hand and wrote his words in her hand. There is also a wide back in a white suit that pulls a rickshaw in the rain.

Tian Ying’s fingers were stained with a little tea, and he wrote a twisted sly word in front of the vanity mirror. Because of the memory deviation, there is one less point. She stared at the word and smiled unconsciously. She looked at herself in the corner of the mirror, and Tian Ying was slightly surprised. Is she missing him?

Tian Ying is thinking, suddenly someone took a picture of her shoulder and let her return to reality from her thoughts. Tian Ying looked back and it’s was her brother. 

“Tian Ying? They are in the theater are waiting for you to appear. Is the makeup finished?” Duan Tianci pretended not to see the words on the dressing table, only urging the road.

“It’s good.” Tian Ying is ready to appear with a costume.

Duan Tianci called her. “Hey~ What’s going on in the back of the clothes?”

He subconsciously reached out into the costume as he was when he was a child, and pulled the wrinkles around her. Tian Ying is hiding like an electric shock. “Brother! I will be fine by myself.”

Duan Tianci gave a sigh of relief and could not help but smile. “I can’t help it. Brother you have forgot, I am already a big girl.”

Tian Ying appeared in Mu Guiying’s costumes and appeared on the stage. Today, she sang a song “Mu Guiying is in the air”. The audience responded with a wave of screams. Duan Tianci also nodded in the sidelines.

In the case of Tian Ying’s gestures, the audience was fascinated, but when someone was not supposed to be good, they stood up and applauded, disturbing the audience’s interest.

Tian Ying and the audience have cast their eyes on it. This person is Xu Xing Cheng.

In the sneer of the audience, Xu Xingcheng was calm. This is the quickest way to attract the attention her. He wants to tell her that he was coming.

Tian Ying did not know about what have in the heart of  Xu Xingcheng. Between the four eyes, he gave him a warm and encouraging smile, and his heart was warm.

He came to listen to me singing. Once such an idea emerges, it is like burning up.

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