Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 9 (Part 2/2)

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Here the new chapter of Granting You a Dreamlike Life

When she stepped down, Tian Ying asked him to remove the makeup with his hands and asked for a piece of clothing. “Is it everything is okay at the hospital?”

“It’s okay. The others are taking care of the shifts for us. You can sing well.”

“I am still weak, I have the idea to give him some delicious supplements for my voice I heard people say that the sugar cane in the Suhang Building is very good, or else…”

Duan Tianci saw her thoughts carefully: “Hold and stop?”

Tian Ying anger: “Brother, what I am in your eyes, besides eating ? How about watching the box office today, in addition to the medical expenses, there is no balance?”

Duan Tianci handed the money bag to Tian Ying’s hand. Tian Ying took the money bag and opened it. He suddenly reached out and took the purse.

A stupid person walked into the dressing room step by step and grabbed the money bag in the hands of Tian Ying.

“Do you know how to count the number of small scorpions? Come, let the” fat three masters” give you a count! One, two, three… oh, there are two sons, and quite a few.”

Tian Ying got up and grabbed the money bag: “Return me! Who are you? The backstage is not for you?”

The fat eyelids are not lifted. “The little girl is really rushing, not afraid to flash her tongue.”

Duan Tianci grabbed Tianying and protected her behind her. “Do not be impulse.”

Tian Ying is so anxious that she wanted to cry. “This is what we have worked very hard to earn this we have to divide the Ma boss, give medical expenses, and so many people in the troupe also point to it to eat, you can’t take it away” 

The “fat three masters” (An : They are kinda bad guys) did not rush to finish, that they came forward, two fingers pinch the face of the baby. “Do you let the fat man squeeze the other places and make this money back into your pocket?”

Tian Ying was humiliated, and Duan Tian’s temper trembling but dare to not come out. The lessons of last night were still vivid. They are not the big and the young, some are behind the back. Their troupe can only follow a river.

Tian Ying used her strength to break away from the godsend and gave the fat man a big punch. Blood was shot in the corners of the mouth.

The fat man was furious and his face was unbelievable. “You are a woman who was with Luo Fusheng. I am taking it away. Take her away, and the rest of you tell Luo Fusheng that we have her” 

As soon as the voice fell, two small gangsters would have to catch the baby. Duan Tianci immediately blocked Tian Ying and asked for mercy. “Fat three, you are good, my sister is not sensible, I can be punished instead of her”

“What are you doing? Luo Fusheng will take care of you? Brothers, give me this!”

Many people came up to block were also kicked off. The other staff members of the theater dared not to speak, and quickly notified the owner of the horse that the backstage makeup room was shackled by the way.

Tian Ying only feels that the temple is swollen, and it is the unlucky broomstick. I have already been hiding far away, or I have been shackled with fish. She finally understood that as long as Hong Gang and Qing Gang did not level the other day, they would only have more and more people who were in the middle of it.

The two men of the fat man drove the Tian Ying from the side curtain to the stage. In addition to some messy hair, Tianying had no damage, and her expression was stubborn and she did not ask for mercy.

Duan Tianci and his brothers and sisters all followed the way. “Fat three, I beg you, let my sister!”

“If you have this time and I am tempered, it is better to hurry to call Luo Fusheng, otherwise I don’t mind sharing a horse with him. This beautiful woman is tender and tender, how can it still seem like an unopened?”

Although Tian Ying it is still a girl who has not left the cabinet. He was ashamed and arrogant, and yelled at him: “Hey! I have nothing to do with Luo Fusheng! Even if there is a relationship, you have the ability to fight to kill him. It is a girl who is awkward in Japan.”

The fat man wiped his face and raised his hand to hit the face of Tian Ying. Tian Ying did not hide or blink, and one hand suddenly stopped him.

When everyone looked at it, it turned out to be Xu Xingcheng.

“Who are you?” Xu Xingcheng has just returned  and has not appeared on the beach for a long time. Therefore, the fat man does not know who the young talent is.

The man whispered to the fat man and said: “Fat three, this person is the friend of Luo Fusheng the last time, it seems to be very good.”

The fat man took a moment and took back his hand. But still not relaxed on the mouth. “Luo Fusheng’s friend is still not a generation of cockroaches and dogs. Is he afraid of him?”

Isn’t this just taking it in? Xu Xingcheng chuckled, this smile shook the eyes of Duan Tianying, and also stabbed the eyes of Duan Tianci.

What they saw in Xu Xingcheng was the danger of being in danger. Unlike Luo Fusheng’s hard work that no one dares to close, Xu Xingcheng has a kind of self-sufficiency, and you don’t dare to move me. To put it bluntly, this is the self-confidence cultivated by perennial pampering.

At the entrance to the theater, someone stared at them in the dark.

“What are you laughing at?” The fat man was annoyed by this calmness.

“Great courage.” The fat man went up to play Xu Xingcheng, Xu Xingcheng just wanted to parry, but the fat man suddenly seemed to see someone in the dark, and immediately changed his attitude. “Today you are cheaper, as long as you don’t leave Shanghai one day, we are walking! Girl, you tell me Luo Fusheng, my account with him is not finished!” 

The fat man disappeared with his hand and smoked, and the coming was as sudden as walking.

Xu Xingcheng was a bit surprised, but he didn’t want to go into the ground. “Tian Ying , are you okay?”

Tian Ying gratefully looked at Xu Xingcheng: “I am fine! Thank you! You have Saved me once again.”

Xu Xingcheng returned the money bag that was retrieved from the fat man to Tian Ying, and took out a few bills from his wallet.

Tian Ying took the money and found more, and quickly returned the money of Xu Xingcheng.

Xu Xingcheng does not accept: “Over the past, it has always been a matter of elegance to reward famous people. Why should Tianying girl resign?”

“I am not a famous actress at the moment. Even if it is in the future, I will only take the one I deserve. If you give me money for sympathy or other reasons, I will sell instead of selling.” Tian Ying insisted on putting Xu Xingcheng’s money back into his hands. Xu Xingcheng did not expect her to be so transparent, but it was no longer a problem, and she returned the money to her pocket.

The fat man ran a little anxious, and turned back while running, until he turned a corner of the wall, sure that no one was tracking himself, and then stopped to catch his breath.

The people under his breath are breathless and puzzled. “If this kid is very familiar with Luo Fusheng, isn’t it a rich man who can play with his mouth? We are afraid of what he does?”

The fat man sighed and took a shot of his hat. “I’m afraid of what he does? You are all light bulbs in your eye sockets? Can’t you see someone staring at it? Certainly not good.”

There is a man who can only look out and see, “Big Brother, are you talking about standing next to us?”

The fat man turned his head impatiently, but when he saw it, he picked it up. The shadows shrouded them a few.

Tian Ying and Xu Xingcheng stared at each other. Xu Xingcheng suddenly reached out and smashed the hair of Tian Ying, who had just been scattered, to the ear.

Duan Tianci looked awkward and pulled back to Tianying. “Thanks to Master Xu, I will be saved again. Our class is grateful.”

“It should be. If you are someone else, you will do the same.”

“Maybe Not” Tian Ying gently replied in her heart. She followed the troupe and went to the north for many years. She knew that the world was warm and cold. There are many people who add to the icing on the cake, and there may not be a charcoal in the snow. What is more, this big Shanghai, where everyone is at risk, can be seen everywhere on the roadside. How many people can really help?

“Actually, I came here this time, I want to return…” Xu Xingcheng did not finish talking. The theater rushed in a team of policemen and several plain clothes. It looked grim, as if to catch them.

Duan Tianci subconsciously pulled Tian Ying to the side.

Xu Xingcheng saw the police and plain clothes and immediately put the star pendant of Tian Ying into her hands.

Tian Ying saw the pendant, and the surprise was: “How come you?”

“You fell it outside the hospital that day, I happened to pick it up. It looks very special. It must be very expensive. Don’t lose it again. I walked with the police to explain the situation,that nothing have happen.”

“No, fighting this matter has nothing to do with you. You can’t let this sin! Who knows if the pile of people in the police have collected the money from their youth?” Duan Tianying seems to have a bad impression on the police. He took the police last night. When he was relieved of the floating life, Tian Ying was in the background and did not know his identity. He did not know whether he should be confessed for a moment.

Tian Ying was tightly held by Duan Tianci, and did not want Tian Ying to talk more and involved.

Xu XingCheng said to Tian Ying: “Do not worry. I am fine. They are coming to me. It will be more troublesome if you go.”

Xu Xingcheng turned his head and went to the police and plain clothes. The police and plainclothes stopped at Xu Xingcheng.

Xu Xingcheng was surprisingly calm and disdainful: “Do not bother, I know who will let you come, I will go with you.”

After that, Xu Xingcheng strode out of the theater, and Tian Ying looked worried.