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Chapter 33: Ankang Ancient Town (12)

The matron was still screaming, “Mmmm,” but unfortunately, Yan Wei stuffed the tightly bound woman too deep with skin, and the old woman kept whimpering for a long time.

Yan Wei was not soft hearted — he remembered what inhumane things this old fool was doing.

“Thanks to what you told me before, Lin Zhen — descending players take the lowest precedence, I now have a plan to deal with Jiang Xiu, but I need your and Yu Feizhou’s assistance.”

He pulled the rope tied to the matron and held a knife with his empty hand, vacantly floating the tip around the matron’s neck. He also took a glimpse of the information panel. It was more than eight hours before the end of his immortal state, just after 3 p.m. 

He didn’t know if the skinless girls were hidden under the well, and it was bound to be troublesome being here at night. It took them some time to follow the matron into the mountains. Now they must start walking back to reach the mountain temple before sunset.

Lin Zhen chuckled. “Why should I agree with you? I don’t care about scoring points, and it doesn’t matter if I don’t get Best Player. I won’t accept it. Kill the matron.”

Yan Wei’s expression didn’t change. He spoke no-nonsense and said, “Time is too short, so I’ll be frank. I only need a positive answer. I know Lin Zhen, you–“

Yan Wei paused, looked at Lin Zhen, who was carefully examining the various tools used for making umbrellas, and then said, “You don’t care about first answer points, but clues don’t just mean first answer points… Have you forgotten that behind each first answer point, there are stage rewards for physical strength, sensory stat, and accumulated points?”

Yu Feizhou was still slowly recovering from the shock, and Lin Zhen’s hand, which had been fiddling with a blade, stopped.

–Just by this action, Yan Wei knew that the fish was hooked again.

He played with the whip tail and rope, saying, “By then, Yan Mingguang and I will have gained an increase in stats. The gap between your strength and ours will narrow, and then perhaps we’ll be able to defeat you easily. Afterward, there will be more fun tricks like tying you to the matron’s bed. It doesn’t violate the rules of the tower–“

“I’ve changed my mind,” Lin Zhen said suddenly.

He put down the cutting tool, turned his head to Yan Wei, hooked the corner of his mouth, and casually said, “Okay, I will cooperate with you.”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows and glanced at Yu Feizhou.

Yu Feizhou frowned slightly, his kindly face filled with perplexity. “Yan Wei, before… were you pretending?”

Yan Wei did not continue his facade. He calmly nodded and asked, “So, have we reached an agreement?”

Before Yu Feizhou could open his mouth, Lin Zhen raised his arm and put it on Yu Feizhou’s shoulders. He patted Yu Feizhou on the shoulder and said with a smile, “We talked it over, and he agreed. Come on, what’s your plan?”

Yu Feizhou was stunned. “When did I agree?”

“Just now, I settled it for you.”


Yan Wei turned his head and encountered Yan Mingguang’s slightly lowered eyes.

【Mr. Yan, please take this old woman out of the well and bring her back to the temple. Don’t hurt or kill her right away. She’s worth several first answer points.】

“My plan… is actually quite simple.”


In the casino, about half of the projections for Ankang Ancient Town were black.

“Why did all six people turn off their screens? The casino’s reward feedback increases according to the proportion of bets and the duration of a projection turned on. These seed players don’t care about the reward feedback of the casino.”

“Did Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou come out of the retrospective illusion? Their projections have been closed for so long, and I can’t see anything…”

“They’re afraid we’ll see them kiss. Hahaha! There must be a lot of unspeakable scenes in this wedding. These two are seed players with airs. It’s normal to turn off the projection.”

“What did the four of them do at the bottom of the well? No new first answer points have appeared for a long time.”

“Jiang Xiu is fast. He and Zheng Mao have followed the cook to her house.”



Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao accompanied Hu Ayu to her house.

Along the way, the people they encountered sporadically cast nasty looks — most of them were directed at Hu Ayu. Because Zheng Mao helped Hu Ayu up in front of the townspeople, he had a debuff of hatred. The whole journey, the bad expressions held no other influences.

Jiang Xiu, on the other hand, kept smiling. 

He acquired Hu Ayu’s help, and Zheng Mao took on the debuff. There was currently no pressure.

After everyone went searching for clues, only one of them got a first answer point along with a prompt. It was most likely either Ning Yi or Yu Feizhou. As for the others, they should be at one or zero points. He will gain a first answer point soon, and regardless of whether he can kill Yan Mingguang tonight, the sharp-tongued little waste that follows Yan Mingguang will get torn apart by ghosts because of zero points.

“Please take a seat.” Hu Ayu led them into the house and poured two glasses of water. “My house is empty all year round, so there may be nothing good to entertain travelers.”

Jiang Xiu accepted the water but didn’t drink it — even if the cook in front of him looked like a harmless girl, he wouldn’t dare to touch it.

The three of them sat down next to an old tea table in succession.

Only Hu Ayu occupied the house. It was very spacious and empty, with many places covered with a layer of dust. The house was large, and the many rooms that Hu Ayu didn’t need were left unattended.

They came in through the front road, and there appeared to be a large area behind the hall. From the outside, the size of the house was three or four times as big as the ordinary houses of other townspeople. It looked like it was meant for a wealthy family in town and not a place where people like Hu Ayu, who the townspeople excluded at first sight, would live.

Zheng Mao whispered in Jiang Xiu’s ear, “Jiang-ge, it’s a bit strange…”

Jiang Xiu naturally noticed it too. He silently set the glass of water aside and remarked, “Your home looks quite big.”

Hu Ayu’s face was full of emotions, and her eyes revealed some sadness.

She was born beautiful. The NPC in the instance even had a vivid posture and expression, with no sense of monotony brought by other NPCs. In the end, Jiang Xiu was a man, and after looking at such a pitiful and delicate woman, his voice involuntarily slowed down. “I was just curious… During breakfast, I remember you said that you came to the temple to make money. But I noticed that your house is bigger than many others in town, and there seems to be more than one guest room?”

Hu Ayu’s face turned pale.

Her voice was low. “There was an accident at home ten years ago… so people in town… don’t like me very much.”

Jiang Xiu had ten floors-worth of experience. As soon as he heard it, he knew there was more to it than meets the eye.

It took them some time to descend the mountain, and they spent more observing the town. Now, the two had to get the answer quickly and go back. Jiang Xiu couldn’t wait, and the gentleness in his voice disappeared instantly. “An accident happened? What accident!?”

He asked urgently, leaned forward, and immediately grabbed Hu Ayu’s arm, even bumping into the cup of water.

The cup went rattle and clatter, knocking onto the ground. The plain water spilled, and Hu Ayu took a step back in fear.

Her skin was whiter than that of an ordinary woman. At the moment, pressured by Jiang Xiu, she seemed to become paler. She lowered her head and said, “I know travelers are curious about some things. The town has hosted travelers from outside many times. When someone finds something wrong with the town, they constantly ask. But they always offend the mountain god and never leave alive. I… I’m willing to tell you, but it’s a bit long, and I hope the travelers will think about whether they want to listen…”

She paused and said cautiously, “Why don’t you stay overnight? I’m worried that you, like the previous travelers, won’t be able to get out of town alive…”

Jiang Xiu was about to open his mouth when the tower’s prompt sounded suddenly in his and Zheng Mao’s minds.

【The progress of the instance has been updated. Some players have successfully answered the clue related to the skin and bone umbrella: The process of manufacturing the skin and bone umbrella. Since the recently discovered clue is recorded in the relevant instance item, this prompt will only inform players of the successful answer and will not disclose the clue’s specific content.】

【The corresponding players who successfully answered first will obtain 1 point. The race to answer first continues. May all players do their best to answer first and survive.】

【The progress of the instance has been updated. Some players have successfully answered the clue related to the skin and bone umbrella: Method of dealing with the skin and bone umbrella. Since the recently discovered clue is recorded in the relevant instance item, this prompt will only inform players of the successful answer and will not disclose the clue’s specific content.】

【The corresponding players who successfully answered first will obtain 1 point. The race to answer first continues. May all players do their best to answer first and survive.】

The prompt appeared twice in a row. One was the procedure for manufacturing umbrellas, and the other was the strategy for dealing with the umbrellas. Clearly, the same player acquired two clues simultaneously.

Outside, there was already uninterrupted rain as the overcast skies grew darker and darker. The looming sun that would occasionally appear behind the gloomy clouds was fully covered.


It seems it was going to rain harder.

Jiang Xiu’s face sank.

“Jiang-ge, this…”

Jiang Xiu looked at Hu Ayu.

The cook in front of him had information, but it required him to spend additional time digging it up. He thought that he had an hour to deal with Hu Ayu before it got dark, but now it appeared it was going to rain heavily. If he doesn’t return now, he won’t have the courage to walk in the mountains on a stormy day in an instance related to rain and umbrellas.

But if he stayed here… although the instance doesn’t require anything, staying overnight was still an unknown move. It was safer to return to the mountain temple.

Information NPCs like Hu Ayu have no combat power. As long as the player discovers the clue’s value, it doesn’t matter how they ask as long as they can ask.

He made a decision. “Zheng Mao, take this cook away. Let’s go back to the temple before the rainstorm starts. We can then uncover one of two first answer points from the woman.”

Zheng Mao seized Hu Ayu’s arm roughly. “You go back to the mountain temple with us!”

Jiang Xiu had already stepped forward and walked out.

Hu Ayu didn’t expect that the two people who had just spoken kindly suddenly changed their manner and exclaimed, “What are you doing?!”

Zheng Mao dragged Hu Ayu behind Jiang Xiu. “Just come with us.”


There was another boom of thunder from the clouds, piercing the eardrums.

When Yan Wei and the others arrived at the temple with the bound matron, they also heard the prompt sound of the two first answer points.

The four of them had already reached the entrance of the mountain temple, and they all took a step after the reminder went off.

These four crooked men dragged the matron down the mountain. When she reached the mountain temple at the mountainside, she was so exhausted that she didn’t even attempt to spit out the human skin stuffed in her mouth.

Lin Zhen hauled the matron, who resembled a dying fish. The corner of his mouth twitched. “Oh, someone got two points at once, and it’s not the four of us.”

“It can’t be Jiang Xiu. I can guess what the clues in the town are. There’s no mishap…” Yan Wei pointed to the matron. “What the old fool knows about the town, they’re not the two clues.”

Yan Mingguang said bluntly, “Ning Yi.”

There were 12 of them in the instance, one of whom died the first night. Song Yu first went to bury the dead and then may have taken action to find clues. Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao probably went down the mountain to head to the ancient town. Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou spent a day exploring the well. It was possible that after they entered the well, the remaining players could not get in.

Among those people, Ning Yi, who had always been inconspicuous, was best equipped to gain two points at a time.

Lin Zhen was bored playing with the rope in his hand, which shook the matron several times, but he didn’t notice it. “Same plan?”

Yan Wei smiled. “Of course, it’s the same. You want to back out?”

“That’s not it,” said Lin Zhen, who turned around and dragged the matron towards the temple, “After listening to your plan, I found it particularly amusing. I’m looking forward to Jiang Xiu’s face after your plan is successful. I’ll try to appreciate it up close then. Yu Feizhou, let’s go.”

Although Yu Feizhou agreed to cooperate with Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang at the bottom of the well, he was still in a trance.

He looked at Yan Wei and then at the matron in front of him whom Yan Wei gagged with human skin. He couldn’t tell if they were the players getting teased by NPCs or if Yan Wei was the one playing with the NPCs.

“What are you doing standing there?” Lin Zhen turned back.

Yu Feizhou opened the projection perspective of the casino as they agreed and walked into the temple with Lin Zhen.

Yan Wei looked briefly at Yan Mingguang. “I’ll stay here for a while. Judging by the weather, Jiang Xiu won’t dare to stay in the ancient town for a long time. I estimate he’ll return soon.”

“Not together?” Yan Mingguang asked him.

“No, once the matron has explained everything she knows, I will also get first answer points if I’m present. However, I have to share equally with you to ensure that Yan’s reputation is still with you. I already have 3 points, and it’ll be hard earning points right now. Anyway, after she confesses everything, the tower will announce the clues, and I’ll still know.”

Yan Wei exchanged for a Stone of Falsehood, transformed it into a wireless earphone, plugged it into one of his ears, and said, “I’ll wear this as if I heard everything through you. I also heard what the matron said and got a first answer point.”


Yan Mingguang raised his hand. He was about to touch the black ring to turn on his projection, only to stop.

“Protect yourself,” The man suddenly said.

“…” Yan Wei spread his hands out. “Aren’t I just waiting for Jiang Xiu to return? Don’t worry. I’m only stabilizing my public persona of a waste snack in front of the casino’s audience and taking a look at Jiang Xiu’s face after I’ve pitted him. He won’t dare go against the tower’s rules and kill me.”

Yan Mingguang no longer spoke. He turned around and entered the mountain temple.

Yan Wei was bored stiff, wandering around the door of the mountain temple. The wind before the rainstorm blew on the hem of his windbreaker. He yawned, carefully brushed out a clear space on the steps of the temple, and sat down leisurely, waiting for Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao to arrive.

After about half an hour, the sky had darkened until it was hazy and gloomy, with rain bucketing down.

Under the torrential rain, the eaves were unable to cover the sloping raindrops. Yan Wei exchanged an umbrella from the mall, stood under the eaves with the umbrella, and caught Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao walking briskly.

The pair may have been worried there would be problems holding an umbrella. Even when the heavy rain soaked their entire bodies, they still did not carry an umbrella. Zheng Mao forced Hu Ayu up the mountain. Fatigue and panic covered her face entirely. The rain had fallen on her fair and beautiful face, making the cook look pitiful.

Yan Wei took one glance and knew that Jiang Xiu wanted to dig out some points from the cook’s mouth.

Ah, unfortunately…

Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao also noticed him and stopped under the rain.

Jiang Xiu sneered. “Why are you here? What, the Yan you curried favor with thought you were useless and drove you here? You dare to hold an umbrella, not afraid of an accident.”

Yan Wei only looked at him and Zheng Mao, walked out of the eaves, headed towards Hu Ayu, and handed the umbrella to her. “Hold it.”

Hu Ayu was stunned.

Wet with raindrops, her hands took the umbrella handle and touched Yan Wei’s hand. Perhaps it was because she was forced to go up the mountain and got caught in the rain. Her hands were cold.

Yan Wei exchanged a hand-warming object and paper towel. He handed them to her, pretending to take the items out of his pocket.

“Thank… thank you,” Hu Ayu said.

Jiang Xiu watched this scene with great interest and said with a sarcastic smile, “You’re very carefree, having tenderness toward women. Move aside. We’re going in.”

The door of the mountain temple was not wide. Yan Wei stood there, completely blocking Jiang Xiu’s and Zheng Mao’s routes.

But he just took a step back, hid under the eaves, looked at the two drowned rats in front of him, and smiled. “I’m not helping anyway. I might as well have a look at the scenery here. So, what’s the rush? The view on the mountainside is so beautiful. It’s raining and foggy. Let’s watch the scenery together, you two…”

He paused, raised his hand, and made a “0” gesture to Jiang Xiu just like in the morning.

Hu Ayu, an ordinary person in the tower, was present. They could not speak out about the existence of intruders. He just opened his mouth and said silently to Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao, “0 points player.”

Jiang Xiu’s face sank. He glanced at Hu Ayu, who was violently dragged back by Zheng Mao, and said, “I’m sure you’re…”

He also gave a “0” and then said, “Like this, no? Tonight, under the rules, Yan can’t keep you. I can’t wait… to see you die.”

Yan Wei stopped talking.

He stood at the entrance of the mountain temple with his hands in his pockets, obviously not intending to move away.

Jiang Xiu laughed angrily. “Okay, it’s not that I can’t do anything to you. It’s just that I can’t kill you.”

Yan Wei blinked.

 —Lin Zhen and the others have been inside for a long time. His plan should have been almost completed.

As anticipated, when Lin Zhen raised his hand, intending to push Yan Wei away, the tower’s prompt sounded in the minds of the three present.

【The progress of the instance has been updated. Some players have successfully answered the clue related to the skin and bone umbrella: The traditions and truth of Ankang Ancient Town…】

【The corresponding players who successfully answered first will obtain 1 point. The race to answer first continues. May all players do their best to answer first and survive.】

【The progress of the instance has been updated. Some players have successfully answered the clue related to the skin and bone umbrella: The secrets of the well hidden deep in the mountain…】

【The corresponding players who successfully answered first will obtain 1 point. The race to answer first continues. May all players do their best to answer first and survive.】

【The progress of the instance has been updated. Some players have successfully answered the clue related to the skin and bone umbrella: The origin and secret of the umbrella and the skinless girl…】

【The corresponding players who successfully answered first will obtain 1 point. The race to answer first continues. May all players do their best to answer first and survive.】

There were three notices in a row. Except for Yan Wei, who was still blocking the door with a look of, “I’m trash, I’m so bored, I’m idle,” Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao both stayed on their spots.

The traditions and truth of Ankang Ancient Town… the points they thought Hu Ayu could give were taken away!

And the three consecutive reminders. Someone1 had taken away the three points simultaneously.

Jiang Xiu’s face was gloomy, and he looked at Yan Wei with gritted teeth. “Get out of the way!” He had to go in there and see who had scored the three points, even robbing him of the point he had in his grasp!

The sky roared, and finally, the hazy daylight disappeared. Thick rainfall arrived with the night.

It was dark.

Yan Wei did not block the door again. He good-naturedly turned to the side and stepped out of the way.

But Jiang Xiu didn’t move.

–Because all of the players who were still alive heard the same message.

【 Calculating time from the moment players entered the instance. The first day of the instance has ended, and first answer mode has closed.】

【The first answer points are sorted according to the ranking.

First place: Yan Mingguang, 4 points;

Second place: Lin Zhen, 3 points;

Second place: Yu Feizhou, 3 points;

Second place: Yan Wei, 3 points;

Second place: Song Yu, 3 points;

Second place: Lu Ya, 3 points;

Second place: You Rui, 3 points;

Second place: Kong Yuwei, 3 points;

Third place: Ning Yi, 2 points;

Fourth place: Jiang Xiu, 0 points;

Fourth place: Zheng Mao, 0 points;】

【If no players violate the rules or set off a death trigger tonight, the last ranking players will become the targets of the ghosts’ attacks. Requesting all players continue to do their best to answer first the next day and strive to survive.】

Heavy rain continued to pour down. Thunder rumbled, and the sound of water and wind interweaved.

Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao stared blankly, stunned in their spots.

–Yan Mingguang was ranked first, and all other players except Yuemang were tied. Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao… were in last place!

Zheng Mao panicked instantly. “Jiang, Jiang-ge, this, this, this, this… we, what should we do!?”

He even forgot to drag Hu Ayu into the temple. As soon as he released her, the beautiful cook immediately rushed into the temple with the umbrella in panic.

Jiang Xiu’s face was full of disbelief. “How is this possible? Even if Yan Mingguang was the first, how could the other players all have three points? Three points… three points… the three first answer prompts just now…?”


Rain soaked the edge of Yan Wei’s windbreaker. He exchanged an umbrella again and held it up.

He didn’t actually hear the three clues, but he knew that the earphone in his ear would lead those watching the casino to speculate that he heard it too.

The time limit for the Stone of Falsehood was approaching. Yan Wei took off the earphone in front of Jiang Xiu, tossed it in his hand, and smiled, saying, “It’s the three first answer prompts.”

He who used the tiger’s might2 said, “Yan Mingguang told me that you took Zheng Mao down the mountain to get a first answer point before us. Then, you’d spend the remaining days bothering him to prevent him from getting first answer points and making him the lowest in points. We have to thank you for your inspiration — as a result, he thought of a way to give you the lowest score.”

“I’m sorry. Yan Mingguang tied the matron back and didn’t intend to compete with everyone, so he found several other players who weren’t members of your Yuemang and asked the matron to tell everyone at once — I heard it through this earphone. It’s the reason why many people have three points.”

“It’s only you now…” He pointed to Jiang Xiu and then at Zheng Mao, “And you… at 0 points? That’s very unfortunate. Luckily, I have someone like Yan Mingguang covering me and got three points without doing anything.”

“You two were busy all day without getting a single point. I gained three easy points after a leisurely day. From this point of view, it’s such a joy to be a waste snack.”

Jiang Xiu clenched his fists tightly in the rainstorm. His face flushed red with anger, and his slightly parted lips trembled. Too enraged, he could not utter a word.

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  1. Jiang Xiu assumed that the prompt was talking about one player because many nouns in Chinese have the same singular and plural form, including players
  2. The fox exploits the tiger’s might; to use powerful connections to intimidate people

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