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Chapter 44: Ankang Ancient Town (End)

To reap what one has sown.

Yan Wei began thinking about what this implied in breaking the instance the moment Ning Yi uttered the phrase.

–It must be related to the phalanges. Otherwise, these things would not appear here inexplicably without the slightest effect.

There were two kinds of phalanges: the girls’ phalanges and the phalanges of the ordinary victims the girls killed. The role of the girls’ phalanges was clear. They were used for dealing with Hu Ayu, and each phalanx could resist attacks from skinless ghosts to a certain extent. The function of the ordinary victims’ phalanges was unknown. Yan Wei confirmed the role of the phalanx of the deceased through Jiang Xiu’s death.

Contrary to the girls’ phalanges, the function of the ordinary victims’ phalanges was to attract skinless ghosts.

Such an object that would lead the player to disaster did not seem to be intended for the players.

What was the use of the ordinary victims’ phalanges?

Ning Yi said that the only way she found to break the instance was the words “you reap what you sow” and did not mention anything else. At a time of life or death, Ning Yi would conceal nothing. These four words were enough as a hint to breaking the instance.

Yan Wei thought about it for a while and finally understood when he looked at Hu Ayun’s young and beautiful face.

Why was Hu Ayun’s face identical to how it was a decade ago? Why does the once-in-a-decade Mountain God Festival arrive, yet there is no incense in the mountain temple and few townspeople even going up and down the mountain? Why was it that Ankang Ancient Town had so many stories related to the temple, but after the players entered the instance, the town seemed to have little connection with the mountain temple?

Furthermore… why do children study regularly in the temple hall, day after day, when adults in a haunted town do not come to the temple?

—Because in the ancient town of Ankang, except for the old matron, everyone else’s time stayed to ten years ago.

From the beginning to the end, they only knew that Hu Ayun, the successor of the matron, would learn some ancient evil techniques, but they were not aware that the evil techniques were to control the skinless ghosts and attain power.

These were Hu Ayun’s evil practices.

No wonder there were around 800 people in Ankang Town and 800 phalanges of the deceased.

There have been no living people in Ankang Town for a long time. No matter the skinned ghosts, or the townspeople and children who seem alive, they have all been killed by Hu Ayun. Some became skinless ghosts, others continued to live normal lives, and children kept repeating their actions of going to school in the mountain temple — they never grew up.

Hu Ayun divided half of the dead townspeople into the “deceased” — the skinless ghosts. The remaining half became conscious, walking corpses — the townspeople. Everyone’s time paused ten years ago, reaching a kind of support and power circulation. So no matter how much damage they do to the skinless ghosts, the ghosts will return to normal shortly.

Because behind every skinless ghost, there was a “living” person as the actual source of power.

Time froze, and power flowed permanently, making it hard to kill her and almost undefeatable. Hu Ayun has been taking revenge on the town for a decade, keeping them from knowing that they have long been controlled by evil methods, tormenting other people’s nerves.

The matron thought Hu Ayun placed umbrellas to lure ghosts, but it was just a mechanism for Hu Ayun to intimidate the matron and the townspeople. It was easy for outsiders to discover these secrets, so she wanted to kill the townspeople one by one according to the rules she created.

Her secret was the secret of the entire ancient town.

Then, apart from directly dealing with Hu Ayun and killing her, they had another route to take, completely ruining Hu Ayun’s power source.

“Destroying the ancient town can weaken you as well,” Yan Wei said calmly with sharp eyes and his hand in a pocket. “As long as your source of strength, the townspeople, is cut off or ‘dead.’ However, you don’t constantly worry about them, which means they’re the same. We kill them, and they should revive due to the cycle soon. The way to kill them… is if they brought it onto themselves.”

“Then it can be connected. The only one who can end this evil is the evil itself, and the only one who can end these ghosts and you are your own evil methods. Yan Mingguang and the others did not run away and broke your evil techniques through the phalanges of the common victims.”

At that time, Yan Wei gave Yan Mingguang more than 800 phalanges stored in his information panel after he finished his analysis. Afterward, Yan Mingguang took Lin Zhen and others down the mountain to Ankang Ancient Town and, at the fastest speed, quietly put all these fingerbones on the townspeople’s bodies — the number was just right, with over 800 townspeople.

The skinless ghosts felt the presence of the phalanges and pursued them, flaying the townspeople to their bones.

They used generations of vice to slaughter many innocent girls and ended up suffering the same pain and misery.

The source of Hu Ayun’s power was also cut off. The stagnant time in Ankang Town began to flow, and she returned to her normal appearance at the age of twenty-eight.

The corpse of the skinless female ghost decayed into the mud little by little, and the foul smell rushed into Yan Wei’s nose. He frowned and covered his nose.

However, Hu Ayun didn’t seem to notice the stench. She looked at Yan Wei darkly and said, “I only thought you were a pastime, but I didn’t think it was a pastime that would bite people. Why are you here… I’ve been doing this for ten years. I’m used to it…”

She laughed a few times. The laughter echoed in the mountains and forests. “Yan-xiaoge, you’re so smart. You’re absolutely right. But unfortunately… do you think my source of strength has been cut off?”

Before she finished speaking, she jumped forward, threw Yan Wei directly to the ground, and grabbed Yan Wei’s neck!


Ankang Ancient Town

Yan Mingguang and others stood on a high platform in the ancient town, staring as it had became a hellhole.

Townspeople were being skinned and boned. Blood swept the ground, and hoarse screams reverberated. When a person was completely skinned to the bone, the screams stopped, and the skinless ghost beside the townsman rotted away instantly — they perished together.

The ancient town, saddled with unsightly customs, was washed away in blood, destroying itself bit by bit.

Fresh blood flowed through the oil-paper umbrellas in front of doors, and a revolting smell filled the sky.

Yu Feizhou carried Song Yu on his back. He lowered his eyes and said nothing as if unable to bear witnessing such a scene.

Yan Mingguang looked afar in the direction of the mountain, frowning slightly.

Lin Zhen looked around, casually fiddled with the longbow in his hand, and said, “The skinless ghosts have skinned all the townspeople under the attraction of the phalanges. Hu Ayun should have lost her strength. Everything in the ancient town is gone because of the destruction. Where is the staircase?”

Did they… miss something they didn’t notice?

Then, the sound of Yan Wei and Hu Ayun fighting came from the intercom!

Yan Mingguang’s eyes moved, and without saying a word, he turned around and jumped off the tall platform.

Lin Zhen shouted to Yan Mingguang, who quickly left with blood dripping beneath the platform, “Do you want to go up the mountain to help Yan Wei? It’s too late. It’ll be dark in ten minutes!”

Yan Minguang did not look back.

Yan Wei’s voice suddenly sounded from the intercom. “Yan Mingguang, are you sure you haven’t missed any?”

Yan Mingguang’s footsteps paused.

“No, all the skinless ghosts and townspeople are dead.”


The moment Hu Ayun grabbed his neck, a sense of death enveloped him, but the hand abruptly stopped. Yan Wei seized the opportunity, grabbed the opponent’s slender wrist, and smashed the girl’s phalanx at Hu Ayun.

Hu Ayun retreated with a savage face. “Why won’t you die?!”

Yan Wei got up and took out the item he got from the first instance — the Skeleton’s Eye.

Through the eye of the skeleton, he saw a thick black gas lingering on Hu Ayun’s body, a sign of danger. He stepped back and looked at her. “You still have the power to kill me instantly. The evil methods have not broken…”

He raised his hand and touched the intercom lightly, asking, “Yan Mingguang, are you sure you haven’t missed any?”

“No, all the skinless ghosts and townspeople are dead.”

Hu Ayun already rushed over again.

Yan Wei lifted his hand to the side, neatly blocking the nails that could pierce flesh and blood instantly.

Without the skinless female ghosts, the ordinary skinless ghosts disappeared. Only one Hu Ayun, who has returned to twenty-eight years old, had become savage and primitive.

Soon, Yan Wei and Hu Ayun were entwined and rolled several times on the muddy and rancid soil.

During the struggle, Yan Wei successfully stabbed Hu Ayun with the dagger, but as soon as the dagger was pulled out, the wound on Hu Ayun’s body slowly healed. His body had also been scratched several times by Hu Ayun’s fingernails. The pain and the putrid smell stimulated Yan Wei’s nerves. He grabbed the hand that Hu Ayun stretched out again, suppressing all emotions in his mind and thinking logically.

Hu Ayun still couldn’t be killed like this, and only a last bit of sun was left hanging on the mountain. It was about to get dark — it was about to become Hu Ayun’s home ground.

What was the problem? Why wasn’t the instance over yet?

His method was not wrong, but the evil techniques have not been completely broken.

Yan Wei’s first thought was whether or not they missed a town resident.

But the group of four was in the town. They couldn’t have all been negligent at the same time. Moreover, the phalanges of ordinary dead people were all used up. What kind of omission was there? Even if there was a missing person, there would be a missing finger. In the entire ancient town currently, apart from Hu Ayun, who was not dead, there was only him, Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen, Yu Feizhou, Ning Yi, and Song Yu.

Besides the boss, there were the players — players… no!

After another tumble, Yan Wei turned his head to avoid Hu Ayun’s offensive, and his eyes suddenly brightened.

All the details since entering the instance flashed through his head, ending in a scene of Song Yu and others outside his room yesterday evening.

At that time, Kong Yuwei and Lu Ya supported Song Yu, who was seriously injured. He exchanged a bottle of wound medicine and handed it to Song Yu, but Song Yu, whose left arm and shoulder were bloody, took it with his left hand, saying thank you and giving no response the rest of the time. Yet when all the players were eating together, Song Yu used his right hand to hold the chopsticks.

He was not left-handed and had an injured left hand, so why not use his dominant right hand to pick things up? Because there was a problem with Song Yu’s right hand.

All the phalanges were from the right hand of the deceased.

“Yu Feizhou! Are you still carrying Song Yu?”

On the other end of the intercom, Yu Feizhou was taken aback. “Yes, but he’s not responding.”

“Song Yu died yesterday!! Put him down quickly! You’re carrying the last skinless ghost that hasn’t been made into an umbrella! The phalanx is still in his body! Cut off the bone of his right pinky!!”

As soon as Yan Wei’s words came out, Hu Ayun’s still confident expression suddenly changed.


On the elevated platform of Ankang Ancient Town

Yu Feizhou was startled and then suddenly threw Song Yu to the floor.

“Song Yu,” who seemed to be dying and unresponsive, suddenly opened his eyes. He had chapped skin, and blood streamed from all over his body.

“Song Yu” jumped up and attacked Yu Feizhou with a vicious look.

With a shining edge and a soughing of the wind, Ning Yi’s short blade quickly cut off the right pinky of the ordinary skinless ghost.

Yu Feizhou lifted his foot and kicked the skinless ghost off the leveled surface.

Lin Zhen grabbed the finger that flew out from the side. The finger rotted away in his hand, leaving only a pale phalanx.

–This was the last phalanx!

If they had left Song Yu in the temple, it would be too late even if they desperately rushed to the mountain temple. Yu Feizhou’s moment of kindness caused Yan Wei to speculate the final key and allowed the rest of the people to obtain the last phalanx easily.

Under the high platform, the last skinless ghost began to climb up.

Lin Zhen looked at the object in his hand and said, “There’s one more phalanx, but all the townspeople are dead. Where is the person corresponding to this phalanx? The finger bone is placed on the person, and the corresponding skinless ghost will kill the person under the attraction of the phalanx. The death and decay of the person soon follow. But now there aren’t any additional residents and one more phalanx. This skinless ghost isn’t dead, and the cycle isn’t over.”

In the intercom, Yan Wei said with a breathless but firm voice, “Mountain god!! The stone statue of the mountain god!”

Ning Yi and Yu Feizhou’s expressions froze. Yan Mingguag raised his eyes from under the high platform and looked halfway up the mountainside.

Only one last minute of the sun remained.

Lin Zhen faced the direction of the mountain temple, the longbow in his hand was gradually raised, and a black arrow feather rested on the bowstring.

He fastened the phalanx to the tip of the arrow, hooked his lips, and slowly closed his eyes.

“It’s quite exciting…” Lin Zhen muttered, “It’s the first time I’ve attempted such a long distance.”

In the next instant, the arrow feathers took the phalanx and pierced the sky, streaking across the alternating dusk and twilight — accurately shooting into the stone statue of the mountain god in the temple.

The last skinless ghost made a move, disappeared in the ancient town, and appeared in front of the stone sculpture.

It grinned, rushed towards the statue of the mountain god, and headed to destruction together with this “last townsman.”

The stone statue shattered, and the skinless ghost decayed and perished.

Besides the deep mountain well, Yan Wei stabbed the dagger into Hu Ayun’s heart. He smirked and softly said, “I told you, I won’t allow myself to get thrown into the fire.”

Hu Ayun’s movements were stagnant. Her eyes widened, and her face was full of disbelief.

This time, her wound will never heal, and there will be no new umbrellas of skin and bone in the entire ancient town.

Her body fell stiffly.

“How come…” she murmured.

The evil practices were over, and the ancient town, which had been enshrining a lifeless stone statue with skin and bones for generations, was obliterated by the same method of death. The grievances of the girls who were used as sacrifices slowly dissipated along with the smell of decay, and every townspeople’s hoarse screams paid tribute to the dead girls. Hu Ayun resented this town and hoped to get relief from her sister’s forgiveness, but in the end, she only got a final wish in her sister’s retrospective fantasy. Hu Ayu wanted her to die, and she died along with the town.

You reap what you sow.

The sun disappeared. The last of the sun completely set, and night came.

A jet-black staircase silently extended out of the darkness and appeared in front of everyone.

On the intercom, the other’s voices came one after another.

Yu Feizhou said goodbye to him. Lin Zhen scoffed and said to Yan Wei, “It was fun crossing an instance with you.” Yan Mingguang that he would be waiting for Yan Wei in the inner world of the tower.

Ning Yi’s voice was as cold as always. “I owe you a favor for this instance. Thank you. I will not tell you your secret, but next time we meet, we will still be enemies.”

“I won’t take it lightly next time. You are an opponent worth taking seriously.”

Yan Wei chuckled lightly. “Of course.”

He did not walk up the stairs at first.

He looked at Hu Ayun.

Hu Ayun had long lost the cleanliness and orderliness of the daytime, scattered in mud and blood. She was a mess. She was no longer a youth of eighteen, looking ahead with her eyes wide open, fallen quietly to the floor, and no longer breathing.


Yan Wei sighed, took out a coin, and tossed it gently.

The coin fell back to his palm — heads up.

“Let me tell you,” he said, “Actually, I lied to you a while ago. When I went down the well for the second time, I did enter Hu Ayu’s retrospective illusion. But in her retrospective illusion, the way to break the instance is not to kill you but to set fire to the whole town. In her life, she lived with more clarity than you. She has always known that the root of the error was the whole town of Ankang, not just you, but I don’t think you deserve this answer.”

Hu Ayun’s body had begun to deteriorate rapidly.

Yan Wei turned around and walked up the dark stairs.

【Congratulations to the player for acquiring the final point: Ending the tragedy in Ankang Ancient Town. Rewards: Sensory Stat 10, Physical Stat 10, Points 10.】

【Congratulations on successfully ascending the tower. Player’s current floor: Seventh floor. Next instance floor: Eighth floor. As the player has activated the casino mechanism and successfully cleared the instance, according to the player’s development direction and the performance in the instance (ranked according to the first answer score), the clearance reward is determined as: Physical Stat 50 Points, Sensory Stat 100 Points, and 100 Bonus Points.】

【Total reward obtained in this instance: Physical Stat 73 Points, Sensory Stat 128, and 231 Bonus Points. Because you have placed a bet successfully, points double, and you are given the right to select your next instance from the selection pool.】

【Current Player Stat Update: Physical Stat 84, Sensory Stat 161, Level 7, Points 243.】

【Congratulations to the player for obtaining an instance dropped item: …】

【After evaluation, you are one of the most outstanding and best players in this instance.】

【You have been tested to have a codename, and the codename “Yan” will be announced as the best player.】

A flash of light gleamed in Yan Wei’s eyes, and he was transmitted back to the inner world of the tower.

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