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Chapter 46

Yan Wei flipped the invitation.

He repeated, “Nineteen?”

Yan Mingguang did not say more, only looking at him.

The man sat upright. Even in a temporarily peaceful place like the inner world of the tower, he was still meticulous and solemn. It was as if there was no difference between inside and outside the instance.

Calm and undisturbed, if the sky collapsed, he would not panic.

However, Yan Wei could feel Yan Mingguang’s anger. His eyes turned slightly and met Yan Mingguang’s line of sight. He noticed the silver-rimmed glasses slightly weakened the man’s cold eyes.

He placed the invitation on the table and made a slight tapping sound with his fingertips. Yan Wei drew out his rationality within the noise he made. He sneered. “What a wonderful choice. If higher, ‘Yan’ is a player whose highest level is the seventh floor. The twenties, thirties, or even higher is simply a death sentence. It’s impossible to go in stupidly for a friend who may have already died in the instance. Lower, and he might not be able to keep me — ‘Yan’ trapped inside the instance. Instead, he’ll make the mobile instance our whetstone. Nineteen. Neither high nor low. We go in to save a person, and there’s a chance of finishing the level, but it’s probably too low.”

The higher the floor, the more challenging the instance will be.

This increase in difficulty may be reflected in different aspects: the time it takes, the strength of NPCs and bosses, the complexity of the instance puzzles… Each level is higher in difficulty.

It was also different from crossing six floors. From the first to the seventh level and from the seventh to the nineteenth level — the latter will be several times harder than the former.

The moment Yuemang discovered Gao Ming, it was already an overt plot. Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang’s approach was apparent. If they choose this nineteenth-floor instance the next time they ascend, the difficulty of finishing the level will exceed their current strength level, but they still have the possibility of clearing the instance.

Objectively speaking, a small hope of completing the instance or Gao Ming’s life…

–Choose one.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang’s eyes intersected mid-air. They did not say anything, but they both understood the hidden dangers.

After some time

“From an objective point of view, Gao Ming has been in for some time, and we have to wait until the next time this mobile instance opens. During this period of time, it is unknown whether Gao Ming will hold out until we go in. After we have a certain likelihood of going in, Gao Ming already… “

Yan Wei suppressed the fury aroused by the Yuemang, thinking about how to maximize the opportunities and interests of him and Yan Mingguang. He lowered his eyes and kept silent, but the man sitting on the other side suddenly stretched out and silently put away the invitation letter.

Yan Wei froze.

“After a month, the mobile instance will start a new round, and I will go in.” Yan Mingguang stood up slowly, shaking off his coldness. “Your next instance, be safe.”

Yan Wei frowned and stopped Yan Mingguang, who was about to leave. “What do you mean? Didn’t we agree to enter and exit the instances together? Be safe in your next instance? What’s the matter, Mr. Yan1? You want to enter the mobile instance alone?”

Yan Mingguang looked down at him. “You want to enter?”

“Which of my words said no?”

Yan Mingguang was speechless.

“Mr. Yan — ah no, Dead Ice Cube!” Yan Wei stood up. “I know you have a high moral standard, and you must have made the decision to enter the moment you bought the news. Yes, I am a self-interested egoist, and I also know from rationally calculating that the risks are far higher than the benefits. I am indeed analyzing the disadvantages…”

He cut off his voice, went forward, took out a lighter and cigarette from Yan Mingguang’s pocket, nodded casually, and said with a smile, “And? It’s because you say people have feelings. Smoking is bad for your health. Not many people quit smoking.”

Smoke rose slowly from the red tips of the cigarette bud.

Yan Wei paused for a moment before he took it to his mouth.

But the cigarette was lit, and even if he said words of fake idiocy, he did not look handsome because of his mysophobia and never having smoked.

He gritted his teeth, put the cigarette end in his mouth, and sucked in.

“Cough, cough, cough–!!” Yan Wei choked his throat and tossed the cigarette butt away, “You… cough… it’s too choking–cough cough!!”

Amidst the hazy smoke, the man who had always appeared dull and indifferent glanced at him from the side. The corners of his mouth seemed to evoke an imperceptible smile.

Yan Wei went on to say, “There are indeed many problems we have to face, but we also have a chance of winning — Yuemang chose the nineteenth-floor mobile instance. Aren’t they luring us in because we have a chance on the nineteenth floor? Although whether Gao Ming is alive or not depends entirely on luck, I personally think that Gao Ming is still alive. The mobile instance opens every once in a while. He entered in the last batch. It’s equivalent to Yuemang doing useless work if the last batch opened the casino, we came out and saw him dead in the casino records… and I believe that Gao Ming will try his best to hold out until we arrive. Cough cough. It requires a lot of energy to continue. I’m not fit for smoking.”

Yan Wei picked up a glass of water and took a few sips before adding, “So not only will they not let Gao Ming die, they may give him some items to make him live longer. I think we have time to enter. As for the instance difficulty… The physical stat of the boss and NPCs are around 100 to 200 from the tenth to the twentieth floor. The nineteenth floor should be close to 200. We have room for maneuver. And if the difficulty of the instance is in the direction of decryption, then I’m not afraid. That is my strong point.”

In short, it was a desperate move, but… it’s worth a shot.

Yan Mingguang’s expression shifted slightly, and his pitch-black pupils were faintly smiling. Even his icy and rigid outline was gentler.

He said to Yan Wei, “I’ll exchange another invitation for the mobile instance. Only one person can enter the invitation.”

As soon as his voice fell, he had not yet taken a step because the young man with red cheeks from coughing had pulled him over.

“Don’t worry. One invitation is enough. This one is for you. As for me, someone else will prepare another one for me.”

Yan Mingguang: “?”

“You’ll know in a while.”

Yan Wei went to Yu Feizhou first.

“…You want to ask about seeds and organizations?” Yu Feizhou poured a glass of water for Yan Wei and sat down slowly, “I thought you guys knew, but it hasn’t been long since you and Yan Mingguang came in. There is a lot of information you probably haven’t had contact with that will take longer to know.”

Yan Wei took the cup and said, “Thank you.”

“Seed players are potential middle to low-level players. They’re typically the most likely players in the tower to take a high-level instance. The reason why they’re called seeds is that these players are linked to some organizations. There’s a rule in the world inside the tower. If an organization is established, it can share and use the resources of the inner world according to its strength and have the right to choose players as seeds. Some seed players don’t want to be part of any organizations. They only place their name in the organization but don’t join.”

Yan Wei blinked. “For example, Jiang Xiu and Ning Yi are the seeds selected by Yuemang? You and Lin Zhen belong to the seeds in name only?”

“Yes, Yuemang has many other seeds, and the same goes for other organizations. Once a player becomes the seed of an organization, the player’s points and other rewards in the instance can be included in the organization’s overall points, helping the organization compete in ranking. The higher the ranking, the more resources, and items the organization can get. And the player as a seed can also get bonuses from the organization. When the instance settles, all rewards have a certain probability of getting a percentage bonus. The percentage of Yuemang seems to be five, so when Ning Yi takes an instance this time, she may gain 5% more points.”

Yan Wei slowly leaned on the sofa and chuckled. “I understand.”

 “Why are you suddenly asking?”

“If there is such a binding relationship between the organization and the seeds, then, in fact, the number of high-level players and seed players an organization has, and the power of these players almost completely determines the resources the organization can occupy, right?” Yan Wei smiled. A few traces of clarity flashed in his eyes. “I’ll tell you why Yuemanf is so concerned about a personal grudge between a mere player on the tenth floor and us. I hit Yuemang’s face, which affected them taking in seeds.”

Yu Feizhou frowned. “What did Yuemang do again? Do you need my help? I’m grateful to you for this instance, and I’ll definitely assist if I can.”

Yan Wei looked at him with bright eyes and said in a clear voice, “Need. Two favors.”

Yan Wei raised his index finger, made a “1” gesture, and said, “You’re recorded in what organization? Do they still accept people? Yan Mingguang and I will register.”

He flicked his knuckles, and the motion changed from “1” to “2.” “Then… Is there any way for you to give me a list of seeds whose highest level is below nineteen and haven’t joined any organizations?”


Time flew by fast.

After Yan Wei met Yu Feizhou, Yan Wei’s and Yan Mingguang’s lifestyles remained the same during the buffer period of the upcoming instance.

Each time the mobile instance opens, the tower evaluates the batch of players to determine whether to open the casino. If it is opened, players can bet on whether this batch of players can end the mobile instance. The quality of the players who entered Gao Ming did not reach the level of opening a casino, and the instance did not end. Naturally, there was no record of it. Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang could only discover some information from various inquiries.

The mobile instance had limited information, so they could only look at other things.

During the day, they observed and analyzed broken and recorded mobile instanced. They increased their knowledge of Yuemang and other organizations through various channels. In the evening, the two were training in the practice room of the apartment — mostly Yan Mingguang was instructing Yan Wei.

In addition, they were also familiar with the newly acquired items.

As for the items in the points mall that can only be redeemed before entering the instance… Yan Wei exchanged a stand-in doll with a three-minute time limit and a whip that appeared identical to Yan Mingguang’s long whip, but it lacked the communication ability. Yan Mingguang did not exchange for anything.

In the training room, Yan Wei followed the movements taught by Yan Mingguang. Holding a dagger in his backhand to block Yan Mingguang, he panted. “Why didn’t you exchange for anything? Want to preserve your points for the new year? The inner world of the tower doesn’t celebrate New Year.”

Yan Mingguang raised his hand to interrupt Yan Wei’s movements and replied, “I have a goal of exchange.”

“It turned out to be saving money. What do you want to exchange for?”

“Pandora’s box.”

Yan Wei made a move. “Isn’t this the most expensive thing in the mall? Do you… have any unattainable wishes?”

There is almost no feedback of points for descending or repeatedly sweeping floors. Even if a player successfully ascends from the first floor to the ninety-ninth floor, the total obtainable points were not many, and points were not renewable. But Pandora’s Box, the most expensive exchange item in the mall, required 100,000 points to exchange for it. So far, it has been hanging high in the mall, and no one has purchased it.

And its product introduction. It can fulfill any wish.

Is there anything that people like Yan Mingguang desire but can’t acquire?

He looked at the other person, but the man pointed to the clock on the wall and said, “It’s almost time.”

It was noon in the inner world of the tower, the most prosperous and noisiest time in the Dengjiu District, where snakes and dragons mixed.

Yan Wei chuckled lightly. “I’m going to start my plan. Mr. Yan, I’m going to the Dengjiu District. I’ll see you soon… I hope we can bring Gao Ming out smoothly in our third instance, perfectly clearing this nineteenth-floor mobile instance which has killed countless players.”


Dengjiu District

The biggest bars had organizations behind them, and the people who bought and sold news in the bars belonged to many different groups.

In one of the bar’s rooms, a feminine-looking man with a silky face held a goblet elegantly as he looked at a projection record of Ankang Ancient Town.

“Li-ge,” shouted someone with Yuemang outside, “You’ve got a great catch from the bar’s dealer. You want to meet?”

Li Qing2 did not turn his head back, slowly moved the projected clip back a little, carefully analyzed Yan Mingguang’s every move in the projection, and said, “What good deal? Ordinary garbage, I don’t have the time.”

“it’s the player named Yan Wei. The ordinary player Yan took with him. During this time, he was always by Yan’s side. We couldn’t track Yan’s whereabouts and have never run into them. However, he had just come to the Dengjiu District alone to sell Yan’s whip in Polian’s area. Our Yuemang dealer saw it and recognized Yan Wei from his clothes and the whip. Now he has been caught.”

Li Qing turned his head and smiled deeper. “Bring him here immediately.”

Yan Wei was pushed into Li Qing’s room with his hands tied behind him.

He did not seem to resist much. His light gray windbreaker was foldless, and he looked unsoiled. He lowered his head and looked at Li Qing carefully from left to right. His eyelashes trembled slightly, his eyes were a little timid and frightened, and he looked like an ordinary player at a loss.

The whip was also thrown on the table.

Li Qing brushed his hair and picked up the whip, examining it for a moment. Then, he walked to Yan Wei and used the whip to lift Yan Wei’s chin.

The instant Li Qing raised his head, the last trace of cunning and sharpness in Yan Wei’s eyes disappeared, completely covered up by feigned panic.

The delicate and pristine face of the youth suddenly entered Li Qing’s eyes. Players in the inner world of the tower never witnessed Yan Wei’s face when they watched the projection. Li Qing was stunned for a moment at first sight.

He stared at Yan Wei’s face for a while. The young man’s timid expression softened his ruthless eyes.

He retracted his hand and asked, “You are the Yan Wei Yan Mingguang took with him. Your code name is… Zhou? He even took you to the end of the instance and brought you the best player. Why did he suddenly let you come out alone to sell the weapon he used??”

Yan Wei did not immediately speak.

Behind him, the person pressing Yan Wei pushed him. “Brother Li asked you something. Look at how cowardly you are.”

“I…” Yan Wei’s Adam’s apple rolled slightly, and his voice was low. “I don’t know…”

Li Qing took out a dagger and wiped it gently on his cuff. He said, “You can’t kill people in the inner world, but there are many ways to make a person suffer pain. And the most important thing here is a remedy for wounds. I can cut off your hand and help you exchange for medicine. When you’re healed, I’ll cut it off again–“

“I snuck out to sell items!”

Yan Wei seemed frightened and couldn’t wait to open his mouth. “Yan Mingguang said that he was going to save Gao Ming as soon as he exited the last instance, but the instance Yan Mingguang wants to enter is too difficult, so he needs to make preparations. Yan Mingguang kept asking me to exchange my points for items, and he used all my items and invitations. When the time comes, I have to go into the mobile instance. I didn’t want to die, so I stole his things while he was asleep, thinking about selling the invitation and hiding… I don’t want to follow him anymore. Not only do I have to pay with my points and invitations, but entering the mobile instance with him is no different than heading towards death…”

“Can you let me go? I really didn’t do anything else. I’m not that familiar with Yan Mingguang. He offended you, not me… and I know nothing…”

In order to be realistic, Yan Wei lowered his head and shook his head in complete earnestness.

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  1. Switched teacher with Mr. since almost no one calls their teachers “teacher” and Mr. Yan sounds nicer than Yan-laoshi or Teacher Yan
  2. 李(Plum) 清(Clear, distinct) – Lǐ Qīng

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