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Chapter 48

Lin Zhen was an intelligent person. He knew what was happening the instant he landed and saw Yan Wei’s leisurely situation.

Yan Wei’s thoughts surged at this moment, but he immediately understood why Lin Zhen was here. He pushed the snacks forward, patted the coffee table quietly, and said in a low voice, “Here, don’t be so polite.”

It was as if he was the master here.

Outside, there came the sound of players passing by the door. Those who may be assigned to patrol will not be veteran players or high-level players whose time was precious. The low-level players couldn’t detect the movements of Yan Wei and Lin Zhen. Several waves of people went back and forth outside, but nobody noticed anything.

“I had to go upstairs two days ago to select an instance. As soon as I came out, I heard that Yuemang had caught the little waste around Yan. I also said how you’d get caught by Li Qing.” Lin Zhen sat cross-legged in front of Yan Wei, opened a bag of snacks, and took a bite. He said casually, “What’s with the trick, little pet in sheep’s clothing? Tsk, it seems I can enjoy the scene where the people in Yuemang are killed by ghosts again. Yu Feizhou is afraid something happened to you, and he wants me to save you.”

“Yu Feizhou is coming to save me, so what are you doing here making him carry the pot1?”

Lin Zhen: “…” His smile froze, and it took him a moment to regain his casual look. He said, “Forget it. Since I’m here, I want to tell you something.”


“Now that Yan Mingguang isn’t here, why don’t we take this opportunity to fight? Whoever wins can break the other person’s fingers one by one. How fun?”

“I’ll cry for help if you don’t stop talking. No matter how powerful you are, you can’t beat the siege of Yuemang.”

“…” Lin Zhen shrugged. “Are you and Yan Mingguang planning to enter the nineteenth-floor mobile instance opening in two days?”

“You’re also going?”

“Yu Feizhou and I have confirmed that we’re going in. We have signed the invitation.”

Yan Wei stopped eating, put down the snack, leaned forward slightly, and quietly asked, “Is there any problem with this instance?”

“Pretty smart.”

“You knew on the first day?”


This topic seemed critical, and even someone like Lin Zhen, who had no gate on his mouth, grew sober at this moment. He didn’t tease Yan Wei but lowered his voice and said, “Li Qing is bringing people into this instance. Dealing with Yan is secondary. The main objective is to find something in it. Yu Feizhou and I are also looking for this item, so we should see you again in two days. I’m going in the instance to find and get the item.”

Yan Wei raised his eyes. “What’s worth so many of you entering the mobile instance?”

“Oh, are you interested? It doesn’t matter if I tell you. In fact, many organizations know, so it’s not just us who are going in this time. You’ll be pretty much exposed to this information after entering. What we’re looking for is an item. A legendary item left by a top player…”

Lin Zhen’s mouth twitched, and his eyes were playful. “Legendary items are rare objects in the inner world of the tower, and some legendary offensive items can even allow ordinary players to kill the boss. A top player broke a high-level instance, and the remaining energy reassembled into the nineteen-floor mobile instance. The top player left a legendary item in the instance when he finished the level. That item followed the re-condensation of the residual power of this instance and went into the low-level mobile instance. That’s why it’s fun now, and I’m looking forward to it…”

“The mobile instance hasn’t been broken, and no player has successfully survived, so how did this news come out?”

“The first two times the mobile instance was opened, a player came in with an item that could deliver a message outside. Before he died, he passed the news that a legendary item was inside. Your friend Gao Ming was thrown in, but Yuemang was going to arrange for Li Qing to enter. Although the mobile instance is difficult, one advantage is that players who have descended the tower cannot enter — of course, players who have formatted data due to special circumstances and started all over again aren’t included. Moreover, this instance has an age limit. Those veteran players who have been brushing the lower floors have also been excluded. All players who can enter are newer players below the nineteenth floor — to put it bluntly, potential stocks.”

“I know that.”

“Little pet, I’m looking forward to watching you beat the Yuemang player.”

“So confident in me?”

Lin Zhen glanced at him. “You don’t understand. It’s an interesting frame of mind, and it isn’t a big deal watching the bustling scene. If you don’t viciously beat Yuemang, Yuemang will viciously beat you.”


Yan Wei raised an eyebrow. “You told me about the legendary item. I can’t help but want it. Although you have an additional teammate, you also have one more opponent.”

“Oh, so what? One more opponent means that the chances of those fools like Yuemang and Polian getting it are also reduced. I have never cared about whether I’ll obtain it or not. What I like most are the faces of people who couldn’t get it.” Lin Zhen got up with a smile, stretched lazily, picked up the rope, and walked to the window. “I’m leaving. I’m going to fight Yan Mingguang.”

Yan Wei kindly reminded. “Tell him about it then. By the way, remember to prepare some more medicine.”

Lin Zhen: “…”


Late at night, the closer one was to the endless stele in the center, the quieter it was.

Few people lived here, but they were also the powerful high-level players in the inner world of the tower.

On the top floor of Xuanniao’s training ground, a gentle man with delicate features sat with a straight back. In front of him were some new materials and information about the world in the tower.

–The second in command of Xuanniao. There was even a legend among high-level players that while ascending the tower, there was only one time where Lin Qing was not the best player.

In front of him, Xuanniao’s player asked tentatively, “Do we need to arrange more people for this mobile instance…?”

“I’ve already arranged it,” Lin Qing said slowly and unhurriedly, “You don’t need to worry about this matter. The next competitive instance to compete for resources will open. It is imperative to find more seeds. Competitive instances are related to the resources that each organization can allocate from the tower. Only seeds can enter. We must have enough high-level seed players before the competitive instance opens.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve been looking. Recently, there was a new player with high potential. I tried to recruit him, but he ignored me — yet, he also ignored other organizations and has become enemies with Yuemang. You want to see…?”

Lin Qing raised his eyelids.

He only sat there quietly, saying nothing, as if he did not care.

But the person who came to report had unconsciously shed a cold sweat, knowing he was speaking too much nonsense.

Many new players have recently entered the world in the tower. Organizations were competing for seed resources. The middle and low-level seed players were fighting, which would naturally affect the balance of the high-level players.

During this time, the top players among several large organizations seem to be secretly competing.

These complicated things in the middle and lower levels can handle themselves. How could super high-level players like Lin Qing manage them? The game between high-level players was what Lin Qing’s vision could see.

Lin Qing was not fond of rubbish and only wanted to see the results.

The man hurriedly wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, quickly collected the information, and said, “I understand. I will let someone handle it. You can rest assured…”

“Remember to close the door.”


The period of two days was fleeting.

Although Li Qing locked Yan Wei, he did not give much attention to Yan Wei. He didn’t even call Yan Wei before the instance began. Everyone in the invitation was separate. Even if they were together now, they would enter the instance separately. Being together was not necessary. He merely put an item on Yan Wei that could be located in the instance and told Yan Wei not to play tricks.

On Yan Wei’s side, the preparations were made long before “getting caught by Yuemang.”

He prepared the items and medicines that he could use, analyzed all possible related instances, and through his relationship with Yu Feizhou and Lin Zhen, anonymously hung in the name of another organization, Xuanniao, and acquired the seed player buff. Later with Yan Mingguang, in the name of “Yan,” he reached a cooperation with a seed player who had grudges with Yuemang and did not join any organizations.

Yan Mingguang will enter the instance with the new seed player and reach a temporary alliance with Lin Zhen and other teams in the instance. As for Yan Wei…

For the past two days, he ate and drank well on Yuemang’s side, idled around, and occasionally pretended to be a coward in front of Li Qing — but this cowardice would not last long, and Yan Wei planned to act according to the situation after entering the instance.

After settling with Li Qing and the others in this instance, he would no longer take extra effort to conceal his strength.

He had previously hidden out of fear of the permanent skill he received as soon as he entered the tower, which would easily attract the attention of old players and create additional danger. However, it was different now.

Even if there were some anomalies on the days where he did not die, he had an explanation because he entered this instance.

If a player ascends three times in a row, they will get a skill gifted by the tower. He opened the casino on the first floor. This situation counted as climbing in the tower’s judgment. The instance of Ankang Ancient Town was also ascending the tower. It is his third time rising, and he should get a skill as soon as he enters.

If there was any situation, he could say that it was the use of a significantly limited immunity skill, which was much more common than a skill of immortality.

At the moment, he was not afraid of going into the open. First, he had a reason, and second…

—Gao Ming’s situation told him that perhaps being tough enough was also a means of deterrence.

He made preparations as best as he could. It was an instance with the slimmest chance of winning compared to his previous two instances, but it was also the one where he had the most motivation.

Yuemang went fishing and thought Yan Wei would take the bait, but in the end, it was uncertain who caught who and who would pay the price.

He and Yan Mingguang will bring Gao Ming out in hopes that Gao Ming… was still alive.

Yan Wei thought about it, and a light suddenly flashed before him, turning the world upside down.

【Welcome to the instance inside the tower.】

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