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Chapter 62: School of Death (14)

The second floor was a breakthrough point, but there must be more than what Yan Wei thought — after all, this bizarre way of dying was too obvious, and for players who have survived til now, it’s impossible they haven’t guessed it.

There were footprints on the blood here. It was clear more than one group came here early morning to look for it.

But these people should’ve acquired nothing, and one of the deceased was investigating the dormitory’s second floor. This player not only failed to crack the game, but he also lost his life. Now, the mangled body was lying in the frigid hallway unattended.

Everyone knows that when things are abnormal, there must be monsters. However, finding the source of the anomaly becomes easier but more dangerous.

Yan Wei understood it well. Today, he was in his immortal state and had some direction.

He assigned several areas to Lin Zhen, Zhou Tian, and the rest, requesting them to be responsible for different locations.

He said, “It takes ten minutes to go to class and two minutes to get to the teacher. Let’s take some time to summarize the situation. Each person has three minutes. Don’t say anything when you see something. Write it down.”

Pausing, he instructed, “Don’t tell each other what you find. Just write it and show it to me. If there’s a clue, try to summarize it.

Gao Ming was confused. “Why?”

“Among the dead are the players who investigated the second floor yesterday, and… I don’t know how many of you were awake, but I heard it clearly when the ghost was chasing Yue Wenxing, and it chased after him with certain thinking. We don’t know if these ghosts will watch our every moves from hidden places, so if we find something, we’ll not only alert other players but may even attract extra attention from the ghosts.”

Lin Zhen nodded with his arms folded on his chest. “So, isn’t that good?”

“Lin Zhen,” Yu Feizhou said helplessly, “stop making trouble.” He told Yan Wei again, “Okay, let’s start now.”

Except for Yan Mingguang and Gao Ming, who were already his teammates, it was the first time the six of them were cooperating. Yet, they didn’t discuss anything during the past few days when entering the instance. Lin Zhen and Yan Wei even had their own goals of obtaining the legendary item, but every time something like this happened, they all tacitly regarded Yan Wei as the center.

It was an unspoken understanding among sensible people, and everyone knew it without needing to point it out.

It was also a sort of confidence in their visions. As long as they choose to become short-term teammates, there’ll be no doubt.

Furthermore, it was complete trust in Yan Wei’s ability.

The few people said nothing more. They dispersed according to Yan Wei’s arrangement and searched for possible clues.

Yan Wei also walked to the area he allocated for himself.

The dormitory of Chenxi High School was like most dormitories. The difference was that the dorms here were very spacious, and compared with those high schools they saw in the ordinary world, the number of dorms on each floor was few, and the interval between each dorm was relatively large.

There weren’t many players on the second floor, and aside from a few protected player dorms, there were also a few rooms with ordinary student NPCs. Yan Wei pushed the door and looked in for a while before walking out solemnly.

Three minutes later, the other five each wrote a note to Yan Wei.

Yan Wei took the notes and spread them out in his hands. After reading them, he crumped the pieces of paper and threw them away.

The bits of paper flew through the air and into the puddle of blood in the hallway.

Yan Wei gazed down, was silent for a few seconds, and then said, “Judging from the traces you found, there is indeed a problem.”

Everyone’s faces were surprised.

However, Yan Wei changed the subject. “But we’re not looking for a breakthrough here. I think it’s too dangerous, and with the current situation, it’s not worth the risk. Why don’t we see if there are any opportunities in class and the file room?”

He frowned, pocketed a hand, and casually tossed his swallow coin with the other.

Under the morning rays, Yan Mingguang stood at Yan Wei’s side. Hearing Yan Wei’s decision, this man’s eyes moved slightly, emotions restrained in his inky pupils. He seemed to want to say something but made no sound.

Yan Wei turned his head. “What? Do you have any comments, Mr. Yan?”

Yan Mingguang only whispered, “You don’t give up so easily.”

Yan Wei raised an eyebrow. “Even if we’ve been through life and death together, it’s only been two and a half instances, and that’s all it takes to see that I won’t give up?

Yan Mingguang stayed silent.

“There are safer ways to find clues. Why not try something else?” Yan Wei laughed softly. “Keep in mind what you discovered. If we run into others, let’s also tell them it’s too dangerous here.”

“Are you also looking for clues on the second floor?” The voice came from a distance.

The group of people turned to look at the source of the noise. Luo He, who helped them find new uniforms the day before, walked over swiftly. He wore his school uniform with the zipper open and carried a light-looking bag. His clothes swayed as he walked, giving him the appearance of a student.

Luo He didn’t have the aggressiveness of most players in the tower. He was gentle and handsome. If he stood with the student NPCs while carrying his school bag, they wouldn’t notice him for a while.

The people glanced at each other, and Yan Wei’s eyebrows lifted slightly. He smiled at Luo He, not replying.

Luo He remarked, “No need to be so defensive. I thought we had a pretty good exchange yesterday?”

Yan Wei glanced at Yan Mingguang and the others, confirming that the others had allowed him to speak, and then said, “No, I’m just afraid of implicating you.”

“We all want to find the truth — I actually already know quite a lot. I don’t know if it’s the same as what you guys discovered.”

Yan Wei blinked.

His vision moved away from Luo He and slowly landed on several nearby body parts — these were the remains of Yue Wenxing.

Pointing to the two dormitories in front of that place, he said, “We’ll swap information then? We can help each other out a bit. There’s a problem here, but I don’t know if I should say it. After all, the player who checked here last night died.”

Luo He smiled kindly. “We encountered the same problem. You don’t have to worry about alerting an enemy. I’ve gotten more information than you, and I know saying it won’t cause anything to happen. Don’t ask how we obtained it, as it’s private, but I’m willing to share because if this matter isn’t resolved, we will all die.”

Yan Wei did not immediately relent. “Why choose us? There are so many other people.”

“Because those people couldn’t even find out what was wrong there.” Luo He raised his hand and pointed to the two dormitories where Yan Wei said there were problems. “Even then, if I find them, they may not have the power to solve the problem here.”

Yan Wei tossed the coin in his hand and nodded casually.

Zong Tian reminded, “There’s still more than three minutes before class starts. We have to go to the school building as soon as possible.”

Luo He glanced at Yan Wei.

“Okay. Here’s the clue only fools wouldn’t take for free1.”

“You guys should’ve noticed the problem. There’s nothing wrong with the two dorms from the outside, and there seems to be nothing wrong with them when you go in. But if you keep measuring and observing the two dorms, you’ll realize that the width of the two dorms is a bit narrower than other dorms. When you look at the two dorms together, you’ll discover that the wall between them is too thick.”

Yan Wei raised his eyes and looked at the two dorms with no noticeable issues from the outside.

Luo He continued. “There’s a sealed room there. The room is very narrow. According to the shape and size, it’s similar to the small storeroom on the first floor. And this small storage-like place will appear or open. As a result, ghosts come out. But the kind of ghosts or situation of this blocked space, you’ll have to see for yourself at night.”

Following Luo He’s words, Yan Wei did not immediately speak.

He tilted his head, glanced at Luo He, shifted his gaze from the problematic area to Yue Wenxing’s limbs on the ground, and chuckled lightly.

Saying nothing more, he turned around and started walking. “Come on, let’s go to class first.”

The rest of the people stepped forward one after another. Mingguang, who was leaning on the railing, didn’t immediately leave. With his hands in his pockets, he stared at Luo He silently, his silver-framed glasses reflecting the morning light and concealing his eyes.

Luo He subconsciously took a step back when he saw him.

Then, Yan Mingguang kept silent, turned around, and followed Yan Wei and the others.

After the people walked down the dormitory building and rushed to the school, Gao Ming asked, puzzled, “Luo He just told us a clue. Why did we leave without saying anything?”

Lin Zhen sniggered. “Does it have to be true if he said it? Even if he was right, he must’ve told us for his benefit. Seeing that he probably doesn’t fight, maybe he wants to use us as a shield and check the situation first.”

“So that’s how it is… er, that clue of a problem between the dorms, which one of you found it ah? It’s amazing. I didn’t notice anything.”

Yan Wei suddenly said, “Go to the classroom first. Time is almost up.”

A moment later, they rushed into the classroom.

Yan Wei deliberately went in separately from Yan Mingguang and the other five people.

Yan Mingguang and the group were the first to enter, while Yan Wei waited more than ten seconds before going in alone. Li Qing and the remaining Yuemang players had already taken their seats. Seeing Yan Wei coming in, even unashamedly sitting not far from the Yuemang players, they stared at him, focusing all their previous hostility toward Yan Mingguang on Yan Wei’s figure.

The focus of the other players was on Yan Mingguang. Although they vaguely heard what transpired last night, they still were unaware that everything was the work of Yan Wei. They didn’t even know Yan Wei had publicly fallen out with Yuemang — Yan Wei didn’t say anything, and Yuemang, the party who suffered the loss, naturally could not take the initiative to say anything.

Once everyone had settled down to ensure that the death condition wouldn’t trigger, the class bell rang. All eyes constantly wandered between the two groups amidst the ringing of the bell, evidently a little curious about what would happen to them.

The teacher numbly walked into the class with a lesson plan, looked down and around, and said flatly, “There are a lot fewer students in the class today. Everyone should pay attention to their safety.”

The class began, and just like yesterday, many players left the classroom after the roll call, including Li Qing and his team.

In order to confuse the people — after all, it was too apparent that the six of them hadn’t acted for several days — Yan Wei divided them into two groups. Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou took Zhou Tian to explore the campus, but they didn’t pursue results, only needing to ensure their safety. Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang, and Gao Ming stayed in the classroom, examining the role of “class.”

There are even fewer people left than yesterday. Except for them, five people remained in the classroom after one lesson.

The teacher continued to call out names at random. Even if no one appeared or answered, the teacher only waited for a while before proceeding with the lesson.

Everything seemed to be exactly as in the previous class.

It was the same thing with no clues.

Yan Wei still took notes today, and the content was still that of ordinary high school subjects, without any abnormalities.

Thoughts raced through his head.

Was he wrong?

Was this class just a hindrance to the instance, without information, to create more possibilities for players to die?

Additionally, the teacher had mentioned several times about being a student or not, but so far, there were no further clues or methods.

Yan Wei frowned slightly, sat on the chair with his back straight, fixed his eyes on the teacher, and watched his every move.


It was pointless and inequitable to have a rule like having daily classes only to get players to come to class and thus trigger more deaths.

There must be something to it.

There must be a clue in the class.

On the podium, the teacher finished a portion of the content and called on “student” in the third row and fourth column. However, this student was a player, and they left the classroom early to seek clues elsewhere.

The teacher stood quietly and said with an undulating voice, “Okay, this student has finished answering. I have one more question for the next student. Could the student in the back…”

He turned his head, paused for a moment, then said, “The student back two rows get up and answer.”

In the fifth row and fourth column was a student NPC who obediently stood up to answer the question.

Yan Wei watched this scene, a myriad of rootless thoughts interwoven in his mind, but at this moment, he suddenly found a thread and jerked it out.

He blinked, his well-defined hand gripping the pen tightly, and enlightenment gradually emerged in his amber eyes.

—He understood!

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  1. Had a bit of a hard time translating 不要白不要 It essentially means that if you do not accept the given thing, you’ll suffer a loss