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Chapter 63: School of Death (15)

Yan Wei looked away from the teacher, tore out the notebook page with notes, picked up the pen, and started writing on a new page.

He had fallen into the instance’s misconception.

School, teacher, student — these three words appeared together. The players have to come to class for roll calls and return to the dorms before dark every day. Everything was no different from the school players saw in the real world. Although there were constant deaths, it was somehow orderly.

Because of this, the first thing that comes to mind is the lesson content and test results.

Yan Wei’s thoughts had been trapped on them for the past two days. He took careful notes in every class and remembered the answers to the questions and the students who responded, but no matter what logic he started from, he couldn’t find any clues.

Until this moment

The thoughts he had suddenly pulled out continued to magnify, and the pen moved briskly in his hand, drawing little by little as he remembered.

Yan Wei drew a grid representing all the seats in the class. Afterward, he closed his eyes, and every clip of the teacher’s name-calling flashed through his mind.

Every time a segment of calling a name came to mind, Yan Wei made a mark on this grid.

The screen kept rolling until the most recent one.

Yan Wei opened his eyes again. Strokes filled the grid, and almost every grid representing every seat had at least two or three strokes, indicating that the people in these seats had been called to answer questions at least two or three times in the past two days.

Yan Wei laughed lightly.

Relying on his undead state today, he didn’t even observe, got up, moved a few steps at random, and walked to Yan Mingguang’s seat in the front row. Unlike the remaining players seated upright, he tilted the chair back against the desk in front of Yan Mingguang as soon as he sat down.

He acted as if he purposely used the chair to disturb the desk behind him, and as if it was not enough for the chair to lean against the desk, he knocked the seat against it a few times.

Yan Mingguang looked at the back of Yan Wei’s head: “…”

Yan Wei’s head did not turn back. He held up the paper with the grid and whispered, “Hey, Dead Ice, this is the frequency of the teacher calling each seat. Do you notice anything?”

Behind him, Yan Mingguang raised his hand and gently pushed Yan Danger’s chair back, holding it down firmly, before saying, “There are two seats that have never been called.”

In the front row, Yan Wei looked at the podium and said with a smile, “The first column of the fifth row and the fourth column of the fourth row, these two seats haven’t been called no matter who is on them every day.”

As he spoke, Yan Mingguang retracted the hand that pressed the back of the chair. Yan Wei eagerly tilted his chair again and gently bumped against the desk in front of Yan Mingguang.

This time, Yan Mingguang said abruptly, “Can you sit properly?”

He lowered his voice, making his already cold voice even chillier. He was actually quite angry.

Yan Wei froze and, through his perception burst, replied amusedly: 【No, Mr. Ice, haven’t we already exchanged skill information? Today I’m in an immortal state, so why worry about my chair tilting? Ah, you’ve never been so nervous before.】

Yan Mingguang didn’t answer him.

Yan Wei dug up clues and didn’t bother to pay attention to him. He put away the paper, walked to a seat he pointed out, and sat down.

The frequency of teachers asking questions was very high. Not long after, the NPC teacher asked a question again.

Every time the teacher asks a question, he checks to see whether someone raised their hand to answer and if no one does, he calls names. The student NPCs hardly raised their hands, and almost all players left. As for those who stayed, someone tried to raise their hand yesterday to see if there were any clues, but there was no difference, and no one raised their hand afterward.

But Yan Wei immediately raised his hand right when he took the seat.

The teacher glanced at the classroom. His eyes flicked over all the students, but he didn’t pause on Yan Wei, the only one raising his hand.

He calmly said, “Okay, no students raised their hands. I will call on a student to answer the question. Please…”

The teacher reported a name, which was the same as the previous procedure.

But this time, Yan Wei had held up a hand, yet the teacher acted as though he didn’t see it. Yet, before, the teacher called on him when he tried to answer questions.

The only difference was the seats.

The seats in the first column of the fifth row and the fourth column of the fourth row didn’t seem to exist. In the eyes of the teacher, they were neglected or even forgotten seats, or…

The students!

Yan Wei’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he curled his lips silently, exuding perception to connect to Yan Mingguang and Gao Ming: 【Gao Ming, your highest tower level is less than five, and we may not be able to save you in time for any accident there. You stay there first, don’t act rashly, and come back when I say assemble.】

【Yan Mingguang, there are still a few classrooms left. We’ll go to these rooms separately, sit in the fifth row, first column, and the fourth row of the fourth column in each room, and raise our hands as soon as there are any questions. If the situation is the same in every classroom, the numbers of these two seats or the students represented are important information. If the seats ignored by NPCs in other classes differ, we may need to spend more time and quickly record the ignored seats.】

The class content was not vital information, and the in-class tests were just a cover-up. The questions and answers were irrelevant.

The information from the class was the seats.

It was the seats that the teacher ignored.

Yan Mingguang understood Yan Wei’s meaning immediately. The man got up and left without hesitation. Yan Wei also got up and went to another classroom.

Two more classes went by, and as the end of the school day approached, everyone gathered in front of the school building.

Several teachers stood in front of the building, holding a roster and a magnetic card, and said, “Please stand in line. We will issue a card according to each person’s name. The school card grants access to places on campus that require a swipe. For example, the library and the archives. Please wait in place after receiving the card. Everyone will be dismissed after each person has one.”

The rule intended to prevent players from vying for positions in the queue, obtaining the school card, and going to these places to find clues in advance.

This way, after getting the school card, everyone has the same starting point for places like the library.

The players formed a long line in groups. Yan Wei saw Li Qing with people in the queue, swaggered to the back of Yuemang, and lined up.

Li Qing gave him a measured look but said nothing in the end — in this situation, Yuemang couldn’t do anything to Yan Wei.

Not long after, Yan Mingguang brought the remaining four people into the line. Luo He was also there. After all the surviving players lined up, the teachers began distributing the school cards.

Yan Wei spread out his perception.

【Hey, hey, hey, answer the phone. 】Yan Wei took his card, nonchalantly stuffed it in his pocket, and said, 【Let me tell you all about an important clue that I discovered — during class, the teachers would ignore the students sitting in the first column of the fifth row and the fourth column of the fourth row. Yan Mingguang and I tested it. The teacher will not pay attention as long as we sit in these two seats, as if the students in this seat did not exist — or are not the same as their students.】

If the mutilated corpses in the dormitory building and the small room that Luo He said appeared only that night is a breakthrough, then those two seats coupled with the area that requires a card to enter is perhaps the second breakthrough.

【Remember what I said before? The teacher here, several times, stressed the identity of the students. I had guessed that not being a student of Chenxi High School might be a way of avoiding the death trigger.】

At this time, the teachers issued the cards to the back of the line.

Yu Feizhou politely took a school card, said “Thank you” to the NPC, and asked through Yan Wei’s connection: 【But you also said before, this seems to be a paradox. 】

It was something they had discussed during their free time.

The student identity seemed crucial, barely concealed in the various rules and the teachers’ remarks, so it was reasonable to assume that not being a student would let them escape the death trigger that may occur at any time.

However, at each opening of this mobile book, each player must register at the school gate, receive a uniform, and be assigned a dormitory. Then, every player will have the Chenxi High School student status after the instance opens.

As a result, it was a paradox. How could they avoid the death triggers on campus as a non-student when they’re a student after entering the school?

【Yes, we discussed it.】 Yan Wei said, 【I thought this might be a trick, or I was thinking too much. But, when paired with the two seats the teachers ignored, I think my previous conjecture was correct. Teachers and students have a mutual relationship, but who do you think is ignored and nonexistent in the teacher’s eyes?】

Zhou Tian suddenly realized:【If you’re not a student, then the teacher won’t care!】

Yan Wei chuckled:【Right. These two fixed seats must have some connection with not being a student. As long as we can find out why the teachers ignore these two seats, we may be able to find another breakthrough!】

All of the school cards had been distributed when Yan Wei finished speculating.

After some time, the crowd in front of the school dispersed, and everyone quickly left, taking the cards they had just gotten to look for new clues. Some players were even in such a hurry that they stumbled on the steps, triggering death and having their heads twisted off by the sudden appearance of ghostly hands.

Such deaths have become commonplace in just a few days, and this person’s companion didn’t panic too much, immediately gathering themselves and running away.

After a while, only Yan Wei and others remained in front of the school building.

Yan Mingguang came quickly to Yan Wei’s side and supported him — Yan Wei was a bit unsteady after using his skill for too long.

“Is your chicken-weak physical stat enough?” Lin Zhen walked over with his arms folded. “According to what you said, the archives should have the information we want, but they’ll definitely arrive first after this delay. Tch, why don’t we leave you here and go first?”

He said so, but his feet didn’t move.

Yu Feizhou asked gently, “Yan Wei, are you okay?”

Yan Wei shook his head. “There’s no rush. Do you think once you reach the nineteenth floor, and it’s a silent mobile instance, you’ll obtain clues because you run fast?”

He smiled and, without even realizing it, naturally leaned on Yan Mingguang’s body to recover his strength.

“Wait a little longer. We are not the only ones who want to go to the archives.”

Yan Wei rested for more than ten minutes before recovering.

After his strength recovered, the six rushed to the office building’s top floor — the archives’ location.

But before they reached the top floor, they saw a few Polian players guarding the stairs, and a group of people, including Li Qing, not far from the door of the archives.

Yan Wei and the others hid beside the stairs below. Gao Ming asked quietly, “What should we do?”

Zhou Tian frowned. “According to my observation, three people are guarding the stairs. At the door, Li Qing has five people from Yuemang, and there is a stalemate at the entrance with eight players from another organization, Qixing.”

“Five versus eight? Oh, seeing the number of people, negotiation is impossible, and it looks like Yuemang is cooperating with the three from Polian, so it’s eight versus eight. Those three are watching to keep other people from coming up, while Li Qing is leading the negotiation with Qixing. Hey, little pet, how about a fight? I want to break off that stupid Li Qing’s fingers one by one,” Lin Zhen said.

Yan Wei responded without hesitation, “Sure, go ahead. We’ll wait for you to come back.”

“…” The corner of Lin Zhen’s mouth twitched. “If I go alone, it’s one against sixteen. You think I’m stupid?”


Lin Zhen: “…”

The entire time, Yan Mingguang just stood aside, leaning slightly against the wall. His gaze fell heavily on Yan Wei, never leaving as if the crisis of life or death in the instance were becoming less significant.

In his preoccupation with finding out how to get to the archive room, Yan Wei did not notice Yan Mingguang’s gaze.

He contemplated until his amber eyes gradually brightened like lights hidden in a starry night.

Suppressing his voice, he quietly said, “Negotiating… It means that they all want to monopolize the clues of the archive room, but no one can suppress the others. The combination of Polian and Yuemang briefly reached a balance with the players of Qixing, which is the current stalemate and negotiation posture.”

Lin Zhen raised an eyebrow. “What are you holding back?”

Yan Wei rested his chin on his hand. “Li Qing is hypocritical and selfish with a good outer face 1. I am Yan, and I’d gotten involved with Yuemang to play tricks on them. What do you think is the possibility they’ll take the initiative to tell this to Polian?”

Yan Mingguang answered aloofly, “Zero.”

Yan Wei smiled more radiantly, and slyness flashed across his eyes. “Now, do these three people from Polian still think I’m from Yuemang?”

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  1. to be sensitive about reputation, like to act dignified

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