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Healing QT: Blackened Male God, Come For a Hug Ch 2

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Healing QT: Blackened Male God, Come For a Hug

Chapter 2 – The Imprisoned Young Lady (1)

Yun Fanfan stood under the tree, holding a camera in her hand. She hadn’t yet realised what exactly was going on. Why did she come to this place after she had agreed?

However, before she had the chance to communicate with the system, she felt someone cover her mouth and nose.

The camera landed on the ground, making a crisp sound, as an unpleasant smell spread into her nostrils.

She pressed her middle finger and thumb together and performed a quick seal.

However…it was useless.

Before passing out, she was still wondering: What happened to my spells?

When she had woken up, her surroundings had changed and several memories that did not belong to her had appeared within her mind.

She tried to digest the memories in her head, turned over, and got out of the bed, but found that there was an iron chain shackling her ankle. The length was about the same as the distance within the room. She could freely move within this room but nothing else beyond this range.

Yun Fanfan sat back onto the bed. A single hand chopped down like a knife towards the iron chain with wind trailing behind. Her hand suddenly hurt. With tears in her eyes, she asked, “System, what is going on?”

The system, “The host’s arts were sealed upon binding.”

Yun Fanfan thought to herself, how could this be ok? She laid down on the bed and started to make a scene, “No, this won’t do. Hurry and send me back!”

The system almost jumped out of its skin in fright. Things haven’t even started yet and yet there were already thoughts of going back? It quickly persuaded, “Oh almighty host, although you no longer have your powerful arts, you still have me. I am your backing. Isn’t it fun here? Since you are already here, it would be a pity to leave without having a look.”

Yun Fanfan calmed down. The curtains over there were blown inward by the wind. She slowly walked to the side as a series of words such as curtain, window, and glass suddenly appeared in her mind.

These novelties made her feel curious and happy.

She thought about it and compromised, “Alright then, I will stay here for a while.”

Seeing how she had abandoned her thoughts about leaving, the system continued, “I am a mission system. I need you to complete missions to gain experience. Once all the missions have been completed, the host can return to their original world, and can get an opportunity to have their wish fulfilled.”

Yun Fanfan digested these words and asked, “What is the task?”

“The host needs to eliminate the blackening value of a specified target in each world.”

Then, the system continued to thoroughly explain it to her. Yun Fanfan summed it up. In other words, she had to let these people fall in love with living again. She felt like this was no big deal.

There was an extra bracelet on her wrist, with more than half of the bracelet covered in black patterns.

“When the patterns have all disappeared, the task will be completed.”

After Yun Fanfan roughly understood the meaning, a sudden clicking sound came from the direction of the room’s door. The door was pushed open and she saw a man carrying a tray. After sweeping his gaze across the big bed, the sharp gaze fell directly onto her.

His pitch-black pupils were lifeless, like a swamp covered with miasma.

Zhong Han turned around and closed the door. Placing the tray on the bedside table, and icy cold voice reached into Yun Fanfan’s ears, “Eat.”

Yun Fanfan, “So what has happened to me now?”

The system, “You’ve been kidnapped!”

Yun Fanfan, “So I need to make him happy. If he wants to kidnap me, then I will let him kidnap, and cooperate with him obediently. Once he is happy, maybe he will no longer be blackened.”

The system, “I don’t think this plot will turn out to be like what you think.”

It saw the things on the tray.

There were rice and side dishes with a glass of water placed next to it, as well as…a knife.

That knife looked new. It is reckoned to be very sharp, and can easily kill people, people like the host.

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