Hedonist Sovereign Chapter 483 part 1

Although half an hour is generally not a long time, it also depends on what you are doing.

This was Lin Beibei first time and she encountered a bold man like Qin Feng. She felt her body was completely exhausted and thus she laid quietly in Qin Feng’ arms. Her heart was ashamed as she has taken too much initiative. As she recalled her wildness, she was thinking whether Qin Feng will like her performance in bed? What if he felt she was frivolous?

Lin Beibei had fallen in love with Qin Feng. Thus, she was suffering. She thought about every single matter articulately and wanted to strive for Qin Feng’s satisfaction. But as she thought about it, Lin Beibei’s eye lit up with another thought. She began to suspect whether Qing Feng’s pill for herself was a drug. Otherwise, her body never experience such a feeling of wanting to be embraced by a man so badly.

‘Qin Feng, in fact, you did not have to be like that” Lin Beibei buried her head in Qin Feng’s arms and spoke with a red face.

Qing Feng was slightly surprised. “Do not have to be like what? Should I refrain from touching you? Qin Feng heart tensed, was Lin Beibei not yet ready to give her body to him?

“I did not mean this” Lin Beibei was afraid of Qin Feng misunderstanding her and got nervous “Oh! You are necrotic, you clearly know what I mean in your heart but refuse to acknowledge it.”

Lin Beibei was now more convinced that Qin Feng had given her medicine because if Qin Feng was treating her why did he need to took off her clothes? He even kissed her breasts and when she woke up, Qin Feng pretended to be asleep and was now acting stupid. Lin Beibei was ashamed to face him due to his actions.

“What do I know? I don’t know anything” Qin Feng was even more confused. “Babe, if you have something to say just say it, we are not outsiders anymore.”

Lin Beibei did not get angry with Qin Feng. She thought you are embarrassed to say about it and you want me to be the one to say it! Seeing the oblivious appearance of Qin Feng, Lin Beibei knew she could not pursue the matter anymore. In fact, Lin Beibei did not dislike Qin Feng doing such a thing. She had long regarded herself as Qin Feng’s woman.

“Qing Feng, where is my mom?” Lin Beibei changed the subject.

“Auntie had gone out for a walk. When she becomes back and finds out that you have woken up she will be extremely happy.” Qin Feng smiled.

Lin Beibei was also very happy. She knew that her mother had been worrying about her every single day. “I need to quickly wear my clothes. Otherwise, it be extremely shameful to be seen by my mother like this.” Lin Beibei’s character has always been well-behaved and now that she had become Qin Feng’s woman, everything must be done according to the wishes of Qin Feng. Even if his instruction were that she should not wear clothes now, she would follow his instruction.

“You are sick, you should lie down for a while, I will help you wear clothes.” Qin Feng liked that Lin Beibei was well behaved, thus he thought of helping her dress.

Lin Beibei did not refuse. When wearing pants, Lin Beibei had to separate her legs and she saw that Qin Feng’s line sight was towards her private parts and she so extremely shy about it.

Qin Feng did not make things difficult for Lin Beibei and soon helped her wear clothes. He then sat on the bed and began narrating his experience during the last few months. Qin Feng did not hide anything from Lin Beibei. Ling Beibei was shocked to hear about the things Qin Feng said. She never thought Qin Feng experienced so many life and death experiences in the last few months.


Lin Mu just finished her walk and opened the door when she saw Lin Beibei.

“Mom… you are back!” Seeing her mother, Lin Beibei got out of bed excitedly.

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