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CH-46 Hopeless

WARNING: R*pe, physical assault, creep warning.


In the dim lights of the room, the pillow on which Junjie’s head laid was already wet with tears. His shirt’s buttons were all undone, displaying his toned chest. The button of his pants was open, showing a peek of his underwear.

The back of one of his hands that were tightly tied to the headboard was bleeding; bandage was tied haphazardly on it.

The red wine splattered on the floor in the midst of shards of glass had already started staining the floor.

Junjie laid on the bed with a blank look on his face as he stared at the ceiling motionlessly.

Bai Fangsu threw away the empty syringe in her hand with a smirk on her face as she proceeded to undress sensually, as if putting on a show. She seemed to be in a really good mood as she also hummed a little tune along with it. When she was completely in her red bikini she had specially worn for the day, she showed a fake shy smile. But, Junjie was looking at the ceiling instead of her so she pouted dramatically.

“How do I look, Junjie?” While saying this, she gathered her hair on one side of her neck and acted shy. 

Junjie was still motionless, as if his soul was not in this place.

“Tell me, Junjie. Do I look good? I’m sure you will be really happy after watching me, RIGHT?” 

Her voice had a threatening undertone that sent shivers down Junjie’s spine. His lips trembled as he slowly brought his gaze to the girl in front of him.

“You look good.” He spoke monotonously. 

Bai Fangsu hid her dislike as she scrutinized Junjie from head to toe as if he was some object. One of her purposes was to humiliate the stubborn man who still couldn’t understand his situation.

She spread her lips to form an innocent smile that Junjie had started to hate, “You want to sleep with me, right?” Her charming voice had a sexy undertone.

Junjie dug his nails into the palms of his hands as he still did not change his expression.

“SPEAK, Junjie. I don’t have the patience to deal with dishonest men. You don’t seem to treasure your brother as you act.” Her eyes flashed with pride as she spat the words venomously, openly reminding Junjie of what he had seen in the footage.

Sure enough, Junjie’s eyes hardened as his face trembled.

“Y-yes, Miss Bai. I-I… I want to s-sleep with y-you.” Junjie felt like his blood was boiling. Gritting his teeth, he spoke the words as he felt some unknown things happening to his body. Maybe he knew what the thing was. 

He laid there, hopelessly, just waiting for the night to end. He had already decided to forget about Long You the moment he made the decision to choose Xiao-Bai, but the pain of losing that man was still there, burning his heart and soul.

“Hmm… show me your happiness, Junjie.” While Fang Junjie’s face morphed into an ugly and forceful smile, Fangsu trotted towards him in her bikini with confidence. 

Junjie clenched his teeth so much that he could almost feel his gums weaken. He felt a strange feeling in his body that made him feel like he was losing his grip on his body parts. It was a terrible feeling, as if you are hanging on the edge of the cliff, and you feel the grip on your rope loosen, and even though you try your best to hold it, it just slides and slides, without any friction. A fear, like none before, enveloped his body; his mind seemed to be screaming at him for help. His heart rate was increasing crazily as he felt a whirlwind of emotions surrounding him, making him lose his rationality.

While Junjie was struggling, Bai Fangsu had already climbed on his chest as she sat on it with her legs on each side of his torso, enjoying his face.

She leaned down, bringing her lips very close to Junjie’s ears as she whispered, “You wanna know what medicine I gave you?” Junjie gritted his teeth as he squinted his eyes, trying his best to not lose his blurring vision.

“It is a special poison I bought for you. This amazing poison makes the receiver a lust demon. It changes the hormones of a man’s body such that he will feel the urge to desperately fuck his balls out, and unless he has someone satisfy his body, he will lose his sanity, his vision, and his control of his body until he has s*x with someone. You know what it means, Junjie? You will sleep with me now, desperately, as if you are one traveler in the desert, and I am a glass of water you long for .”

Fang Junjie wanted to throw this girl from his body but he could not feel his legs at all. Terror struck in his hear as he tried to desperately resist the changes in his body; some tears escaped from the corner of his eyes.

Bai Fangsu paid no heed to the young man’s emotions as she brazenly pressed her lips on his. Intense happiness filled her as she sucked on the lips of the man she had already dreamed of.

Fang Junjie was devastated, the food in his stomach tumbled around. He wanted to quickly take his lips away, but he had no control over his own jaw. 

He could only lay there miserably as he received the assault.

Suddenly, he realized that his body was so hot that it seemed unnatural. His mouth was dry as his body suddenly seemed to tell him to suck the assaulter’s saliva. 

Disgusted, he removed the thoughts away, but something was really different in his body. He could not ignore how his lower body was becoming unbearably hot, so much that he felt he could burn in the flames. He hated it.

‘No… no… no… This can’t happen to me. Save me… Someone save me… LONG YOUUUUU!’

Junjie literally screamed in his head. 

“HANDS OFF MY MATE, NOW!” A loud rumble echoed in the room. 

Fang Junjie who had seen Long You appear out of thin air was stunned; Bai Fangsu, who suddenly heard a voice from her back shrieked loudly.

Before she could even finish her scream, a loud force struck her as she literally bounced off like a ball in air and hit the wall face-first, and fainted. 

Long You quickly walked to Junjie with a tensed expression on his face as he quickly broke off the chains with his bare hands.

“Junjie, dear, don’t worry, I’m here. I’m here. Junjie?” Fang Junjie laid there motionless as tears poured out of his eyes like a dam that went loose. He desperately looked at the face of the man he had longed for, almost each second of his time in this room, as if confirming something.

Ling You’s expression changed into pure anger as he checked the condition of Junjie. Looking at the sorrow on the other’s face, he felt that his heart was bleeding. It was his fault for hurting his mate. He failed in his duty.

“Don’t worry, darling… Junjie… my love. You will be alright soon. I’m here; don’t cry, don’t cry.”

Long You picked Junjie’s upper body as he put the man’s head on his lap. Closing his eyes, he opened them again; his iris was light blue.

He excited the power in his body and moved it in circles until a ball of blue light formed in his hands. He injected the ball of light into the head of Junjie, who was looking at his actions all the time, without any change in emotion.

Junjie, who laid in the arms of the man he realized he loved deeply, looked at the familiar man turning into someone unfamiliar, something he never imagined.  He realized that Long You had hidden many things from him, and he had no clue about it,

Soon, when he saw the strange ball of light entering his body, almost immediately, he felt a cool sensation wash over him. He could feel the energy passing through his whole body, and wherever it passed from, he felt the grip of the part of his body back in his hands.

He understood that the poison was losing its effect.

After Long You made sure that everything of the unnatural thing in his mate’s body had been destroyed, he summoned back the ball of energy and passed it back into his veins.

Fang Junjie found that he seemed to be full of energy as if he was completely healthy and understood that it was because of the strange ball of light. He moved his fingers and legs and found that the wounds of the syringe on the back of his hand had already disappeared.

Long You was a bit nervous as he looked at the unpredictable face of his mate. Only he knew how desperate he was all this time. His heart almost stopped when he couldn’t see Junjie anywhere in the party after he came back. He searched all over the hotel and found no sign of Junjie which made him realize that his mate was taken to a different place, which meant that finding him was like finding a needle in a haystack. 

Using the method of army connections would have taken him the whole night, adding to the unnecessary chaos in the city. 

Everything was like a maze for him. They didn’t even have a mate bond that could help them sense each other.

When he got the extremely distressed, rare signal from his mate’s soul, it was only then that he could trace him.

The state of his mate only made his heart ache more.

Cautiously, Long You moved his lips closer to the other as he attempted to kiss the love of his life. But he felt his heart thump as Junjie silently moved away from him with an expressionless face.

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