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How to Fall in Love with the Villain C50.1

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How to Fall in Love with the Villain

Chapter 50 part 1: The Loyal Dog’s Evolution (part 23)

Dong Qingzhan put on the mask he had previously worn before reaching the planet of Mullis.

 He was a notorious space pirate leader with a top reward from the intergalactic force. His photos and information had already been posted to all the Stars of the Confederation, and was likely to have appeared in the news as well.

 Few people in the Confederation wouldn’t know who he was.  Probably the only one who still didn’t know his identity was that foolish wife of his.


So does his wife actually know what his true identity was?!

Dong Qing abruptly opened his eyes wide, suddenly feeling a little bit unsettled. It seemed that he had yet to properly disclose everything to his wife.

 If his wife already knew of his identity then all was fine, but if he didn’t know, and then discovered his identity later…

Dong Qing Zhan suddenly felt a little uneasy.

Would his wife dislike and/or be afraid of him?

Awashed with uneasiness, Dong Qingzhan arrived at their dormitory. In the Mullis Mech Academy, Dong Qingzhan had a false identity – a freshman in the Combat Mech Department. This identity was naturally given to him by that elder brother of his who was full of no good tricks, saying how this was the only way to arrange a dormitory for him.

Dong Qingzhan knew Dong Haoyang very well. He might have said one thing but his real intention was to see him being embarrassed by the teacher.

But despite having said that, Dong Haoyang really managed to help him a lot this time. Even though he didn’t like going to class, this identity was unexpectedly useful. Besides, through this identity, he could also completely take care of Wu Fang.

Dong Qingzhan was very cautious when he arrived at the dormitory, but relaxed when he later realized that there wasn’t anyone in the dormitory.

On the one hand, he was anxious to see his dearly missed lovely wife, but on the other hand he was a bit nervous because of his identity.

However, even though he was nervous, he would never give up the opportunity to be passionate with his wife simply because he was afraid of him. Once they were married, they were tied together. As they get along, he would eventually become more comfortable with his identity.

Dong Qing Zhan secretly nodded, preparing to settle Wu Fang’s matter as soon as possible.

As soon as that got settled, he would take his wife to get married on the spaceship!

However, after thinking about it, Dong Qingzhan felt that this was still somewhat unreliable. Even if they were married, it wouldn’t be registered within the Confederation. What if his wife was hooked by some little fox to get a marriage certificate in the Confederation?

No, he must get an identity in the Confederation, and then marry his wife within there at once!

  That way, his wife would be tied to him no matter where he is.

Dong Qingzhan was very satisfied with this thought, and then began to outline the details of their wedding in his mind.

 First of all, a lot of people must be invited. He wanted a large number of people to witness his wedding.

 Um — let’s have it once on the spacecraft and once in the Confederation. That way, everyone would know that this poor boy belonged  to him.

As for the wedding dress, Dong Qing frowned. They didn’t have anyone on the ship who had any talent for designing clothes. Best to have this done within the Confederation.

Dong Qing Zhan slowly imagined the progression of the wedding in his mind, the happy smile of his wife, and the blessings of those around him.

And then after the wedding …

The wedding night.

Dong Qingzhan’s eyes became very bright, his body also became a bit parched all over.

Thinking of the soft and delicious body of his wife, Dong Qingzhan couldn’t help but swallow.

By the time Duan Jingzhe came back, the sky had already darkened.

Dong Qingzhan alertly heard the door as soon as it rang, unnaturally changing his expression, hiding his uneasiness and slight desire.

 As soon as Duan Jingzhe opened the door, he met an unknown face.

Duan Jingzhe was at a loss, “Who are you?”

Dong Qingzhan’s face immediately turned blue .

Even though Duan Jingzhe didn’t know this person that appeared in his dormitory, he didn’t care. However he couldn’t get inside at all since this man happened to be blocking the doorway.

An indecisive look slowly surfaced on his face.

Dong Qingzhan watched the changes of his wife’s expressions, his eyes lighting up, some expectations surfaced in his heart slowly.

He should recognize himself shortly.

 Dong Qingzhan kept waiting for Duan Jingzhe to call his name, and then leap into his arms with surprise.

However, Duan Jingzhe hesitated for a long time, and found that this man still didn’t do anything. Finally he opened his mouth unhappily.

“You’re blocking my way.”

This sentence shattered all expectations in Dong Qingzhan’s heart into pieces, like bits of broken glass.

Sourly, he gave way to Duan Jingzhe, and saw that his wife didn’t even look at himself before turning to go to the bedroom.

Sourness started to gather in Dong Qing Zhan’s chest.

After standing at the door for a long while, Dong Qingzhan headed towards the bedroom. Suddenly he saw  his face reflected in the mirror of the entry way.

This was the mask he used for disguise.

Not his true appearance at all!

 The resentment in Dong Qingzhan’s body was swept away instantly, the corners of his mouth raised uncontrollably.

He knew it, there was no way that poor boy wouldn’t know himself. It must’ve been because he didn’t use his original appearance!

Dong Qingzhan’s thoughts stopped there, his arrogance coming back fully. He raised his head and slowly walked to the bedroom entrance.

He coughed twice, then knocked on the door with a face full of arrogance.

“Knock, Knock, Knock”

Dong Qingzhan knocked on the door three times unhurriedly, waiting readily for his wife to come and open the door.


After a long time, there was no response.

The arrogance on Dong Qingzhan’s face started to crack, gradually increasing the frequency and intensity of his knocks.

However, there was still no response.

Dong Qingzhan directly opened the door, gnashing his teeth, as if he wanted to twist off the door knob.

Originally his plan was perfect. When his delicate wife came over to open the door for him, he would tear off his mask directly, revealing his original face. That way, his delicate fragrant wife would be very surprised, rushing into his arms without further ado.

Then he would kiss his little mouth, think of it as a reward for the days that his wife was missing him.

But who knew that there was no response despite how loudly he knocked!

Dong Qingzhan opened his door with gritted teeth, and looked inside angrily.

Then blankly stood there.

Subconsciously swallowing his saliva.

Inside, Duan Jingzhe was changing clothes, large swatches of skin laid bare and exposed, fair and white like milk, unknown if it would be just as smooth to the touch. 

Currently, his wife was facing away from him. His coat was already off, and then bent down to untie his shoelaces.

His raised buttocks directly facing him.

The belt of the trousers seemed to have already been loosened, seeing as the trousers were hanging loosely around his waist currently. As a result of Duan Jingzhe bending down, the pants slipped even further. His black underwear also descended slightly, exposing a bit of his white hip.

The edges of the black underwear were lined with that fair and smooth skin, the contrasting black and white, was extremely seductive.

This scene seemed to captivate a person’s soul

Dong Qingzhan’s thoughts immediately wandered to the scene he had previously imagined of the wedding night.

His head went boom, his blood rose, flushing his face red.

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