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How to Fall in Love with the Villain C50.2

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How to Fall in Love with the Villain

Chapter 50 part 2: The Loyal Dog’s Evolution (part 23) cont.

Dong Qingzhan’s breath was extremely hot, as though he could burn himself. Before realizing, his eyes slowly started to see red. Dong Qingzhan felt a strong agitation in his chest, making him want to reach out and scratch. Every cell in his body was screaming out in desire, making him move forward uncontrollably step by step.

However, this state of allure was snapped awake by a single sentence.

“Who are you?” Duan Jingzhe was at a loss.

 Woosh, a puddle of cold water poured down, “Tsss-“, the burning flame on Dong Qingzhan’s body was immediately extinguished.

Dong Qingzhan’s face darkened. The feeling of having someone forcibly extinguish a body burning with desire is extremely uncomfortable!!!

He begrudgingly looked at Duan Jingzhe, and then saw that his wife had put on his pajamas, looking at him blankly.

The small palm-sized face, adorably ignorant.

Dong Qingzhan’s last trace of anger disappeared instantly.

He coughed twice and took off his mask very solemnly, then eagerly waited for his wife’s response.

Who knew that Duan Jingzhe didn’t even take a look at his movements, turning around to pick up the clothes he had taken off.

After several episodes of excitement only to be doused over and over again, Dong Qingzhan couldn’t even muster up a trace of anger.

The corner of his mouth twitched, and directly stepped forward to hold his wife’s shoulder to face him directly.

Duan Jingzhe unblinkingly stared at Dong Qingzhan who had taken off his mask, his expression going from blank to doubtful and finally to realization.

Dong Qingzhan’s heart burst into delight.

“You look so familiar”

Dong Qingzhan felt that his heart was stabbed with a sword, bleeding out from that small hole.

Dismayed, he looked at Duan Jingzhe’s innocent face, firmly supported the back of his head and harshly kissed him.

Soft, tender, and moist.

The taste was indescribable.

Dong Qingzhan slowly eased from the very aggressive invasion at the very beginning, to gently licking and tasting every place of his mouth. Feeling the incredible warm and wet touch, Dong Qingzhan became deeply absorbed.

As though deeply entranced, Dong Qingzhan provoked the tender little tongue, gently pressed it with the tip of his tongue, and then gently tasted it inch by inch.

The little tongue started to dodge in shock, but Dong Qingzhan maliciously chased it, repeating his intimacy with the tip of his tongue again.

After an unknown amount of time, Dong Qingzhan pulled his lips away contentedly.

A long silver thread connected between their lips, intimate and ambiguous.

When Dong Qingzhan saw this sight, his heart started to itch again. He gently approached, and licked the silver thread between them.

Compared to usual, Duan Jingzhe’s original red lips were now full of a seductive luster.

Scarlet bright red.

Dong Qingzhan’s grievances disappeared immediately after this taste. He looked at the baffled Duan Jingzhe, his bright watery dark eyes, Dong Qingzhan’s heart immediately softened as if it melted.

Looking at Duan Jingzhe’s lips, Dongqing Zhan immediately swiftly attached his lips again, blocking the words in his mouth directly.

He didn’t want to break this warm atmosphere with the words “Who are you?”

After lingering again for a long time, although Dong Qingzhan wanted them to continue, he still let go of Duan Jingzhe and quickly left the bedroom.

Feeling a certain somewhere on his body violently crying out, Dong Qingzhan shut himself in the bathroom with a bitter face.

He must have the wedding early!


When Dong Qingzhan arrived, he brought with him plenty of fresh vegetables and meat from the spaceship. Although it has been a day and night, the conditions of the ingredients were still great because of the existence of the freshness box*.

*TN: 保鲜箱 storage box that keeps things fresh

Some time ago, while Dong Qingzhan was on the spaceship, he didn’t let go of learning how to cook with fatty Wang Er. Although only for a short time per day, Dong Qingzhan’s cooking skills have grown a lot.

 In an hour, Dong Qingzhan placed the cooked four dishes and one soup on the dining table.

The aroma of the meal overflowed, directly attracting Duan Jingzhe, who was reading in the bedroom.

Duan Jingzhe’s bright eyes stared at the table full of food unblinkingly. After a while, he slowly shifted his eyes to Dong Qingzhan, who was standing next to him.

 His eyes first brightened, then slightly curved, his whole body filled with happiness and warmth.

 “Dong Qingzhan”

This shout filled Dong Qingzhan with surprise.

 “Can I eat it?” Duan Jingzhe asked with bright eyes.

Dong Qing Zhan reflexively nodded.

 Then he saw his wife sitting at the table excitedly, quickly stuffing the food on the table into his mouth. It was as if someone was going to steal his food. The mouthfuls of food puffed up Duan Jingzhe’s cheeks while chewing, constantly moving the two bulging packets.

Like a cute little hamster.

Dong Qingzhan sat across from Duan Jingzhe, staring at him as he ate, feeling satisfied.

After his wife swept away all the food on the table, he contentedly sat on the chair stroking his stomach.

 After a long while, Duan Jingzhe seemed to have thought of something, and slowly raised his small head, helplessly meeting Dong Qingzhan’s eyes.

 He seemed to have eaten all the food again.

Duan Jingzhe suddenly got up from the chair, and quickly ran back to his bedroom.

Dong Qing was full of suspicion.

A while later, Duan Jingzhe ran out of the bedroom holding a nutrition pouch in his hand. He stood in front of him, flushed and held out the nutrition supplement pouch.

Dong Qingzhan suppressed the corners of his mouth from rising.

Duan Jingzhe tilted his little head, seeing how Dong Qingzhan didn’t take the nutrient pouch in his hands, his heart was filled with guilt and embarrassment.

 The food just now was so delicious, this nutrition pouch was nothing compared to it.

Duan Jingzhe lowered his eyes dejectedly.

Dong Qingzhan was immediately distressed when he looked at his dejected little wife. Just as he was about to take the nutrient pouch in his hands, who knew that Duan Jingzhe would raise his head suddenly, and look determinedly at him.

Dong Qingzhan was a little stunned, then as his wife flung himself into his arms, he subconsciously wrapped his arms around Duan Jingzhe’s thin waist, feeling a warmth on his lips.

His eyes widened slowly.

Those soft lips awkwardly rubbed his lips, and then stuck out the tip of the tongue and licked bit by bit.

 The thin electric current directly passed from his lips to the heart, numbing him.

Duan Jingzhe imitated Dong Qingzhan’s previous moves bit by bit, and then found that he was tired from tiptoeing, thus wanted to end his actions.

Who knew that a strong force would come, directly holding the back of his head.

A thundering stormy kiss.

Not knowing why himself, Duan Jingzhe stretched out his hands and hooked Dong Qingzhan’s neck, then slowly closed his eyes.

There was a strange bubble bubbling within his heart.

 Feels very comfortable.

Very secure.


Dong Qingzhan, having kissed the mouth he had been yearning for for the longest time, his heart felt fulfilled.

Holding that warm and soft body, Dong Qingzhan finally said something that he was a little worried about.

“I am the leader of the Dusk Space Pirates.”

Dong Qingzhan stared at Duan Jingzhe anxiously after speaking.

Duan Jingzhe was stunned, “Ah?”

 Dong Qingzhan’s heart tightened, his wife’s reaction obviously meant that he did not know his identity!

He subconsciously tightened his arms around Duan Jingzhe.

 Who knew that Duan Jingzhe just blinked and said, “I know, what’s wrong?”

He knew of his identity through the wall display when he first rescued the man.

Dong Qingzhan felt a stream of joy in his heart. Shaking his head vigorously, there was an unmistakable smile within his eyes, “Nothing”

Duan Jingzhe glanced at him strangely, but was blocked by the oncoming kiss just as he wanted to say something.

 “Wu–“, Duan Jingzhe’s eyes widened roundly.

 I still need to go study!

Looking at those moist round bright black eyes, Dong Qingzhan felt his heart become even more hot and parched.

Then he couldn’t help but deepen the kiss.

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