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How to Fall in Love with the Villain C50.3

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How to Fall in Love with the Villain

Chapter 50 part 3: The Loyal Dog’s Evolution (part 23) cont.

 “Professor Zhang, I have already completed Duan Jingzhe’s student status,” the assistant held some materials in their hands.

Professor Zhang nodded with satisfaction.

 “I messed up that child’s enrollment at that time, being able to smoothly enter the school settles one of the matters in my mind. Now that he has the student status in the college, it would be much more convenient for him should he encounter anything in the future.”

 The assistant nodded, “Should Duan Jingzhe be informed to formally attend the course?”

“No need,” Professor Zhang waved his hand. “He is very talented, it’s already almost enough for just me and Teacher Dong to teach him. In the future, I will specially invite some teachers from other sections to teach him specifically.”

   “He is the hope that God has given me, I must give him the best education.”

 The assistant was torn, his face reluctant.

However, Professor Zhang noticed his reluctance, and directly glanced over at him. “If you have something to say just say it directly, you don’t need to hold it in.”

The assistant paused and said slowly, “But Duan Jingzhe is not your personal disciple. His current profile is still under Teacher Dong. Is it really good for you to teach him like this?”

The assistant’s tone was quite cautious.

 In the mecha manufacturing industry, the apprenticeship was extremely important. If Duan Jingzhe was a disciple of Professor Zhang, it would be alright to spend so much effort to teach him. In the future, he would hold the position of being Professor Zhang’s disciple. But now Duan Jingzhe had no relation to Professor Zhang at all. Even if Duan Jingzhe became a part of a generation of mecha masters, everyone would only know that his teacher was Dong Haoyang.

Because of this, Mecha Makers conveyed very limited knowledge to non-personal disciples.

This was especially the case since Professor Zhang paid great attention to inheriting teachers.

Professor Zhang’s face straightened, then smiled, “So what?”

 “It’s just a question of fame. How can this be compared to developing a gifted child?”

 The conversation between Professor Zhang and his assistant passed through the laboratory.

Outside, Lu Liangjun was standing with a dark clouded face.

Duan Jingzhe again.

Lu Liangjun clenched his hands tightly, his nails firmly embedded into his palms.

The intense pain made the darkness in his eyes even more profound.

His position in the family and his future were all ruined single handedly by this man called Duan Jingzhe.

At the time of the entrance exam, he was extremely unwilling to be deducted a full twenty points. So he told this matter to his uncle who was the examiner during the interview portion.

 He let his uncle help vent for him.

Even though he didn’t know what his uncle did, Duan Jingzhedid not pass the interview, resulting in him not being able to enter Mullis Mech Academy at all.

 Lu Liangjun felt extremely alleviated at the time.

Duan Jingzhe ruined his future, he would never let that inferior lowly civilian pass!

  He had thought his revenge was over, and he already vented for himself. At most he wouldn’t become a disciple of Professor Zhang. Although disappointed, it wasn’t like he didn’t have any other way.

But he did not expect that once the test results came out, his position in the family changed dramatically. Those who had once used all kinds of flattery and bowed before him now looked at him with disdain. All the resources that he had enjoyed in the family were also removed and transferred to a relative who was younger than himself.

  That relative was a cousin who was not very close to him.

 In the past, this cousin often followed him with a righteous face. His words were flattering and complimenting, just to get some mecha components assigned to him within the family. The fawning look on that face looked very ugly, but it made Lu Liangjun’s heart feel refreshed. After having seen enough of his behavior, which mirrored that of a dog’s, as though rewarding with food, Lu Liangjun threw some of his used components onto his face.

  Seeing how that cousin dropped to the ground like a lowly dog, despite the pain in his face, coveting and picking up the components one by one as though they were treasures. His heart filled with a strange type of joy.

  The other day, he was thrown a component by this cousin. The uneven, extremely hard metal component directly hit his face. Much more distinct than the pain was the great humiliation that came from this.

   He immediately sprang towards that cousin with red eyes, but was directly stopped by those who once followed him. These people were the ones who used to be right beside him**.

**TN: I’m assuming his confidants

A savage beating.

 Fist after fist landed all over his body.  He couldn’t help but curl up under the severe pain. .

 In the end, Lu Liangjun’s consciousness was hazy due to the pain. He vaguely watched his cousin stop these people, looked at him with disdain, and then spat on his face with contempt.

“Just a wastrel only, wasting so many of the family’s resources.”

 “Let’s go.”

 The intense humiliation slammed into his chest like a hammer, and a mouthful of blood spat out directly from his throat.

 Since that day, he learned to endure and lay low.

  Although he was anxious to kill all those who showed off in front of himself, he would never show it on his face ever again.

The calmer his appearance, the more intense his hatred was.

  And the person he hated most was that inferior lowly waste named Duan Jingzhe!

 If it weren’t for him, he would still be enjoying that elite treatment. If it weren’t for him, he would have already become Professor Zhang’s personal disciple. If it were not for him, he would not have suffered such a great humiliation!!!

 Lu Liangjun couldn’t wait to cut up that inferior lowly waste called Duan Jingzhe into pieces and devour him!

He hated, hated himself for letting him off so easily during the exam. Nowadays, just trying to find him was already proving to be a hard task. All the resources in his grasp had disappeared. He simply didn’t have any way to find the culprit!

Fierce resentment and hatred ate into his heart bit by bit, he wanted revenge, but was only able to endure day after day!!!

No, he was not willing!

Some time ago, Professor Zhang held a general meeting and said some things that everyone felt were inexplicable. However, he understood what Professor Zhang meant in his lecture. He was talking about Duan Jingzhe, and how his uncle had pulled strings to remove Duan Jingzhe from the exam.

Aside from the panic Lu Liangjun felt at the possibility of having been found out, he also felt an unusual sense of delight and excitement.

 Since the old man who refuses to die had said so, it definitely meant that Duan Jingzhe, that lowly waste, is still on the planet of Mullis.  It was even likely that he was at Mullis Mech Academy!

 Lu Liangjun felt his blood almost boiling.

After knowing this, he always wanted to find the lowly waste that had caused his current tragic situation, so he took time to follow that stubborn old man***. He felt that since that undying old man had pointed out the problems in the exam, he must have had contact with that lowly waste.

***TN: Still says old man that refuses to die in the original text but usually it’s a phrase when people are grumbling about old people unhappily who they think should die already

Unfortunately, these days, the teacher who taught them the history of mecha manufacturing seemed to dislike him very much, calling him to the office to reprimand him whenever he had the time. Therefore, he still had yet to find a suitable opportunity to continuously follow old professor Zhang for a long period of time.

Yesterday, Lu Liangjun directly bought some insecticide, and then secretly put it in some of the cups that the teachers drink from.

Not surprisingly, the teacher lay on the ground covering their stomach, while howling like a pig.

Lu Liangjun thought that the sound was unusually nice.

Extremely pleasing to the ear.

Lu Liangjun even wanted to directly put some insecticide in his mouth to make his voice even louder.

But in the end, he managed to control it. He opened his communicator, and with a panicked face, called for an ambulance. Before the ambulance arrived, he leisurely admired the teacher’s expression distorted with pain  even when he had fainted, then flushed the cup he had used with water.

Eliminating all the evidence.

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