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How to Fall in Love with the Villain C50.4

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How to Fall in Love with the Villain

Chapter 50 part 4: The Loyal Dog’s Evolution (part 23) cont.

To his satisfaction, the teacher stayed unconscious for a long time. Although the police asked him about the situation at the time, he had shown a face full of fear, thus  the police did not have any doubts about him, and let him go directly back to school.

 Without that damn teacher, Lu Liangjun finally succeeded in following Professor Zhang.

Sure enough, he heard news of that lowly waste.

Nothing but a lowly inferior waste, yet actually a genius in their eyes?

 Lu Liangjun’s heart was full of hatred, but after a while, his eyes slowly became bloodshot, his heart trembled with excitement. When he thought of that lowly waste covered in blood, his face full of unwillingness, an irresistible excitement stirred within his heart.

 His breath couldn’t help but get heavy.

 “Who’s there?” There was a loud shout in the corridor.

 Lu Liangjun quickly disappeared from the front of the laboratory.

 Professor Zhang and his assistant in the laboratory heard the movement outside and opened the door.

 “What happened?”

“I saw a suspicious figure outside the laboratory just now.” The speaker was a tall middle-aged man who was responsible for patrolling this research building.

Professor Zhang frowned. Although he and his assistant didn’t say anything particularly confidential just now, if the news of Duan Jingzhe was made known to bad-hearted people, he feared that it would have a bad impact on that child.

 “You go check the surveillance, you must find that person”

 “OK”, the middle-aged man nodded towards Professor Zhang, then turned and left.

After the middle-aged man left, Professor Zhang paced twice back and forth, then told his assistant, “Go talk to Teacher Dong, let him pay close attention to the safety of that child.”

  Not sure why, but Professor Zhang felt a sort of uneasiness within his heart.


 “Have you heard? It seems that the academy is sending us out on an internship at Els Military District.”

 “Yes I heard, it seems that every freshman will be sent to an internship in one of the confederation’s military regions for one month. I don’t know how life is there but listening to my brother, the conditions in Els are the worst out of all the military regions”

  “Your brother is from Els Military District?”

 “No, my brother is from the Yuanmuli Military District. The veterans of their military district have told them about the situations in the various military districts. Among them, Els is the worst. Besides, I heard that last year’s students went to Damulin military district for their internship, the conditions there seem to be better than our school’s. “

  “Oh my god, why are we so unlucky!” the speaker spoke with a face full of doom.

  “But how do you know that internship is at Els Military District?”

 “I also heard it from others, but I hope this is fake news.” The speaker had a bitter face. “I don’t want to suffer a month during the internship.”

Although both people held the same expectations in their hearts, the teacher broke their delusions during class that day.

 “From next week onwards, we will be going to the Els Military District for internship. In addition to the freshmen in our mech manufacturing department, we will also have the freshmen in the mech combat department.”

 Almost as soon as the name “Els Academy” came out, everyone pulled their faces down and began to complain.

 “I will send you a list of the things you will need to prepare, follow this list and finish within this week.” The teacher’s sharp eyes glanced at the students in front. “You best pay close attention to this list.”

 “Some students within last year’s students and even the year before did not take the list seriously. As a result, they were carried back by people in the military region.”

 “If you also want to feel how the stretchers in the military regions differ from other places, you can just disregard the list.”

 The teacher’s somber voice made all the students shudder.

  “Now that things have been explained clearly, let’s start the class.”


Since being overheard that day, Professor Zhang has been a little unsettled. The surveillance tape that he had the patrolman of the research building look for was found, but the person inside the tape was wearing a baseball cap. His head was lowered the entire time, not exposing his face in the slightest.

 The patrolman speculated that this may have been a student who came to do an experiment, but may have found the wrong laboratory. Since the entire research building has access restrictions, people without permissions simply cannot enter. He even appealed to the management office to check the magnetic card information of that day’s ins and outs. As a result, outside of the records of the students who came in for the experiment that day, only the records of Professor Zhang, the assistant and the teacher who did the experiment that day showed up.

The duration of the students’ experiment overlapped with Professor Zhang’s conversation that day, so the patrolman could not rely on the entry and exit records to investigate that person.

 Although Professor Zhang reluctantly accepted this statement, there was still an uneasiness in his heart.

He still felt that this was not so simple.

But maybe as people age it’s easy to become paranoid. According to the information provided by the patrolman, there were only the teachers and students who came to do the experiment there that day. Why would it be necessary for these people to come here and eavesdrop? Moreover, even if they heard something, there was no reason for them to do anything to that child.

 Professor Zhang forced himself to settle down.

 The assistant also felt that his professor was thinking too much. After speaking a few words of comfort, he asked Professor Zhang.

  “Professor, the academy has already begun preparations for this year’s freshman internship.”

 “Does Duan Jingzhe need to go?”

 When Professor Zhang heard this topic, he immediately set aside his previous worries, his white beard rose with a smile.

 “Be sure to let him go,” Professor Zhang’s eyes glowed. “This is a rare opportunity. The military region is not a place where anyone can go. The opportunity to come in close contact with military mecha while still in the academy is just merely twice, once during this internship, and once during graduation.”

  “Military mechas have always been much more sophisticated than outside fighter mechas. This time, we can let that child Duan Jingzhe have a good look.”

 The assistant nodded. “Then I’ll go and submit his information.”

  “Right, do we need to talk to Teacher Dong about this?”

  Professor Zhang waved his hand. “I mentioned this to Teacher Dong a long time ago. You can just directly go submit the information. By the way, remember to bring back a list. Anything that needs to be prepared you just directly prepare for the child.”

 The assistant nodded, and then looked at Professor Zhang suspiciously, “Professor, previously you were anxiously urging me to finish preparing Duan Jingzhe’s school status earlier, it isn’t because of this internship is it?”

 Professor Zhang smiled and gave him an approving glance, “Not bad, you finally learned a bit of my brilliance after all this time by my side.”

 The assistant could not help but twitch his lips at that remark.


  Dong Qingzhan looked at the list within his hands, a gleam of cold light flashed through his eyes.

 Ever since his identity was forged as a student of the Mech Manufacturing Department, he has been attending classes in accordance with the schedule of the Mech Manufacturing Department.

   Today their teacher also announced that they will go to Els Academy for an internship.

 Dong Qing Zhan narrowed his eyes slightly.

Wu Fang, it was time for us to finish this.

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