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How to Fall in Love with the Villain C51.1

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How to Fall in Love with the Villain

Chapter 51 part 1: The Loyal Dog’s Evolution (part 24)

Before the freshmen went to practice in Els Military District, something big happened in the Mullis Mech Academy.

Mr. Gao Wenqing of the Mecha Manufacturing Department was pointed out and criticized by the dean of the Academy and publicly fired him in front of the school’s teachers and students.

The reason was that during the exams, fraudulent practices were used and bribes were accepted, abusing his powers to change the grades of the freshmen who took the entrance exam, resulting in students being disqualified from the exam.

When the Dean announced the news, everyone was shocked. This kind of thing hadn’t happened in Mullis Mech Academy for many years. Such a big scandal was not heard of before even by teachers who have taught here for five or six years.

Although some teachers were fired by the college before, it was just a misconduct. Things such as abusing their rights to forcefully block students from entering Mullis Academy had never happened before.

While most people were still surprised by this news, some mindful people began to think of the incident where Professor Zhang publicly apologized.

At the time, Professor Zhang seemed to have said, “Hearsay has caused a student to miss the opportunity to attend school.” This matter where Teacher Gao Wenqing has been dealt with, could it be related to Professor Zhang’s?

 No matter what the teachers and students of Mullis Academy thought, the matter was directly settled. That very day, Gao Wenqing was expelled from the academy.

Although people were extremely suspicious, the academy did not provide an explanation. They could only talk about their guesses in private.


“Professor, this matter has been fully investigated,” said the Dean with respect to Professor Zhang. “It was indeed Gao Wenqing who manipulated the interview for that child you were concerned about before.”

 “But he did it very cleanly, asking questions that were all in the question bank. However he picked all the simple questions that didn’t leave room for any margin of error, thus we had no way to immediately deal with him after watching the video.”

  Professor Zhang nodded, “He is very clever. The remarks he gave me were truly based on the questions he asked. If one did not closely scrutinize, you wouldn’t see the problem at all. Even if something felt off, you completely wouldn’t be able to find evidence of his misconduct. “

   The Dean bowed his head, “Fortunately, when I checked him, I also found some prior things. Things were not done as cleanly back then. He confessed after I threatened to take this evidence to Mullis court.”

 “However,” the Dean frowned. “He still hasn’t admitted that this was done under someone else’s instructions, only mentioned how he had some gripes with that child. But I checked – that child had just arrived on the planet Mullis. There was no possible way for him to have met Gao Wenqing before the interview. Although I didn’t believe it, Gao Wenqing wouldn’t let go no matter what, so I wasn’t able to ask any further. “

 The Dean’s expression was a little apologetic, “This incident has caused you much grief!”

Professor Zhang smiled kindly, “How can there be any grievances? Most of the responsibility lies with me. You don’t need to take this matter to heart. I really am getting old, it should be up to the younger generations to shoulder these heavy responsibilities in the future.”

 The Dean’s expression still reflected some guilt. Professor Zhang cocked his beard, his face expressed some displeasure. “I’m already an old bag of bones, you’re still not letting me rest? It’s already good enough that I lead some students, don’t come bother me about things like reviewing, testing, etc. in the future”

 Hearing this, there was nothing else for the Dean to say, he quickly nodded his head in agreement.

  “How are the preparations going for the internship at Els Military District this time?” Professor Zhang couldn’t hide the bit of concern within his eyes.

“We have already contacted the military district. They will send a small warship over tomorrow.” The Dean looked at Professor Zhang and understood what he was worried about, “The safety of the students is guaranteed. This is not something you need to worry about.”

 “En,” Professor Zhang nodded, then hesitantly said, “The student named Duan Jingzhe, please pass on my greetings to the teacher leading the team, take good care of him.”

  Professor Zhang had never really done such a thing like leveraging his position before, but doing so now, he felt his old face burning.

   The Dean nodded and laughed. “Yes Professor, I will be sure to tell Teacher Mu.”

   After the Dean finished chatting with Professor Zhang, he informed Teacher Mu to take special care of that student. Upon hearing this, Teacher Mu promptly adjusted the locations of the students’ accommodations quickly, changing the location of Duan Jingzhe’s accommodation so that it was closest to himself. Plus, that room was a single room, unlike the other rooms where at least two people had to live together.

   In addition, the assistant gave Duan Jingzhe everything he had prepared in accordance with the list the day before their departure.

   Even though Duan Jingzhe accepted it, he had a face full of bewilderment.

    The assistant was evidently familiar with Duan Jingzhe’s character by now. His face remained unchanged as he passed over a piece of paper, “These are all the things you will need for your internship at the military district. This sheet contains the usage and precautions for each individual item. Professor Zhang has already instructed me to prepare everything for you. When you return, review everything and use them as needed. “

 Duan Jingzhe nodded.

 The assistant left after completing the task.

Compared to the previous years, obviously there were a lot more to prepare for the Els Military District this year. One reason was due to the terrible geographical environment of the Els Military District, where day to day living required a lot of preparation. The other was because the route to the Els Military District was rather difficult since there were several shattered asteroids that lay scattered across the hyper route, often resulting in a turbulent ride in the spaceship piloted.  In addition, for an unknown reason, the cosmic radiation in that area was particularly intense, so usually people who go to the Els Military Region, will almost always lose a layer of skin. This applied to those who were well prepared, do not even mention those who were not.

    Dong Qingzhan was curious about the package Duan Jingzhe brought back, losing interest after asking what it was. However, his wife’s constitution was indeed weaker. Dong Qingzhan thought about it and went out to buy some more things, stuffing them into Duan Jingzhe’s bag.

  As for himself?

   He was the leader of a group of space pirates, having travelled across multiple galaxies for so long. What hadn’t he suffered through yet? He was different from these fragile students.

    Under such thoughts, Dong Qingzhan ignored the long slip. Instead, prepared some familiar tools and food based on his previous interstellar travelling experience.

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