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How to Fall in Love with the Villain C51.2

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How to Fall in Love with the Villain

Chapter 51 part 2: The Loyal Dog’s Evolution (part 24)cont.

   Thus an hour after the spaceship took off…

    “Barf—” Dong Qingzhan was suffering from stomach cramps, his head felt like it turned one eighty from dizziness, his face extremely ugly, “What kind of crap pilot is this?!”

    “Damn, do you actually know how to pilot a spaceship?!”

    Dong Qingzhan continuously stayed in a state of seeing stars in his eyes, dizzy to the point where he felt like vomiting out all his stomach acid.¹

¹TN: Aw come on tough it up! Aren’t you a tough space pirate? Treat it as a rollercoaster.

   At this point his connector rang.

    Dong Qingzhan blinked hard, then shook his head, trying to shake the four or five ghost images of the communicator back to one.

    His finger firmly prodded towards the connector, only to have poked his elbow instead.

    Dong Qingzhan’s face became as black as ink.

    He only managed to open his communicator after having tried four or five times.

    A gloating laughter sounded out in Dong Qingzhan’s ears.

    It was hard for Dong Qingzhan’s eyes to focus, but he knew who it was based on the sound of the voice.

    He couldn’t help but grit his teeth, “Dong, Hao, Yang!”

Dong Haoyang raised his eyes playfully, measured him up and down for a long time, and smiled very happily, “Dong Qingzhan, your look right now is really too fascinating, I’ve already clicked the record function, and will send it to you once you’re back!”


   Dong Qingzhan couldn’t wait to punch in his gloating face. Forcefully slapped his communicator, ready to immediately disconnect the call.

   Then slapped himself on the back of his hand.

  Dong Haoyang laughed even louder.

    Dong Qingzhan gritted his teeth and fumbled around his wrist for a while, but finally managed to close the communicator with a “SNAP”.

    He dared to guarantee that this time Dong Haoyang was definitely intentional!!!

  It was impossible for Dong Haoyang to not know what would happen when he’s interning at the military district. Before they left, Dong Haoyang even specifically asked about the status of his preparations. After truthfully informing him, he remembered that Dong Haoyang was smiling with a perverse look. At the time, he felt like something was off, but didn’t think too much of it. Who knew that it would cause him to cut such a sorry figure!

Dong Haoyang didn’t say anything at that time was definitely so he could make a fool of himself!

 Dong Qingzhan decided that as soon as he got back, he would immediately thrash Dong Haoyang’s face into a pig head!

 Except for gnashing his teeth in anger, he didn’t have any other worries.

 The operation against Wu Fang is set to happen while en route to the Els Military District.

Yu Yong had previously arranged for someone to pass on that he would be interning at the Els Military District with the Mullis Mech Academy students. There was no small amount of movement after it reached Wu Fang’s ears. He didn’t believe that Wu Fang would give up such a good opportunity, especially after how he had previously fiercely stomped Wu Fang’s face to the ground.

   As for the only sensible person by Wu Fang, they were still in a coma at the doctor’s, unable to put a stop to Wu Fang’s actions at all.

   He had discussed with Dong Haoyang before regarding taking actions against Wu Fang. Although this person likes to watch him make a fool of himself, he wouldn’t watch as he lost his life with no propriety, so something must have been arranged to restore himself back to normal after having suffered enough.

Just as Dong Qingzhan thought of this, the spaceship violently shook, as if doing a three-dimensional 90-degree flight², flinging Dong Qingzhan from the center of the room and hitting the wall directly.

²TN: I have no idea what a 3D 90 degree flight path is nor how it would even look like.


 At this point, Dong Qingzhan already couldn’t say anything else other than cursing people.

   At long last, by the time the spaceship calmed down, three hours had already passed.

   By now, Dong Qingzhan has been tossed about so much his eyes almost rolled over.

    Finally, before Dong Qingzhan was on his last breath, his door was knocked.

    Dong Qingzhan gasped weakly in the corner for a long time, propped his body up, then walked to the door with wavering steps and opened the door.

    Duan Jingzhe stood expressionlessly at the door, holding a bunch of things in his hand.

When he saw Dong Qingzhan’s disorderly appearance, surprise and a little distress flashed through his eyes.

  Dong Qingzhan originally thought that his image would be affected when his wife saw his dishevelled appearance. Just as he forcefully stood up, he saw the concern reflected in his wife’s eyes.

    All discomfort immediately disappeared.

    Dong Qingzhan’s eyes lit up, and he couldn’t help but approach his wife.

    But Duan Jingzhe pushed against his chest, stopping him from moving forward, and raised the package in his hands expressionlessly, “Teacher Dong asked me to give these to you.”

    As soon as Dong Qingzhan heard Dong Haoyang’s name, he felt his teeth itch. But when he thought of how these must be the things he needed currently, Dong Qingzhan still took them.

    Then approached Duan Jingzhe again with bright eyes.

    Only to be pushed by Duan Jingzhe again.

    Dong Qingzhan had a sorrowful expression, his heart bubbling with sourness, why was his own wife not letting him hug him now?

    Duan Jingzhe flashed by Dong Qingzhan, walked into the room, and put the package on the table.

    He took out a white bottle, dispensed three white pills into his hand, took two steps and brought it over to Dong Qingzhan’s mouth.

    “Take these”

    Dong Qingzhan’s mood immediately lifted, itching to hug and kiss his wife immediately.

    He smoothly took the pills in his hand and swallowed them. He was then handed an opened bottle of water.

    Dong Qingzhan felt that it was not water in front of him but honey, exuding an intoxicating taste, wrapping his heart sweetly.

Those unusually bitter pills just now seemed to be soaked with honey, the taste so good it made him linger in the aftertaste.


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