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I am a Gao Fushuai Villain Chapter 30

I did not release 5 chapters last week. I have joined a Foxaholic competition for most releases in September. I will try to increase release rate in September and thus they will owed till September.

The chapters (this week) won’t be divided into two parts as a sign of my apology. I wont be dividing the chapters until I finish the owed chapters.

I would encourage you guys to rate the novel on novelupdates.

Here you go Chapter 30 of the novel

Chapter 30 People sit at home and heaven’s reward comes for them

Regular Chapter of the week-1/4

Owed Chapter from last week-3

Sponsored Chapter for the week-1

This is the second chapter of the week.

I have a confirmed schedule of 4 chapters per week.

Schedule for this novel (Not followed this week)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday/Sunday

Chapters will be released around 11 am HK time

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