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I am better than him, right? (3)

Chapter (3)

Translated by: Seiryuu
Edited by: TheDoru

NTR – Cuckoldry.

A genre of stories in which one’s lover is forcibly embraced by another person and, as a result, is unable to leave that person because of the pleasure.

No doubt it is a crime, but the lover will fall into a state of hedonistic depravity, and the victim will cry themselves to sleep.

This is what cuckoldry is all about.

It’s not common in yuri works, but it’s the only way to make Nene fall in love with me.

I’m not going to deny her feelings.

She gets very angry when I give her advice like, “Don’t be with that guy.”

‘Are you jealous?’ When she asked me if I was jealous of her – and I know now that I was – I told her no, that I was just trying to help her, and she cut me off.

It was hell back then, and now there was a chance that it would have the opposite effect and she would immediately go and confess her feelings to the guy.

If that happens, I’m done.

There’s no way any man could say no to Nene if she confesses her love to him.

She’s fluffy and cute, she always smells great, her voice is sweet, and her breasts are huge and soft.

So I have to stop her before she does.

Before she confesses, I’m going to sleep with her.

Even if I tell her how I feel, the result is uncertain.

But if it’s my body.

I’ve always had light skin-to-skin contact with Nene.

I’ve moaned, hugged, and even kissed her on the cheek. When I stay over, we take a bath together, and I’ve seen her naked many times.

We even sleep in the same bed.

There are plenty of opportunities.

If I casually deepen our usual skinship and even do things that only a lover would do, I’m sure she’ll think that I don’t care about men.

That’s why I’m going to NTR her.

I promise!

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