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I am better than him right? (4)

Chapter 4

Translated by: TheDoru
Edited by: Seiryuu

“Eh, are you sure?”

When Nene heard Kano’s reply that she would help, she seemed a little surprised for some reason. Her hand, which was about to drink the iced lemonade, stopped, and she blinked several times.

Kano nodded her head to confirm her own will. The coffee she is holding is hot, and she felt like it was burning the palms of her hand.

“…I want my best friend to be happy, of course, I am.”

“I see…Huh, is that so?”


“No…I was wondering if you would turn me down.”

“Why? Am I that heartless?”

“No, that’s not it, it’s just that when I thought about it, you haven’t been in a relationship before. If you’ve never been in love, then it’s hard to give advice, right?”

Ugh, Kano was at a loss for words.

That is true.

But if she withdraws at this point, her whole plan will be ruined. She has no choice but to convince Nene by laying out whatever lies she has to tell.

“It’s okay!”

Kano leaned forward on the table.

“I’ve heard so many stories about girls from the guys at the karate dojo! I have all kinds of data on what kind of girls they like and what kind of girls they fall for!”

Half lies, half truth.

Even with Kano present, the men were not afraid to talk about girls. Maybe they thought the children would not understand, but then on,


She thought.

They were not afraid to talk about their dissatisfaction with their girlfriends, and some of their conversations were quite lewd. They did this in a place where Kano could not see them, and Kano secretly eavesdropped on them, so they did not take offence.

However, she did feel very disdainful of the idea of talking to strangers about what goes on in bed.

But now it is useful.

“Oh, really…?”


She nodded her head confidently. Her heart was racing, but she was adept at putting on a poker face. She couldn’t look distressed in a match. She didn’t show any weakness because I would be taken advantage of.

Nene stared at her with wide eyes.

‘Once again, I think she is really lovely. She doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, but her eyelashes are long enough to hold several pencils.’

I resisted the urge to let her in on my thoughts and feelings. I stifle the guilt.

“…I see.”

Feeling unconvinced, Nene cut her gaze first.

“Then…I’ll ask for your help. First of all—What do you think is the best way to make a confession? I guess I’d have to go directly to him…But I’d also be embarrassed to DM him.”

“Ah, don’t worry about that. I think it’s fine either way.”

Kano turned her palm to take control.

Nene tilted her head in doubt.

“What do you mean?”

“There’s no way the other party would turn down your confession.”

“Eh? That’s—Does that mean that Senpai likes me!?”

Don’t look so happy about it.

“…No, I don’t know about that.”

She sounded a little grumpy.

Nene’s expression says, “I don’t understand.”

“You know—”

Kano tried to enumerate the reasons why Nene would not be rejected, but suddenly felt embarrassed.

She learned that it is possible to list as many things as one likes in one’s mind, but it is surprisingly difficult to list them in person.

Her mouth starts to water.


When Nene tilted her head, Kano muttered, “No” and ended up coughing.

“…Anyway, there is no way your confession would get rejected. But that’s not the goal of love, is it? Rather, it’s the start. It’s not uncommon for a relationship to end after three days, a week, or even a month!”

A tap could be heard on the table.

“Nene, you’ve never been together with a man, have you? You don’t know what makes them happy or what disappoints them.”

“That’s how it is with you as well.”

“But as I said before, I have already obtained a lot of information from the men in the dojo. If I make use of that, I can prevent you from being dumped.”


She looked like she really doesn’t know what she wants to say. Such a puzzled face is also very, very adorable.

“Umm….In other words? What do you mean?”

Kano smiled slightly.

“In short, stimulation! If you become a perfect lover before you confess, there’s nothing to be afraid of! I’ll play the role of the guy and we can practice dating together! I’ll even help you pick out clothes that guys like.”

“…Kano, do you know Senpai’s preference?”

“I don’t know, but that’s okay! Men like girls with short hems, wide open collars, and sleeveless dresses.”

That’s what the guys at the dojo said.

”Their heads are full of dirty thoughts. Even the boys in junior high school were always trying to skirt up and glancing at our breasts, weren’t they? If you think they don’t notice you, you’re mistaken.”

The memories came back to haunt her, and Kano snorted.

‘Really, I can’t help it.’

In this regard, women are good for each other. Even if you look at them, they don’t mind, and if you want, you can even touch them.

Nene laughed bitterly, saying yes. The expression on her face, as if she was in trouble, was irresistibly cute.

‘—I will never give her to you.’

Kano renewed her resolve. ‘Yes, that’s right. I’m not going to let you have her.’

But Nene said, 

“I don’t think Senpai is like that. He’s the president of the student council, and he’s popular with everyone.”

“No, no, even if he’s the student council president——”

On the verge of denying it, Kano stopped.

This is bad.

Saying “Even the student council president is just like any other boy” here is stepping on a landmine. If I did that, everything would end up badly.

‘Dangerous, dangerous. I’m glad I noticed.’

Kano coughed, straightening her posture.

“Don’t get me wrong, Nene?”


“I’m not saying it’s wrong for boys to want to do this and that with girls. It’s natural for lovers to have such desires, and it’s not just the boys who want to do it.”


Nene leakes out a reply that could be taken as either an affirmation or a denial.

“But at the critical moment, it would be disappointing to get an unwanted response, wouldn’t it? If it’s a boy who is particularly popular with the girls, it’s no wonder that they would choose another girl——No, no, that’s not the case with him though! A, anyway, you understand, Nene, that if you’re disappointed, your feelings of fondness will decline, right?”


“That’s why to reduce that risk, we have to do a stimulation! No!?”

She leaned forward again.

“I, I understand…”


Even if she nodded her head in agreement under pressure, she agreed.

Kano clenched her fists tightly in her head.

She took her words.

Nene is the type of person who is weak against good arguments. If she promised, she has the character to follow through, even if she has no other choice. Kano has the confidence that she can push through.

“Then let’s go shopping for clothes on Saturday, shall we? I’ll do some research and let you know what I find out.”

“I, I understand…”

“Leave it to me, I’ll make sure it’s all coordinated.”

Kano added, smiling to herself.

TheDoru: Wow… Kano really going at it this time. Hope you enjoyed the chapter! 🙂