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I am better than him, right? (5)

Chapter (5)

Translated by: Seiryuu
Edited by: TheDoru

Although it was not necessary, Kano decided to rely on the Internet to get a little information about the guy in order to make her story more convincing.

Nowadays, there is not a high school student who does not use social networking services.

Sure enough, our student council president was also using it.

Although he wasn’t using his real name on the service, which I had heard from Nene, I easily found him by tracing his classmates’ friends. He took the trouble to write on his profile that he was the student council president, so there was no doubt about it.

His ID name was… “Excalibur”?

I found out that it is the emblem of a sword of the first king of England or something like that. I wonder if it is a reference to the “Kenken” in his name. It is surprisingly childish.

There was no useful information to be seen on the social networking site, which mainly posted short sentences. Nothing negative was written, and the posts were all positive, to the point of making me angry.

Even midterm and final examinations, good luck, sort of thing. Kano also has an account that she uses from time to time, but it tends to be a whiny one.

There was no other information to see, But his profile also had a webpage linked to an image-based social networking site, so she looked there as well.

There is more information to be gained this way.

‘I see, he really is the student council president,’ Kano agreed. The face was familiar to her. She must have seen it on a poster at the time of the presidential election or at the school assembly.

That must have been in the corner of her memory.

He is certainly a nice guy.

‘I wouldn’t say that he is as good as an idol, but he has a face that could have been scouted.’ she thought.

‘He looks like a thin macho, but not in the fighting type muscle tone. He seems to have been working out, but I thought it was for the purpose of maintaining his body structure.’

‘If I had to sum up my impression of Kawakubo in one word, I would say that he is a “cheerful” guy.’

All the images he posts are with his friends, both boys and girls. There are no pictures of just him with a guy or him with a girl, but at least three of them are in the image.

It feels…artificial.

It seems to me that he is aware that he has a fan club, and he does not want to make the members feel uncomfortable, and it appears to me that he is taking care of that.

I took a quick look at the photos from the last six months or so, and three boys are often seen together with him. They could be classmates.

Girls came out in the photos on three occasions at most. The types of girls varied widely, from the plain-looking to the flashy. Some have large breasts, others are slender. Some have long hair, some have short hair.

One wonders whether this is benevolence or not, but perhaps it could also be “consideration.”

‘In case you’re wondering, I thought I could make Nene think she is the exact opposite type of this guy’s taste, but…this isn’t helpful…’

I looked at the comments section to see if there were any hateful comments, but the only ones I could find were praises, probably due to the endorsement system, which didn’t help either.

Then there was a well-timed update to the posts.

He wrote that he wanted to go to the movies and the swimming pool during summer vacation. The content was simply written, but in no time at all, it received GOOD!

This is useful.

Kano closed her social networking site, launched a search engine, and typed in “how to bring up sexual intercourse in a movie theater”.

Of course, she would erase her browser history later.

She tapped on the results one by one and looked through the ones she thought would be useful.

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