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I Really Am a Slag Shou! Chapter 11.1

Chapter 11.1: Only Ghost Would Like You

Translated by IAllsIsAwe

 If the system had hands, it would have already turned Chi Zhao into tofu brain by now. (TL Note: Retarded) 


 What’s with you host!  You should be more sober, host!

 Unfortunately, Chi Zhao can’t hear what the system is saying. He still absorbed playing the role of bent Spongebob. (TL Note: Gay) 

 After the initial stupefaction, Li Yihan subconsciously looked to the front while Zhao Bin was watching them with a stunned face. Zhao Bin had thought that Li Yihan’s next move would be to lift Qi Yuan’s collar angrily, and then open the car door very frankly and throw him out. But he didn’t. He only raised his eyes briefly, silently and calmly giving Zhao Bin a look.

Having worked under Li Yihan for many years, Zhao Bin understood what Li Yihan wanted to say with just one look. Reading the words “you can die with one more look” in the boss’s eyes, he immediately turned around and very considerately put down the partition board.

 Li Yihan: “…”

 In fact, you only needed to turn your head away…

 Seeing Li Yihan distracted, Chi Zhao expressed his unhappiness. He turned Li Yihan’s face back to him and made him into a goldfish mouth. Li Yihan was silent for a moment. He reached out his hand and took down Chi Zhao’s two disobedient claws. Chi Zhao didn’t resist. He just let him hold his hand tightly. What he was more concerned about was that question, “Let’s fall in love?” 

 Li Yihan looked at him helplessly. Hey, as expected, this child is deeply in love with him.

 Li Yihan shook his head and sighed. System silently stared at him and felt that he was not quite right. If you’re going to sigh, just sigh. What do you mean by sighing and laughing in the next moment?  

 He didn’t even realize that he was laughing. After shaking his head, he cleared his throat, his face turning solemn as he said, “No way.”

 Originally, Chi Zhao’s expression was very expectant. Hearing this, he was shocked and deeply hurt.

 He looked at Li Yihan with tears in his eyes, and his tone was full of accusations. “How can you be like this?”

 “Are you still a good brother? Did you forget the wonderful life we used to have together catching jellyfish and blowing bubbles?”

 Li Yihan: “…”  

 Zhao Bin: “…”

 Although they can’t see the scene with the partition board down, but they can still hear the voices from the other side. Zhao Bin had a wooden face, he felt like this world is like a strange fantasy. From a long time ago, he’s prepared himself to help his boss fend off all kinds of little demons. However, the boss is too intimidating, resulting in no one being able to stay beside him with biased thoughts for more than 10 minutes in several years. Now, a little devil has appeared. It’s just that the species is not quite right.

 Qi Yuan, a sponge and a human being do not end well…

 Chi Zhao couldn’t hear what Zhao Bin was thinking. He’s still earnestly accusing Li Yihan of not being sensible. He was saying that he once shared his favorite krabby patty with him, but now he just put forward a small request, and he didn’t agree with it?? Is this something one does as a human?! (TL Note: questioning his conscience)

 Chi Zhao was immersed in his drunken theater. Li Yihan watched him in amusement smile. The more he looked at him, the more he thinks Chi Zhao was a real treasure. Amidst Chi Zhao’s bustle, the car finally arrived home. Li Yihan personally helped him out and took him upstairs.

 When Zhang Bo came out, he saw that Mister was following behind the young master. He even went to help steady the young master’s staggering body from time to time. The young master is obviously drunk. He was reluctant to come in. Mister whispered in his ear to persuade him very patiently.

 As the two people walked up the stairs, Zhang Bo turned his head to look at Zhao Bin, “Assistant Zhao, this….?”

 Zhao Bin was silent for a moment. “Don’t ask me, I don’t know either.” 


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