I Really Am a Slag Shou! Chapter 11.2

Chapter 11.2: Only Ghost Would Like You

Translated by IAllsIsAwe

 The next day, Chi Zhao opened his eyes.The first thing that he felt was that he had a splitting headache.

 He was lying on his bed and his clothes had been changed. He sat up, rubbed his temples, and then called the system, “What happened, how did I get back?”  

 There was no answer.

 Chi Zhao: “System?”

 [You don’t remember anything?]

 “I remember I was eating, and then I felt dizzy. So I found a place to sit down.” Chi Zhao blinked, and his expression became a little uneasy. “Wait, that’s not right. Why don’t I remember what happened after that?” 

 The system did not say anything. It directly played yesterday’s daily record for Chi Zhao. To prevent Chi Zhao from jumping off from upstairs, it considerately only let him listen to the audio. The system didn’t even let him watch the video footage.

 The beginning part of the audio had already been miserable enough to hear. He did not expect that the part after returning to the room was the real human tragedy.

 Li Yihan: “Don’t move. I’m helping you take off your shoes.”

 After a scuffle, there was silence. It seemed that he had taken off his shoes. At this time, Li Yihan’s voice came closer.

 “Qi Yuan… Are you sleeping?”

 Chi Zhao listened nervously. After about two seconds, his own voice came through. The sleepiness had hit him. His voice sounded lazy and sticky, with a thick tired voice, “Yeah, why?”

 “Do you really like me? ” After a long silence, Li Yihan tentatively asked this question. Chi Zhao’s heart immediately raised up.

 On second thought, please don’t tell the truth!

 “Hehe, only ghosts would like you.”

 Chi Zhao: “…”

 He can’t help but cover his eyes. The system reminded him coldly.

 [Don’t despair now. Listen to the next part and then despair.]

 Li Yihan had not expected that he(Chi Zhao) would answer himself like this. His voice became colder. “Then who do you like, Changqing?”

 Chi Zhao heard himself wickedly give a cold ‘humph’, “Like him? As if he’s worthy enough of that! Guys like him, even if he laid in bed naked, I wouldn’t give him a single glance. Li Yihan is still okay. Mmm.. But he doesn’t pay attention to me and always mistreats me…

 When he got to the last part, his tone was pitiful. Li Yihan seemed to have laughed, “How did he mistreat you? Tell me, I will help you to abuse him back.”

 “He forced me to study. If I don’t study, he will send my son away. He’s too evil. So very evil. Hmph. One day, I will make him kneel on the bed and begging me. He’ll beg me to slow down, but I won’t. I will torture him bit by bit, and make him fall down by my masculinity. And then he won’t be able to leave me anymore. Hehehe…”

 This was the end of the recording. The system looks at the Chi Zhao that had been struck silly.

 [Li Yihan’s expression at the end, do you want to see it?]

 Chi Zhao was really crying this time, “Am I…. Am I going to be driven out of the Li’s family house?” 

 The system heaved another long sigh, everything said within the silence.


 Chi Zhao sneaked out of the room carefully. He hid behind the door frame and looked around. Not seeing Li Yihan’s figure, he rushed out quickly, carrying a bulging backpack behind him.

 When he came downstairs, he turned around the corner. Just as he was about to leave the door, a hand skillfully grabbed his backpack. Chi Zhao hurriedly dug into the ground twice, but he could not escape from the devil’s hand behind him.

 He turned around dejectedly. Li Yihan is still the same as before. He looked at Chi Zhao calmly, “Where are you going?”

 “… My classmate’s house. We need to hand in our academic papers. My classmate and I have the same topic.”

 When Chi Zhao answered, he didn’t even dare to lift up his head.  Li Yihan laughed mysteriously. “It seems that you still remember what happened yesterday.”

 No, he didn’t remember. It’s the system who just had to play him the recording! 

 Chi Zhao took a deep breath and admitted readily:” Mister, I was wrong. I promise I won’t drink again from today on. Yesterday, I was talking nonsense after drinking. Please don’t take it seriously! QAQ “ 

 Li Yihan stood in silence for a while. Chi Zhao was like a prisoner waiting for his sentence. His heart was about to jump out of his throat. Suddenly, Li Yihan held out his hand. He raised Chi Zhao’s chin. He didn’t use much strength, but Chi Zhao immediately raised his head when he felt his intention. 

 They were very close, close enough for Li Yihan to see his reflection in Qi Yuan’s eyes. This kind of action and posture seems a little ambiguous. Li Yihan noticed this and paused, but he did not put his hand down.

 “Is it really drunken gibberish?” 

 Chi Zhao nodded repeatedly, “En-en!”

 As Chi Zhao moved, Li Yihan’s hand followed with him. His fingers rubbed against the soft flesh of Chi Zhao’s jaw, the sensation felt very good. The itchy feeling in his heart appeared again. He didn’t want Chi Zhao to notice his peculiar state, so he retrieved his hand and observed him (Chi ZHao) for a long time. “In other words, every sentence is false?”

 Chi Zhao was going to cry. “Yes, it’s all fake.” Give him a hundred guts and he still wouldn’t attack Li Yihan. He still wants to complete the task and save his little life.

 Li Yihan smiled.

 Chi Zhao looked at him in confusion.  Meeting his puzzled gaze, Li Yihan raised his eyebrows. “Then, that you did not like me. That is also false?”