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I Really Am a Slag Shou! Chapter 21 Part 2

This chapter part was translated by Daed and proofread by lynn to be hosted on Foxaholic. 

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Some people liked to drink alcohol to relieve their stress and down their troubles, but not Chi Zhao. When he was in a good mood, perhaps he might have a few sips; if he was in a bad mood, don’t even mention alcohol—he wouldn’t even want to touch water. Li Yihan was also aware of this trait of his. 

When he saw Qi Yuan’s location showing up at this bar, he scrunched his brows and mused for a long time, but he couldn’t fathom what he (QY) came here for. Hence, he tracked him here. Under the special effects of the dazzling light, Li Yihan spotted Qi Yuan through the crowd. The other man was obediently sitting by the bar. For a second, he hesitated at the doorway. In the end, he chose to sit in the far corner. This spot would let him observe Qi Yuan, yet it wouldn’t let his presence disturb the other party. 

For two entire hours, Qi Yuan didn’t move an inch. When he raised his arm, Li Yihan had thought that he was about to leave. Qi Yuan didn’t like noisy environments; he preferred to be in the quiet house, sitting on the comfy sofa with one hand petting his cat and the other grabbing the junk food. While he was at it, he would put on the soap drama on the television which the general public loved to watch.

Li Yihan didn’t understand why Qi Yuan would come to this place, until he saw Zhou Hetain appear by Qi Yuan’s side.

Of course Li Yihan remembered Zhou Hetian’s face. In fact, he remembered it very vividly. Zhou Hetian was there with his friends. When he caught sight of Qi Yuan sitting alone by himself at the bar, he was momentarily stunned. Then he walked over. Since he was far away, Li Yihan couldn’t hear what they were saying. But, after a few words, Zhou Hetian suddenly laid his arm on Qi Yuan’s shoulder. 

Li Yihan jumped to his feet. A young girl sashayed over, her hand moving to rest on his chest, “Hey, handsome, are you here alone? How about letting me accom-…….ah! What’s wrong with you?!”

Li Yihan did not have the slightest shred of elegance in his demeanor. He shoved the girl who approached him away, swiftly taking two steps towards that side before he saw Qi Yuan turn his head and directed a smile at Zhou Hetian that definitely did not count as a refusal.

In an instant, Li Yihan felt like all the blood in his body froze.

Qi Yuan cocked his head and, with a smile, said three words to him. By the way his mouth moved, it seemed to be “Then let’s go”. 

Zhou Hetian thought that Qi Yuan was drunk, thus he (QY)  was willing to leave with him. However, Li Yihan knew, he wasn’t drunk at all. He wasn’t like this when he was drunk. When he was drunk, he would become very candid and very cute—he certainly did not look nor act like this.

In a situation like this, Li Yihan would immediately catch up to them and break them apart forcefully. Then he would beat Zhou Hetian to a bloody pulp. Yet the reality was that he stood there in one spot, unmoving. His legs were the same as if they were nailed down to the ground, his gaze fixed on the two’s leaving silhouettes. He couldn’t speak a single word nor make a single move.

Because he was afraid.

He didn’t dare to chase after them. He was afraid that he would hear words that he didn’t want to hear, see the reality that he didn’t want to know.

Chi Zhao followed Zhou Hetian out of the bar. A hotel was conveniently located next to it. Zhou Hetian booked a room, turning his head back to smile at Chi Zhao who seemed to be leaning against the wall because he lacked the strength to stand. Chi Zhao smiled back. Seeing Zhou Hetian heading towards the elevator, he followed behind him with his right hand behind his back.

In less than three minutes, Chi Zhao came out again.

The “Spring Night” medical water that the system gave was actually a spray bottle. With one spray, the other party would instantly enter a deep slumber and then pass a ‘spring night’ in their dream. All the details in the dream were immensely realistic; even though he wouldn’t have any markings on his body, Zhou Hetian wouldn’t suspect a thing.

One spray was equivalent to one round in the dream; two sprays would be two rounds. Moreover, the system had told Chi Zhao to absolutely not spray Zhou Hetian more than necessary. If he overdid it, then even if it was just a dream, it would run one ragged.

Chi Zhao was speechless. Did it think that he would do a couple extra sprays?

As soon as they entered the room, he promptly sprayed Zhou Hetian’s face. He watched as Zhou Hetian immediately collapsed and slept like a dead log. Chi Zhao was too lazy to even move the other guy up onto the bed. 

He got annoyed at the sight of that face, so he might as well leave.

He planned to game for half the night in the hotel lobby until he was overwhelmingly sleepy. At that time, he would return to the room and sleep. And when he woke up afterward, he could continue acting.

Sitting on the hotel lobby sofa, Chi Zhao’s attention was quickly focused on his game. Li Yihan sat in the driver’s seat, his eyes fixed on Chi Zhao’s figure which had come out right after barely going in for a while.

His left hand gripped tightly onto the steering wheel and his right hand kneaded his phone. Since five o’clock in the afternoon, Chi Zhao’s heart rate had kept a steady rhythm. Not even the slightest significant sign of excitement ever appeared. Only until now did the height of the heart rate waves become faster. 

Because during this long period, the only thing that could excite him was games. In other words, Zhou Hetian wasn’t even on the same level as a game.

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