I Really Can’t Act Chapter 2 (part 1/3)

Chapter 2 Script (part 1/3)

Translated by Anon972 and proofread by Maralynx.

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Wang Xiaoman and Mei Zihan have known each other for so many years, so naturally she knew Mei Zihan’s sexual orientation.

In the entertainment circle, this kind of disposition is so common that Wang Xiaoman wasn’t surprised.

“You have a boyfriend?” Wang Xiaoman lowered her  voice for fear that others would hear her, “You’re finally enlightened. As I said, you are good at everything else, but you don’t have a good eye. ” With that, Wang Xiaoman reached out her fingers and quickly snatched a piece of meat from Mei Zihan’s lunch box and stuffed it into her mouth.

(TLN: By ‘don’t have a good eye’ or ‘眼光你不太好’ they mean he’s not good at choosing/judging people.)

“It’s not salty, it’s delicious. It looks like it’s fine.” Wang Xiaoman breathed a sigh of relief. “There aren’t many men who’d wash their hands and make soup for you these days. They are good men. You were lucky.”

“Sister Xiaoman, you haven’t seen him!” Mei Zihan couldn’t help asking, “How do you know?”

It’s hard to not be successful because the other side’s craftsmanship is good?

“At least they’re doing it because they want to.” Wang Xiaoman couldn’t help turning her eyes. “It’s better than having a take out every day. What’s the difference? Hey, what’s the difference? What do you think I don’t know? No worse than your ex boyfriend… “

Wang Xiaoman said half, immediately stopped her mouth, looked at Mei Zihan again, and found that his face did not change. It seems that this matter has really passed.

Sure enough, the best way to forget an old relationship is to start a new one.

It’s a little bit of dog blood, but there’s still a little truth.

“That’s all in the past, and it was just an ambiguous period, not my ex boyfriend.” Mei Zihan said calmly, “He doesn’t dare provoke me. He hasn’t shown up in front of me in recent years.”

(TLN: By ‘dog blood’ or ‘狗血’ it refers to drama.)