I Really Can’t Act Chapter 2 (part 3/3)

Chapter 2 Script (part 3/3)

Translated by Anon972 and proofread by Maralynx.

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That is, until he met the object he fell in love with at first sight – Jiang Ying.

Jiang Ying is really good-looking, tall; standing next to him makes it seems like you are with a star. At the moment of meeting, Mei Zihan seemed to see a cupid shooting arrows at him without stopping.

After that, he started a pursuit, it took half a year. A week ago, Jiang Ying agreed to let them try first.

Yes, cohabitation, but different rooms.

According to Jiang Ying, “Since you plan to live a lifetime, you have to first see if your life habits are suitable.”

In fact, that’s nothing. The only thing that makes Mei Zihan depressed is that Jiang Ying refuses to do X before marriage.

Damn, I have been a magician for 27 years. I have to continue my career as a magician and it’s not easy to deal with that. It’s really suffocating!

But Mei Zihan did not dare to reveal such thoughts in front of Jiang Ying.

If Jiang Ying thinks that he is just like other men that are messing about in his private life, he would have nowhere to cry.

(TLN: By ‘he would have nowhere to cry’ means that it’s his fault so he can’t cry.)

“All right, all right, let’s get ready for the next scene.”

As Mei Zihan imagined the future, the director has already begun to speak.


This director, if he focuses his time cutting mind on making a play, must have been a golden director of the TV show!

Mei Zihan’s ridiculed his inner thoughts, hurriedly took a few bites, cleaned up and filming.

(TLN: ‘ridiculed his inner thoughts’ or ‘心里吐槽归吐槽’ is the most accurate translation I could do. If anyone has a better phrase please join Discord and tag me under typos and mistakes.)

“Li’s Widowed Wife” according to the current popular saying, is the play of the eldest daughter.

Mei Zihan’s part can only be regarded as the third male. He is the younger brother of the hostess. He is an angry young man. After his sister severely rejected his kindness, he went to the war for a while, but failed to deal with the later affairs. The tired sister was also asked back by the captain of the patrol team, and many things happened in-between. By the time the younger brother returned, she had already joined the Anti-Japanese army.

Oh, forget it.

“Li’s Widowed Wife” is an authentic drama of the Republic of China, but later the heroine went to the Anti-Japanese War, and her stepchildren also joined the Anti-Japanese war team.

To this end, the writer said that in order to respond to the call of the state, after all, this play is to be broadcasted on CCTV, the last few episodes are war plays. It doesn’t matter, because with the next door Anti-Japanese war drama group for friendly guest appearances, they could save money!

The reason for the war was the death of her brother.

In order to minimize the payment, Mei Zihan’s part should be finished first. This afternoon’s part is about Mei Zihan’s participation in the Anti Japanese war.

Mei Zihan changed into a costume borrowed from the crew next door and started his performance.

“Scene 167, prepare, action!”

“Elder sister, your thoughts have been corroded by these feudal remnants. The Li family married you to find a servant girl for their children.” Mei Zihan roared, “I’m fed up with this place. I want to save you and thousands of people like you!”

“Cut!” The director shouted, “Xiao Mei, your expression should be more ferocious, and there should be tears in the corners of your eyes. Understand?”

“OK, director, I’ll brew some emotions.”

“What a bother. Here, I’ll give you eye drops.”

Zihan’s eye drops were still half used.

Mei Zihan took a whiff from the corner of his mouth and dripped two drops for himself. He finishes the play with a roar that made Wang Xiaoman almost cover her ears and gets some rest time.

Mei Zihan feels his throat and always felt something was wrong. He also needs a golden throat, a treasure for moistening his throat. Just eye drops are not enough!

The cell phone rang at this moment.

Mei Zihan looks down and sees that it’s from “Dear”. He smiled and ignored the pain.

“When do you get off work?” Tut, my Dear’s voice is so nice.

Mei Zihan happily answered, “About six o’clock. I will be able to finish the shooting in a few days.”

There was a silence for a while. “OK, I have no classes this afternoon. I’ll come back with my lunch.”

“It’s OK. It’s OK. You don’t have to work hard. I ate everything.” Mei Zihan did not dare to say that he was picky.

Jiang Ying answered a few words and told Mei Zihan to change clothes in the afternoon. It’s better to be careful.

Mei Zihan nodded his head and bowed.

If the director of the next theatre group saw him, he wouldn’t  have to worry about which actor to look for to play the traitor.

“By the way.” The man on the other side of the phone paused. “Can you bring the script back to me when you come back?”