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As he pulled his head into the door, he could smell the tantalizing smell of fish in the kitchen. His eyes were bright, his nose flapped slightly, and he quickly drifted to the kitchen door, looking at the bowl full of fish, his eyes more squinting.He quickly greeted his mother, and moved into the kitchen to grab a piece of fish with less thorns and more meat.

Hu Shi hit Ruan Tian’s hand away with the chopsticks. He took back his hand and rubbed the place with red marks, and handed it to his mother to see.
She grabbed his hand and blew on it, and said: “Your hand is more tender than a girl, you have to work out before you find a girlfriend”.
“You don’t understand, now I’m more beautiful like that”
He is naturally beautiful, he is also helpless ah.

Hu Shi looked at his son, he was beautiful from a young age, no one could compare to him, though, as he got a little brown after growing up, he got a more refined beauty.
“How will you find a girlfriend?”. She is worried for him. No girl would want his boyfriend to be more beautiful than her.’Maybe it’s easier to find a boyfriend’, HuShi muttered in silence.
“You can’t find a girlfriend, at least find a job, you have graduated for a year now, you should not always be so idle. You see Qin Li, he took over the company after graduating, he has managed the company so well, do not let his parents worry, they are so happy. I and your father want to have a day like this, but I don’t see it happening in this life.”
Listening to his mother say the name of Qin Li, he couldn’t swallow the fish in his mouth.

Qin Li, his number one enemy. His mother and Qin Li’s mother are friends, every time they meet they always talk about Qin Li. Therefore, when he was a child, he often met Qin Li.
His feud with Qin Li started probably the first time they met.
He has been just like his name, since childhood he has soft skin, eyes like light full of stars in the Milky Way, with a sweet honey like smile.
When I first saw Qin Li, I was nine years old. It was snowing that day, and he was wrapped in a thick brown jacket, wearing a red scarf, and looking curiously out of the window.
Then suddenly he saw a cold-faced little boy outside the window. The little boy’s eyebrows were delicate and flawless, and he wore a woolen hat and a black jacket, staring at him, accompanied by a beautiful and gentle aunt.
The Aunt smiled and greeted him and his mother, and she knew that they were going to meet today.

After Aunt introduced, he knew that the little boy called Qin Li, was two months older than him. Qin Li since childhood was very serious. He does not smile and do not like to was a little afraid of him, but could not go against his mother’s word, then softly called out “brother”Qin Li was staring at him, the bottom of his eyes emerged with joy, he suddenly spread out his palm, a few milk sugar candies in his palms.
“Here you are, Sister”. Qin Li said in a crisp voice.
At that time, afraid and feeling wronged Ruan Tian started to cry.
Being recognized as a girl made him feel humiliated. But he did not expect, this blow of Qin Li was just the beginning.

From a small age, Qin Li was an obedient and sensible child with excellent performance in all things he did.  Ruan Tian simply could not get rid of the nightmare and shadow of Qin Li, has a serious psychological trauma of Qin Li.
In addition, he hates Qin Li because as long as he like any girl, that girl, eventually always end up liking Qin Li, like a curse
Also, because of these reasons, Ruan Tian has not been able to successfully talk about love, but also always end up having a breakup in no more than two days of dating.
 Tian, after chewing two mouthful of fish, snorted: “Looking for a job is not easy, in the end Qin Li is dependent on his family, I am not. Besides, I have also received a lot a lot of companies but I refused. This is related to my future, I should choose wisely. A few days ago, the general manager of Star Entertainment came to me, said that He wants to sign me and make me a star,”

Hu She ignored his talk and said: “Don’t touch the fish, you can’ stop it. I really doubt that you were a cat in your last life.”
“Meow”, Ruan Tian purred while eating like a cat. Hu She didn’t know she should laugh or cry. From an early age she spoilt his son, so she was not willing to be critical.
He ate the fish, but suddenly felt nausea in his stomach, he frowned and raised his eyebrows against a stronger feeling of nausea.
He rushed out of the kitchen, ran into the bathroom, grabbed the sink failed to gag out anything. His eyes became red, filled with water mist.

Hu Shi came over to give him a pat on the back:” I told you not to so much fish, now see.”
“I didn’t eat much…” he said, turning around and holding the sink and started to gag.
Hu Shi feeling distressed went out to bring him a cup of honey water. “Wait for your father to come back, let him see what is going on.”
His father is a doctor, specializing in internal medicine and gynecology.

Ruan Baitang pushed the door open, and in a loud voice said: “Hu Shi, Xiao Wei…”He circled around the living room: “Where are you? See what dad bought for you”
Hu Shi helped Ruan Tian to sit comfortably. He was not in the mood to see what his father bought was completely paralyzed on the sofa and felt he was dead. The soft taste in his mouth also became bitter.

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