In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure c15 (part 1/3)

Chapter 15: Clarification and cleaning (part 1/3)

  When Mrs. Locke heard Shen Qiushi’s declaration, she hated Wen Yue to the extreme.

    Sure enough, Wen Yue came from a small family of scandals, so she would know these the means to conduct these tricks!

    Who was Zhao Lingyu? He was a national hero. Even if he didn’t save the capital star at the time, the propaganda from some time ago was enough for the people to remember him. Even if the Locke family had not dealt with the Zhao family, they would be polite on the surface. This person was good. Don’t even mention how she took my son to the Zhao family and ended up losing him. Now she was dragged to lose another person!

    No matter how she loathed Shen Qiushi, she only dared to say some ambiguously sharp words in front in her presence. Basically, she knew when to stop. Wen Yue however, unexpectedly still dared to find trouble for Shen Qiushi!

    She [WY] thought this was the circle she mixed in where popular actors and superstars would be ruined with a little sex scandal?

    Mrs. Locke glanced at Wen Yue with indignation, and then changed to an gentle expression at Shen Qiushi: “Qiushi, you are now under great pressure. You should definitely go out and move around to relax. Afterwards, the Zhao family will depend on you to support up.”

    At this moment, if she turned and walked away, who knew if she may be arranged by others… Biting her teeth, Mrs. Locke took the hand of Ren Sheng who was next to her and abandoned her hatred to look benign and started praising: “This child has grown so beautifully that he’s really charming and delightful!”

    Mrs. Locke’s reaction was within Shen Quishi’s expectation, but it made Wen Yue’s face whiten. But at this time, even if she knew that she [WY] had done the wrong thing, she could only continue propping her [Mrs. L]. “Auntie, don’t be angry. everyone is also concerned about Lingyu gege’s body. You are so happy today, has Lingyu gege‘s body improved?”

    Wen Yue looked worried, as if she was worried about Zhao Lingyu.

    She has always known how high Zhao Lingyu’s prestige was, so from the beginning to the end, she never criticized Zhao Lingyu. At the beginning, she hinted that Zhao’s family had regretted the marriage, and she also deliberately mentioned how Zhao Lingyu was seriously injured and refused to marry.

    Zhao Lingyu’s body was in such a state, of course, it was impossible to remember the issue of his marriage. Even marriage was impossible. So before, the public’s dislike has always been toward that Zhao Lingyu’s unworthy and poor match of a Kai, even more so than the hatred directed at Shen Qiushi.

[TN: Reminder that Kai is a specific type of race/species.]

    At that time, she was almost successful, but Shen Qiushi ruined everything.

    Therefore, now that she saw Shen Qiushi was so happy to buy clothes with Ren Sheng, she was ecstatic.

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