In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure c15 (part 2/3)

Chapter 15: Clarification and cleaning (part 2/3)

Zhao Lingyu was still sick in bed. The mother who should have taken care of him and the partner who had not passed the door were happy to go shopping, their faces full of smiles! Wen Yue believes that Shen Qiushi and that Kai beside her would definitely be censured. =

[TN: Pass the door means getting married.]

    The people worshipped Zhao Lingyu, not Shen Qiushi and most definitely not his intended.

    Wen Yue’s words were very skillful. She did not ask what Zhao Lingyu was doing now. Instead, she directly asked if Zhao Lingyu’s body was getting better… Shen Qiushi did not know whether to say that she was smart or stupid.

    Wen Yue obviously wanted to use the public’s concern and admiration for Zhao Lingyu to accuse her [SQS] of not caring for her son’s serious injury and make Zhao Lingyu’s worshippers have poor opinions towards her [SQS]. But how did she not think? If her own son really was in a bad situation, how could she be in the mood to play?

    “After Lingyu came back from the frontline, you haven’t seen him yet? Now you think and care about him?” Shen Qiushi asked.

    Mrs. Locke felt that Shen Qiushi was weird. At first, she thought that Shen Qiushi broke the pot because it was cracked. Now… Don’t tell me that Zhao Lingyu had no hopes of recovering?

[TN: “broke the pot because it was cracked” 破罐子破摔is an idiom that means writing oneself off as hopeless and acting recklessly.]

    If it really was the case… Mrs. Locke’s face was dark.

    Although the human race federation was not tranquil and the war against the aliens had hardly stopped, the human federation is too big. Even if some planets rebelled, some were looted, and some were taken away, the capital star in the center of human race federation was very peaceful.

    In addition, the inter-satellite signal transmission took time; thus most of the time, when a battle entered the public’s attention, there were only a few insignicent statistics. Those who were concerned about the heroes engaged in the battle were only people interested in this topic.

    This time, Zhao Lingyu can have such prestige was related to the federation’s, but… If they had known that Zhao Lingyu would not die, the Locke family would had obstructed it to say the least.

    “Wen Yue, you definitely want me to say Lingyu’s body is still very bad, right? I have to let you down. In fact, Lingyu is now much better.” Shen Qiushi directly said.

    “Just what I said, the honorable Marshal would not have any issues. He has the strongest abilities out of the entire human race federation.” Mrs. Locke showed a surprise expression.

    The color of Wen Yue’s face changed greatly. The reporters’ faces were even more ashen.  

    They all were connected to or were part of the Wen Family’s peole. This time they used every possible mean to infiltrate into this commercial building originally to only take a few photos of Wen Yue and Mrs. Locke, but after Wen Yue sent them a photo of Shen Qiushi and Ren Sheng purchasing clothes with a smile, they ran over to criticize Shen Qiushi…

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