In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure c15 (part 3/3)

Chapter 15: Clarification and cleaning (part 3/3)

    “Auntie, Lingyu gege’s state… You don’t need to tell us lies to make us feel better.” Wen Yue continued pushing rigidly. In fact, she did not believe that Zhao Lingyu could really be fine.

    If Zhao Lingyu really recovered, what was the point of doing all of these for the past few days?

    “You really are troublesome. Is it necessary for Zhao Lingyu to be in poor health for you to be happy?” Ren Sheng couldn’t figure out the situation at first, but now he saw through her and was dissatisfied with Wen Yue.

    Wen Yue originally wanted to say something, but when she heard these words, she choked.

    Ren Sheng didn’t let her go: “And don’t call Lingyu your gege. When I hear it, I am not happy!” Zhao Lingyu was his. What was the point of this woman being so close to him [ZLY]?

    “Pa pa pa.” A burst of applause burst out. Very quickly, a handsome man with a pair of peach eyes and long sleeves came out from outside. He was followed by many people behind him: “Well spoken. What relationship does she have with the Marshal? To climb up the social ladder through this is too shameful.”

    After he finished speaking, he waved again: “Come people. Chase out all the mice that have sneaked in and on the way, let Miss Wen out. In the future, we will not do business with her.”

    “Yes, Young Master Fang.” The people behind him answered. Soon, all the reporters were roughly removed from the premise, and Wen Yue was also asked to leave.

    Watching Wen Yue leave, Ren Sheng covertly withdrew the roots he have extended. A moment ago, he just wanted to make Wen Yue be disgraced. In the end, it did not happen … but this was also good. He needed to hide his identity as a ginseng spirit and not let it be leaked out.

    Ren Sheng thought that his little movements went unnoticed by anyone, but Shen Qiushi and that Young Master Fang were somewhat suspicious.

    Plant abilities would carry on them some seeds with attacking power for self-defense, but they would not release them so freely nor without any energy fluctuations… And, what exactly was that plant, how could it grow such long roots without growing any leaves?

    Shen Qiushi mentally recorded down Ren Sheng’s abnormality, but Young Master Fang thought it was only Kai’s specialty: “Mrs. Zhao and this little brother, Please pardon me for letting you encounter trouble here. Today while you are here, all the money you spend on will charged to my account.”

    “I am not a younger brother.” Ren Sheng muttered dissatisfiedly. He was older than everyone here. Why did everything think that he was so young?

    When he returned, he must go absorb more soil to grow up faster!

    “Then a younger sister?” Fang Chengjun suddenly remembered that Kai people did not identify with a gender: “Sorry, I don’t know much about Kai.”

    “Ren Sheng is not a Kay.” Shen Qiushi said with a smile.

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