In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure Chapter 16.1

Chapter 16.1: Marshal wants to guard against wolves

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T/N: Hi everyone! I am Roia and from now on, I would be translating this novel. However, for how long will it last, we will see that in the future. Enjoy reading!

Fang Chengjun looked in surprise at Ren Sheng. It was known by many that the President of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce and a Kai gave birth to a rare talented person. It was also known that they had an arrange marriage with the Zhao family. If that were the case, then this person should be that Kai, right?

               “He is not a Kai nor the son of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce President.” Shen Qiushi added. She couldn’t identify Ren Sheng’s identity but his identity was also not fake. In the end, she decided to stop finding about his identity.

               “You are the little sister!” Ren Sheng looked displeased at Fang Chengjun. Master said that the little sister was a woman that didn’t have a small tintin! But he did!

               “I’m sorry.” Fang Chengjun apologized again. At the same time, he felt worried. He was neither a younger brother nor a younger sister, so what was he?

               “Xiao Fang,[1] little children don’t like others to call them small.” Shen Qiushi knew that Ren Sheng had some secrets, but he may have his own reasons of hiding it.

               “…” So that was the reason? Fang Chengjun looked at Ren Sheng whose tail full of fur was puffed up behind his back. His heart couldn’t help but feel like it was being tickled.

               He was so cute! Was it a good thing for a small child to be partnered with Zhao Lingyu? In fact, should it really be called a partner? Wasn’t it more like a foster child of the Zhao family?

               While thinking that Shen Qiushi only said that the child was part of the Zhao family, it didn’t necessarily mean that he was Zhao Lingyu’s partner. Fang Chengjun felt like that was the truth.

               I am not child! Ren Sheng whose face was filled with anger, quickly covered his mouth – he almost blurted out his identity again. Before, whenever he was taken out of the house by his master, his master deliberately hugged him while carrying him around to avoid others from founding out about his identity. Now, he certainly couldn’t tell others that he was already 10,000 years old.

               Shen Qiushi deceived Fang Chengjun and saw Ren Sheng squinting his eyes. He was about to yell, but suddenly covered his mouth. He couldn’t hide his guilty expression which made her lose control. She hugged and kissed him. After doing that, she felt a complicated feeling – she was a powerful female psychic, but she was acting like a weird auntie…

               Ren Sheng felt a bit ticklish and broke free. He held his tail and covered his face, only exposing one eye: “Auntie, don’t kiss me again!”

               The villain inside Shen Qiushi’s heart kept whispering, but she restrained her ‘evil thoughts’ of hugging and petting him: “Alright, auntie will stop kissing you. Today, this brother will pay our bill. Shall we buy more clothes to send back home?”

               “En!” Ren Sheng immediately nodded: “I want to wear it for Ling Yu!”

               What was so good about that hard-headed son of her? How could Ren Sheng think of him everywhere? Shen Qiushi felt a bit depressed, so she bought all the lovely clothes inside Fang Chengjun’s store.

               Fang Family was also one of the five major families. This little bit of money wouldn’t affect them anyway.

               Mrs. Locke who was ignored until this moment, looked at the scene happening in front of her. It made her angry. She left while angrily stomping her high-heeled shoes.

               Seeing her leave, Shen Qiushi who didn’t spare her even a glance earlier had a slight grin on her face.

               The Locke family’s men would probably investigate her son now. However, after Zhao Peng’s recovery, all the Zhao family and Zhao lingyu’s men who were transferred due to the matter of Zhao Lingyu’s self-destruction were transferred back to their home. Now, without her consent, even a fly could not fly inside it.

               Ren Sheng felt very satisfied.

               This felt great! He could become any kind of evil spirit in the future! Moreover, Shen Qiushi liked seeing him wearing these clothes. Zhao Lingyu would probably like it as well!


[1] Little Fang

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