In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure Chapter 17.1

Chapter 17.1: Marshal’s subordinates

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“What is a subordinate?” Ren Sheng innocently looked at Mr. Butler.

               They were the people wandering around the Zhao family’s territory these few days! However, the young master didn’t go out and spent most of his time around the Marshal. So, it was normal that he didn’t know: “They are formerly the master’s subordinates. After the young master’s accident, they stayed in the Star Capital. Originally, mistress didn’t allow them to stay inside the island, but recently, since the young master’s condition became better, they all came back.”

               Ren Sheng’s recent injury was almost healed. After using his mind to scan around the area, he immediately found many people outside Zhao family’s house. These people built many houses inside the island. It seemed like they intended to stay for a long time: “They are under the command of Zhao Lingyu. Shouldn’t they go and see him instead?”

               “The young master didn’t allow them to stay inside the Capital Star before, so…” In fact, some of these people didn’t dare to face Zhao Lingyu. It wasn’t like this in the beginning, but after Zhao Lingyu’s accident…

               “Let them leave the Capital Star and become his obedient subordinates again!” Ren Sheng said without hesitation. Zhao Lingyu was so powerful. If they listened to him, wouldn’t things be fine?

               This young man was really different! He had complete trust in the young master, right? The old butler nodded and responded: “Alright, let’s talk to them, young master.” The people hiding outside were not as brave as this young master.

               At Zhao Mansion’s gate. A total of five people, three men and two women, stood at the Zhao family’s gate. They were looking forward at the Zhao family’s gate.

               They were all Zhao Lingyu’s subordinates. Some of them were Zhao Lingyu’s former classmates. Some were the soldiers Zhao Lingyu commanded in the army. And, there were even some that Zhao Lingyu brought back from the Star Pirates.

               “When will he come see us?” A towering black man with strong, bulky muscles asked. He tried to lower his voice but it was still loud and sounded like a bell.

               His name was Hong Zhong.

               “Certainly.” Ai Fu, the weakest of the five said: “We have been with the marshal for so many years, and he always invited us in.” He was part of the Military Division under the marshal’s command. He had read all of Ren Sheng’s information, and he even deduced a lot of possible Ren Sheng’s personality. The final result was that; they have a 98% chance of meeting this person.

               Whether because of curiosity or something else, this person was already accepted by the Zhao family. So, it was a matter time for them to meet him.

               “When he comes out, you should know your place. Don’t say anything you shouldn’t say.” Of the two women, the woman with the sexy body glanced around: “He is still young. Don’t scare him.”

               “Ai Li, don’t underestimate him too much. He was accepted by the Zhao family so quickly. He is not as simple as he appears to be.” Said by a man wearing a pink suit and yellow pants. His hair was dyed with red, yellow and blue. He was dressed too glamorously for a man, but it seemed to complement his handsome face.

               “Wu Shuai, you are still dressed like this. Are you not afraid of Marshal beating you?” Ai Li glanced at him and went silent again.

               “It would be great if Marshal will beat me…as for that Kai, let Zhao Na read him.” Before Wu Shuai smiled radiantly, he looked at the woman beside him who had yet to speak.

               Zhao Na was brought back by the marshal from the Star Pirates. Her ability was intuition, allowing her to sense whether the next task would be dangerous or whether someone was malicious.

               When the others heard this, they went silent. At this moment, the old butler walked slowly, but no one was behind him.

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