In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure Chapter 17.2

Chapter 17.2: Marshal’s subordinates

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“Mr. Butler?” Ai Fu looked curiously at the old butler.

               “Young Master Ren Sheng said to be obedient.” The old butler said with a smile.

               Five people were dumbfounded. What kind of answer was this?

               In the end, Ai Fu responded first: “Mr. Butler we would like to see the marshal.” Previously, the master allowed them to leave and distance himself from them for their own safety. However, the situation now was different.

               Since they came back to the Zhao family, the most important person they needed to meet was Zhao Lingyu. In fact, it was meaningless to look for Ren Sheng.

               That Ren Sheng was a wise man…At first, Ai Fu thought that the young man he saw on the video was too naïve, but now, his feeling had changed.

               After their meeting, he may be able to talk to him.

               Mr. Butler took them inside the Zhao Mansion. Shen Qiushi didn’t stop them from seeing Zhao Lingyu. Previously, they didn’t dare come in because of their own feelings.

               When the five people just walked through the door, they saw a young man running out with a bowl in his hand. He was running so fast yet no water spilled from the bowl. When they came in, he immediately stood up and gave the water to the old butler: “Grandpa butler, come drink this water!”

               “Young Master Ren Sheng?” The old butler felt something was strange, but he still accepted it and drank the water.

               This water tasted a bit bitter and strange. However, after drinking it, he felt more powerful…The old butler remembered the elixir that was given to Zhao Peng.

               “You are Ren Sheng?” Ai Fu looked at the young man who only reached his chest and wanted to thank him for his kindness.

               Ren Sheng casually nodded. He took the empty bowl and left.

               What about the clash between two smart people? This young man popped out to give the butler a bowl of water, regardless whether they were here? If he was kind and pure, shouldn’t he had talked with them about the Marshal? If he was deep-minded, shouldn’t he be testing them now?

[T/N: Well, in this context Ai Fu was expecting that RS is someone that is his equal or a smart guy like him since his previous deduction where RS would meet them at the entrance didn’t go as he intended.]

               “Ren Sheng, wait a minute.” Ai Li didn’t think as much as Ai Fu and directly stopped him.

               “Do you need something?” Ren Sheng looked at the other person curiously. Ai Li felt like there was fire directed at her. Just by being close to him, she felt uncomfortable.

               Before, Zhao Lingyu seemed to give off the same energy. Just being close to him, she felt like she was being roasted.

               “Hello, I always wanted to meet you to thank you for standing by the Marshal’s side and for your willingness to take care of him.” Ai Li solemnly thanked him and took out a small magnetic storage card: “This is the present I prepared for you.”

               “Oh, thank you.” Ren Sheng took the magnetic card and jumped away. He knew about this magnetic card. There were cartoons inside!

               “What did you gave him Ai Li?” Wu Shuai asked in bewilderment.

               “My collection of videos.” Ai Li’s face was full of pride.

               “It shouldn’t be the 18+ banned videos, right?” Wu Shuai laughed annoyingly.

               He was really flattened and Ai Li kicked him on his leg: “You pervert. Those are the Marshal’s videos!”

               “Hurry up!” The old butler said with a cold face.

               Mr. Butler had always been amicable. What just happened? Ai Fu had always been smart, but at this moment, he couldn’t understand what was happening – they didn’t do anything wrong, right?

               Regardless of these five people, the old butler suddenly started walking quickly. He was now full of strength, however…he could still have diarrhea.

               Zhao Lingyu’s men now stood in front of Zhao Lingyu. While the butler went straight to the toilet, Ren Sheng inserted the magnetic card into his handheld computer, expecting to watch cartoons.

               However, what appeared were not the cartoons he was expecting. Instead, they were videos of Zhao Lingyu.

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