In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure Chapter 18.1

Chapter 18.1: The Little Ginseng is crying

Translated by Roia at

Proofread by Fox23

Ren Sheng loved watching cartoons, but no matter how good they looked, they couldn’t compare to Zhao Lingyu.

               When he woke up in this completely strange world, Ren Sheng didn’t have any sense of belonging until he met Zhao Lingyu. He felt like he had rooted in this place. In this world, Zhao Lingyu was his most important person.

               As soon as he saw Zhao Lingyu appeared in the video, Ren Sheng couldn’t help but watch it with full concentration.

               The beginning of the video was Zhao Lingyu, a little younger and a bit shorter than he is now. He wore a neat looking uniform. He was just admitted to the First Military Academy with the highest score. He stood at the podium and swore his oath expressionlessly.

               Then there was a video of Zhao Lingyu at his training. He was clearly sweating but he continued to do the basic movements with firm resolution.

               After that was the scene when he joined the army.

               At the age of twenty, Zhao Lingyu graduated from the military in advance, but he didn’t enter the army directly as an officer. Instead, he concealed his identity and became an ordinary soldier. When Zhao Peng had an accident, he was already a Major and then he became the youngest General in the Federation.

               All of this was undoubtedly accompanied with battles and injuries.

               In fact, Ren Sheng could not understand many of these things, but he could see all the battle scenes. He could recognize that the person in the video was Zhao Lingyu.

               He always knew that Zhao Lingyu was a very powerful man. However, he just became aware of that fact and had yet to see it with his own eyes. In fact, he somewhat felt it. But now, he could see it all.

               The video edited was neither short nor too long. At the end of the video, there appeared a scene where Zhao Lingyu was fighting against the Zerg Queen.

               When he decided to do it himself, Zhao Lingyu didn’t show any expression and his eyes were firm. Ren Sheng believes that even if he was inside the Zerg Queen’s stomach, his eyes wouldn’t waver.

               While Ren Sheng was watching, he couldn’t understand why he felt like crying. His heart felt bitter.

               He had been hurt by the scattered energy around Zhao Lingyu before. He remembered that his eyes were red that time, but his tears just stayed in his eyes and didn’t fall. However, this time was different. He couldn’t stop his tears from falling.

               Ren Sheng was shocked that his tears flowed down to his chin. He immediately found a cup with half a glass of water inside and let his tears flow into it.

               Just like his blood, his tears were also ginseng juice. If he didn’t receive an abundance of energy recently, he might not be able to cry just because he felt like crying…

               “Ah Ren, what are you watching? Why is your eyes so red?” Shen Qiushi saw Ren Sheng and hurriedly went towards him.

                              “Ling Yu…” Ren Sheng sobbed for a while and tried hard to held back his tears – Zhao Lingyu never cried no matter how dangerous his situation was nor how much pain he received.

               When she went close to Ren Sheng, she once again smelled the scent of herbal medicine. It wasn’t really fragrant. It smelled like something from a tree, something she couldn’t identify. However, this kind of scent was something that people wanted to smell…She glanced on the TV screen and saw that the video was focused on the Zerg Queen. Shen Qiushi faintly smiled: “Are you watching Ling Yu’s video? This circulated within the whole Federation. Ling Yu is really popular right now.”

               “En.” Ren Sheng nodded casually. Suddenly, he wanted to see Ling Yu: “Auntie, I want to see Ling Yu.”

               “Well, go on and see him. His subordinates are also there. You should also get acquainted with them.” Shen Qiushi said.

               Ren Sheng immediately stood up and ran two steps before he suddenly turned around and handed the cup of water in his hand to Shen Qiushi: “Auntie, I’ll give this to you. You must drink this.” The butler was only an ordinary person and he couldn’t drink too much supplement. Zhao Peng’s two ginseng seeds were far better than his tears. It wasn’t useful for him to drink this. It was better to just give it to Shen Qiushi.

               One should know that Shen Qiushi probably had some old wounds in her body.

               Shen Qiushi was confused about the water in her hand. However, she still drank it just like what the butler did. After drinking it, she immediately noticed something wrong.

               The abilities of the Zhao family were too domineering. Once Zhao Lingyu was born, her wind ability was damaged. After that, she couldn’t strengthen it anymore. However, after drinking this water, the power core which remained stagnant for years started to loosen up.

                 Of course, this feeling was very subtle. She wouldn’t have been able to notice this change and pay attention to it if she didn’t think that the taste of the water was a bit strange. This feeling was quickly replaced by another feeling.

               She suddenly had a diarrhea.

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