In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure Chapter 18.2

Chapter 18.2: The Little Ginseng is crying

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               While Ren Sheng was watching his video, Zhao Lingyu already met his subordinates.

               At first, he thought he was going to die. He knew that these people wouldn’t have a good future with him, so he drove them away. But now, his attitude had changed.

               Although it was still unknown whether he could recover, his father was already healed. Naturally, the Zhao family wouldn’t perish.

               “Marshal!” As soon as Hong Zhong was near, he started to shout. His pair of big bell-like eyes were red and filled with excitement.

               “Marshal!” The other’s voices were also trembling.

               Although Zhao Lingyu was still not able to move much, he already improved a lot. His room now could have a door. He also wore protective clothing, no longer needing to be naked.

               Of course, if Ren Sheng came, he would be stripped in a minute, and could only keep his pants at most.

               Ren Sheng’s circumstances was really suspicious. He didn’t have an inkling of what was going on…He once wanted to collect his hair sample to test it, but he thought that doing such a sneaky action might make Ren Sheng unhappy. Also, if he did found out a special circumstance and it leaked out, it would be harmful for Ren Sheng. So, he gave up.

               He took out those conflicting thoughts. Zhao Lingyu didn’t waste time communicating with his subordinates and went straight to the point: “At that time, who hindered our plans? Did you find out?”

               When the Zerg Queen entered the Human Federation, they didn’t receive news until it swallowed several resource star which, while unsuitable for living, were heavily guarded and it even went close to the dream star. Not only that, once they received the news, they found out that their newly added weapons had problems.

               If they only found out earlier that the Zerg Queen was near, they could have used the interplanetary bombs to deal with the Zerg Queen. Even though it wouldn’t kill the Zerg Queen, for the sake of the Zerg’s reproduction, she would had made a detour.

               However, he received the news about the Zerg Queen two days later. Also, after he led the army to stop the Zerg Queen, he found out that the weapons were insufficient…

               He became the federation’s hero once the battle had ended. But in fact, countless men had already died before him and even if those people managed to injure the Zerg Queen or even if their power were several times stronger, they couldn’t disintegrate the Zerg Queen’s energy core.

               At that time, Zhao Lingyu already noticed something wrong. However, if at that time he personally investigated it, he would only tire himself. He could only hold down the fort and let his five subordinates to investigate it quietly.

               At that time, he only wanted these people to protect themselves. He always thought that he would die and wouldn’t be able to see the outcome. However, Ren Sheng changed everything.

               “Marshal, the Locke and Yang family had done some underhanded tricks in this matter. One did something to the newly added weapons and the other one delayed the news for two days…I’m afraid they just want to give us some trouble and together they…”

               There were two major regiments inside the federation. One was under the control of the Zhao family and the other one was controlled by the Yang family. These two had always been at odds with each other. However, the Locke family, whether it was the Zhao or the Yang family, did not deal with any of them.

               Ai Fu had already reported all the information he managed to collect and also of the people who were involved in this case.

               “Ai Fu, I need to recover the soon as possible. During this time, you have to manage the army and give them some trouble. It’s best if they don’t have time to pay attention to me.” Zhao Lingyu went silent for a long time. The most important thing right now, either for him or his father, was buying more time.

               “Marshal, I’ll make sure to finish this task!” Ai Fu immediately said.

               “Marshal, Ai Fu is known as Fox. He will not let you down.” Wu Shuai interjected, and asked: “Marshal, what are we going to do now?”

               Although Ai Fu had no abilities, he was smart and cunning. And so, he was nickname as Fox. Zhao Lingyu always thought that his nickname was normal. However, now, somehow, as he remembered the fox costume that Ren Sheng loved wearing these past few days.

               Was this nickname really suitable for Ai Fu?

               Zhao Lingyu rarely shook his head, and the next second, the person responsible for him shaking his head suddenly appeared.

               When Ai Fu and the others felt someone quickly approaching, they immediately went on guard. However, they couldn’t stop this figure. What shocked them even more was that once this figure was close, he grabbed the arm of their wise and powerful Marshal and sobbed, and their Marshal who always had a blank expression suddenly showed a helpless expression.

               What was going on? Did Marshal do something wrong to felt sorry for this person?

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    Read all the chapters today. Thank you for continuing the translation. ?

    The diarrhea is probably getting impurities out right? It’ll be funny if they just couldn’t handle it and really have upset stomach ? maybe ren ren need to wash his hands twice and give the third one to drink so the water is clean.