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No translation experience is required.

Practice makes perfect and all translators had to start from somewhere – we just ask that you have, at minimum, conversational English skills and a willingness to use multiple dictionaries/translation resources when needed.

*Note that you may be removed if found to be posting pure mtl or posting work so poorly done that it looks like pure mtl.

No requirements on update frequency.

Real life comes first. Quality comes before quantity. That said, you will be removed from the group if you are inactive (not updating or chatting in the Foxaholic Discord) for 3+ months. Just warn the boss (Fox23) if you need to take a long-term leave, and you will be considered still active.

You are allowed to split chapters into chapters parts for only chapters over 2k characters. No, not chapters with almost 2,000 words; chapters with at least 2,000 words.

Renumbering chapters is not allowed either. Name your chapter parts as “Chapter 1 part 1″ and Chapter 1 part 2” (or any variation you would like); do not rename “Chapter 1 part 2” as “Chapter 2”.

You will also have access to post to the site yourself. Don’t worry, you will be given detailed guide (with pictures) on how to post to the site! (The table of contents, previous and next buttons are all auto-generated, so posting is effortless.)

We are open to (almost) all Asian Webnovels!

Restrictions: no Korean novels from the publishers Kakao originals, Naver, Munpia, Daon Media, Maya&Maru, D&C; no licensed novels; nothing that has/had been picked up by Webnovel; and no poached projects.

If you pick up a project that has been dropped by the previous translator, ensure that either it has been 3+ months since the last update or the previous translator had explicitly stated that they had dropped the project.

You can earn money from your translations.

From your translations, you will earn ad revenue, calculated based on your pageviews. You may also opt into the coin system on Foxaholic 18 where advanced chapters can be locked behind said coin system, priced at your discretion.

You are also highly recommended to post your personal ko-fi buttons, share your patreon account, etc..

Available payment methods: Paypal, Paypal Xoom, Wise, or Discord nitro.


Everyone is welcome to apply!

Ready to apply? Fill out the application form!

(Make sure to state what language(s) you are interested in translating.)


To apply, please join the Foxaholic Discord server and DM @Daed#8252 for the editor or proofreader exam.


Q: What is the difference between editor and proofreader positions?

A: Editing involves a proactive editor making changes and suggestions that will improve the overall quality of the translation, particularly in relation to language use and expression. Editing will make expression clear and the overall readability of the translation enhanced. This may require rewriting entire paragraphs and sentences to improve the quality. Editing also involves the ‘proofreading’ of the chapter, with spelling, grammar and other language errors eliminated.

Proofreading is the process of correcting surface errors in writing, such as grammatical, spelling, punctuation and other language mistakes.

(Definitions pulled from

Q: Should I take the editor or proofreader exam? How does the exam work?

A: You may take an exam for either the proofreader or editor exam. If you have no particular preference, we would recommend you take the editor exam as the proofreader role is a possible result. A proofreader exam will not grant someone with editor-level of skills the editor role.

The editor exam is comprised of a ~500 word sample excerpt of real unedited English translations (sometimes machine translations) of Foxaholic projects. It is shared to you as a Google doc with commenting permissions. You will be given instructions and guidelines with your exam. There is a one (1) month time limit. Your exam will be evaluated by our editor/pr examiners.

Q: How does the editor/proofreader position work?

A: Foxaholic does not assign editors to translators; rather, there’s a job posting board for translators in need of editors/proofreaders and approved editors/proofreaders can apply from there. Since Foxaholic translators translate at very very different speeds, your schedule will depend on the translator(s) leading the project.


Please note that the editor/proofreader position is voluntary by default unless otherwise specified by the translator.

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Foxaholic is now accepting original novels, so consider joining Foxaholic!

We have no requirements on update schedule; we only request that your work be an original, not fanfiction, and that your novel has good English.

As original novels usually have low traffic, we are unable to offer any ad revenue to authors with 2 exceptions: 1. you opt into the coin system and 2. your project does manage to be the exception to the low traffic rule and you continue to post regularly.

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