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Just want to be with You – Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

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When the two of them separated, they were both panting. Liang Yin’s eyes were dazed while Zhou Jianchen’s face was flushed too.

Zhou Jianchen didn’t sit back immediately, but looked at Liang Yin, who was well within reach, with tenderness in his eyes and a smile on his face. Still leaning on the backrest, Liang Yin also looked at him with a heaving chest and a face full of bashfulness.

He had kissed deeply while she dodged all the way, when she finally could only tilt her head in response after there was no way to retreat. The lips and teeth kept intertwined, and all the whimpering were swallowed until she felt light-headed.

They were only less than half a foot apart and Zhou Jianchen smiled again suddenly then said, “Call Brother Chen.”

She had called him ‘Zhou Jianchen’ over and over again just now, with a pleading and provocative quivering which caused him to lose control several times. Thinking back now, he only wanted her to call him, “Brother Chen.”

Recalling how she appeared just now, Liang Yin felt even more bashful and seeing that he still wanted to tease her, she just pushed against his chest and whispered, “No.” Saying that, she shrank back again. He was too close that she eventually felt he might do it again at any time.

Zhou Jianchen laughed even more pleasantly and sensed her intention, so he unexpectedly lowered his head and pecked her on the mouth.

Caught off guard, Liang Yin hurriedly covered her lips once she reacted, “Don’t do it again.” Her lips were a little sore from the kiss.

Feeling a little reluctant, Zhou Jianchen could only grasp and kiss the back of her hand when he saw her closely guarded appearance. He then let go of his restraints to sit back straight, “Okay, won’t do it again.”

Her lips were a fatal attraction to him that he couldn’t stop and wished he could just keep on kissing.

Seeing that he obeyed, Liang Yin also sat up straight and all the light-headedness calmed down a little yet she felt somewhat embarrassed. They were just like those eighteen or nineteen-year-olds kids who were in love, with him fooling around while she followed him too.

Looking at the time, it was almost 8 o’clock and the kiss just now lasted for more than 10 minutes …

She sighed at her own absurdity and afraid that he would go back too late, she said, “It’s late, I’ll go up first.”

Staying here, she was afraid there would be another ‘incident’.

Zhou Jianchen glanced at his cellphone, “It’s not even 8 o’clock yet.”

Liang Yin looked at him, blinked and replied, “But I’m a little tired.”

Seeing that she looked really rather tired, Zhou Jianchen then softened. She did get up at 5 o’clock again this morning and the filming today was also quite intense.

But his heart was still reluctant to let her go ah.

Not wanting to let her go yet didn’t dare to let her stay, he was at a loss after dwelling over and over again that it turned into a sigh out of his mouth.

“Then let me hug you again.” In the end, he could only say so.

Seeing he spread out both arms, Liang Yin also reached out to hug him.

Zhou Jianchen hugged her tightly and buried his head in the crook of her neck. Cowering instantly, Liang Yin then quickly spoke, “We’ll be able to see each other again tomorrow.”

He was really like a child, who didn’t say a word but full of grievances.

Zhou Jianchen sighed again. Although he could see her tomorrow, they were surrounded by people.

For the first time, he felt that their time was short and he wished that this moment could last forever.

Liang Yin patted him and let go of him, “Okay, you need to get some rest too.”

Zhou Jianchen still didn’t speak, but buried his head and zipped up her down jacket. Her down jacket was precisely unzipped when she got out of the car just now.

It was a half-length down jacket. With the zipper pulled all the way up, there was a pause at the chest before it was quickly pulled up to the neck.

“Don’t catch a cold.” He said sullenly.

Though Liang Yin is very thin, her chest is nevertheless a full C-cup. Wearing a tight dark green shirt inside, her curve was particularly elaborated.

“En.” Liang Yin responded and warmth welled up in her heart watching him zipped up for her.

Why is he so good.

“I’ll get off then.” She turned around to pull the armrest when she turned her head again and said.

“En.” Nodded but nevertheless with difficulty, Zhou Jianchen’s eyes were full of reluctance.

Seeing that, Liang Yin pondered for a moment then unexpectedly leaned over and kissed the side of his lips before she then turned around to open the car door.

“Good night then.” She smiled and closed the car door with eyes full of laughter.

Watching this, Zhou Jianchen was dumbstruck on the spot and touched the side of his mouth where she had just kissed. He wanted to get angry, instead he laughed out loud and took out his cellphone to send a message, “Come back if you are ballsy enough.”

Her guts were truly big to run away after teasing him.

Liang Yin laughed too seeing the message then glanced at him and immediately just replied, “See you tomorrow ~”

Zhou Jianchen looked at her, and couldn’t help but slam the steering wheel.

__ Don’t think he could fall asleep tonight!

Going up the elevator, Liang Yin ran into the assistant director and the others.

“Eh, Yinyin, did you just return, why are you so happy?” The assistant director asked.

She had a smile on her face and her eyes were even brighter and moving.

Restraining herself, Liang Yin replied, “Eh, just texting a friend.”

Mentioning ‘a friend’, her heart hesitated again.

Zhou Jianchen, is now considered her boyfriend?

Thinking of this inwardly, her eyes couldn’t help but reveal the smile that she held back initially.


Liang Yin got up early again the next day and Zhou Jianchen had already sent a screen full of ‘Miss you’ messages. Looking closely, there were even messages sent in the middle of the night, which were still ‘Miss you”.

Really a night owl.

By the time she was ready and got into the car, Liang Yin turned on Weibo again. Sure enough, there was a post on Weibo in the wee hours last night.

Zhou Jianchen: Can’t fall asleep tonight.

Truly wished he could announce it to the world.

Pondering over it, Liang Yin commented ‘Night Owl’.

This was the first time she commented on his Weibo and she presumed it would soon disappear in the tide of commentary.

The comments under this Weibo were already over hundreds of thousands, except for those who wondered if ‘Brother Chen actually has insomnia’ and those who wondered ‘Why Brother Chen can’t fall asleep’ and those who coincidently ‘Unable to fall asleep like Brother Chen’, this was the continuation of the previous post. People were still concerned about his injury and likewise, they were still interested in ‘Why is Brother Chen so happy.’

Fortunately, Zhou Jianchen did not respond.

Browsing through the homepage, the topic of Qiao Shan was actually still there and it had become increasingly intense. So much so that, even her previous look in school and all her past misdeeds were tattled out too.

Liang Yin was still somewhat surprised, but seeing that she was about to arrive at the shooting site, she just stopped browsing and exited Weibo.

As she had chatted again with Zhou Jianchen for a while last night, she didn’t have time to fully memorize today’s script lines.

And she had paragraphs and paragraphs of dialogues today.

Sitting on the hospital bed, Zhou Jianchen was browsing Weibo and the sky was still dark, but he couldn’t sleep anymore. Feeling exhilarated, he just wanted the time to pass more quickly so he could rush back to the shooting site after finishing the two bottles of IV drip.

Suddenly, he saw a comment.

Night owl?

Looking at the profile picture, his brows furrowed slightly.

It was an overseas account with merely thousands of fans, yet followed many people. In addition to a few directors and film producers in the entertainment industry, there were several veteran actors/actresses while he and Rong Xin were actually amongst them; apart from that, was a series of popular science and academic articles, each of which was well-known presence in the industry that covered a wide range of fields, including international, economics, Spanish, photography, Chinese studies, painting, sculpture, even medicine, geography and astronomy. She even followed the official accounts such as the Communist Youth League and even a few non-profit organizations.

There were not many Weibo posts and the frequency was about one or two a month. Except for sharing public welfare activities and some political viewpoints on Weibo, there was some ordinary but practical stuff. There were also some self-taken photos, which nevertheless were all landscape and still-life images and periodically people, who were all pedestrians in passing or foreign children with smiling faces. There was also a photo of an old yet gentlemanly foreign man in a well-ironed suit, holding a walking stick and standing on a spacious lawn.

Appearing exceedingly like the former century.

There isn’t a single photo of herself.

Zhou Jianchen browsed through one after another, with a smile in his eyes.

The profile picture was the sideway view of a woman in a while dress standing barefoot on the beach with her hair covering her face, yet he recognized who she was at a glance.

Pondering about it, he tapped to follow.

He will deem the loser if he has followed wrongly.

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