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Just want to be with You – Chapter 37.1

Translator: Oinkoink

Chapter 37.1

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After getting ready, Liang Yin threw herself into filming at once.

She was acting opposite a veteran actor today and it was an intense scene. He just joined the set yesterday and acted the role of her handler, who, after learning that her identity was nearly exposed, infiltrated Shanghai to arrange her safe retreat. She was a major chess piece that must not be lost. Now that an important intelligent agent in the north had been arrested, they were badly in need of a highly intelligent agent who could speak foreign languages and coding to sneak in to continue the commencement of work.

In the dance hall, Xu Mengbai just returned to the sofa area after a lively dance with the HSBC president’s son.

Several people were sitting on the sofa, but Xu Mengbai didn’t even look at them. She merely took a drink from the waiter, muttered “I’m exhausted”, collapsed onto the soft sofa and emptied the drink. Her qipao’s slit was agape, revealing her delicately slender thigh that somewhat elicited stupefaction gaze of the men sitting there. Though it was swaddled in a layer of silk stockings, in their eyes it was as if bared.

The bank’s young master coughed with slight disapproval, but Xu Mengbai took no notice and instead stretched her leg even longer. Did he think he would surely eat her up after only a few dances? Who cares about him!

Typically spoiled and arrogant.

The chairman of Wanshanghui regained his senses first as he smiled and flattered, “Miss Mengbai is indeed becoming more and more charming. Let me make an introduction. This is Mr. Du Mingyue, the general manager of Nanyang Allied Company, who has just returned to Shanghai.”

Xu Mengbai glanced up and saw a man in his thirties sitting in front of her on the right, who appeared unremarkable, yet was looking at her with contemplation.

He looked like a hunter who had come across his prey.

Seeing her looking over, the corners of his mouth hooked up, “I have long heard of Miss Xu’s good name and seeing is believing.” Saying that, he raised the wine glass in his hand and swirled it.

Glancing at him, Xu Mengbai picked up a wine glass on the table and emptied it.

At this moment, the music started again, Du Mingyue put his wine glass down and extended his hand in an inviting gesture, “I wonder if I can ask Miss Mengbai for a dance?” There was a smile on the corners of his smile but it was full of antagonism.  

Xu Mengbai snickered, then really placed her hand into his and stood up.

This kind of man she has seen a lot over the years, who thinks he can catch her like this?

It was simply for the reputation of ‘Nanyang Allied Company’ only.

The frontline was in dire need of medicines and the goods were detained once it entered the port recently. She was torn with anxiety when she learned of it, but there was nothing she could do, then she remembered that this Nanyang Allied Company was also into pharmaceutical trading.

The two people had arrived on the dance floor and it was the song ‘Shanghai’s Night’. Xu Mengbai put her hand on his shoulder and her footsteps were effortless, but she was planning on how to snag this connection without a trace. Just as she was reckoning, the hand on her waist tightened unexpectedly and her whole person just leaned against Du Mingyue.

Xu Mengbai frowned and wanted to raise her head, but Du Mingyue held her even tighter and leaned his head over her shoulder, “Don’t move, I’m The Swindler.”

Xu Mengbai’s heart skipped a beat as she listened.

The Swindler, her higher level coalition.

She soon struggled slightly free and rebuked, “Mr. Du, please focus, what’s a swindler or not a swindler.”

Her cautiousness couldn’t be blamed. During this time, Zhou Zhaozong had loomed in too persistently thus she couldn’t be sure if this was specially arranged by him to trick her.

Du Mingyue smiled yet added another sentence, “Although in darkness, the true intention is abided.”

Xu Mengbai was stunned hearing that. When she first took the undercover job, she chose the code name ‘Moke’.

This ‘Moke’ was not the literati, rather the ‘Moke’ who lurked in darkness. The direct handler who dispatched her at that time said – “I hope you will abide by your true intention although you are in darkness.”

That direct handler had already laid down his life and the only one now who would know these words apart herself could only be ‘The Swindler’, an extremely mysterious undercover who took over her case …

“Cut!” On the side, Chen Hua’en shouted stop and the scene concluded.

Liang Yin pulled away instantly and withdrew the hand on Song Jingming’s shoulder. She then smiled and said, “Teacher Song has worked hard.”

Song Jingming, who played the role of Du Mingyue, is the Film Academy’s script-line teacher, whose acting is superb too and his few filmings in the morning were basically all done in one take.

Song Jingming smiled warmly, “Teacher Liang has also worked hard.”

Liang Yin dared not take the honor yet didn’t know what to say, so she merely said, “You can just call me Liang Yin.”

Song Jingming had even taught Ruona a few lessons at the academy.

Xiao Tian had already draped on her clothes and whispered, “Brother Chen is back.”

Liang Yin turned her head and saw that Zhou Jianchen had indeed sat in his seat and was looking at her with a smile yet not a smile on his face.

Seeing the cellphone in his hand, Liang Yin felt her heart trembling and she took out her own cellphone from the pocket for a look, and sure enough, he had sent a WeChat message.

“Just busy talking to others and don’t even look at me.”

Full of jealousy.

Liang Yin laughed in spite of herself and glanced at him. She merely walked back and replied, “When did you come back?”

“It’s been a while!” Zhou Jianchen texted over again and was still discontented. He had indeed been back since the part where they entered the dance floor.

He was not really jealous of Song Jingming, but he had been back for so long and Liang Yin didn’t even notice. It was really futile of him to rush back so early, she was truly heartless.

“Yo, Jianchen is back!” At this time, Du Yafu saw him too after he was done with his work. He couldn’t help but smile and greet him.

“Jianchen is back.” Even Chen Hua’en said so after catching sight of him.

Others also kept calling out ‘Brother Chen’ ‘Brother Chen’.

Everyone was busy filming just now. Since Zhou Jianchen came back quietly, no one noticed him except those few on the side.

Zhou Jianchen responded to each of them and even to Song Jingming who came over to greet him.

He has collaborated several movies with Song Jingming, but he is from the academic group and is somewhat aloof, thus they are not in the same league.

After returning to her seat, Liang Yin sent another message, “Look, no one saw you.” He shouldn’t blame her.

Once she looked up, she felt powerless again.

His original seat was at the left rear, which was three or four meters away from her. But it had somehow moved over now and was only less than two meters away.

Moved over so close and who did it, which was pretty obvious.

Zhou Jianchen also glanced at her with the look ‘I just did it, so what can you do with me.’

“Brother Chen.” Liang Yin ignored him and called him like everyone else.

Since he was her ‘savior’, she had to greet him. She used to call him ‘Zhou Jianchen’ directly, but now she eventually felt a little strange.

Zhou Jianchen texted back at the same time, “I don’t care, you have to comfort me anyway.” It was others’ business if they didn’t see him, but it was precisely her fault for not noticing him.

He almost choked again just listening to the words ‘Brother Chen’.

“That doesn’t count ah!” He texted back hastily.

She refused when he asked her to call him that last night, but today she happily called out like everyone else. He really wanted to toss her around properly.

“Yo, Our Yinyin called out Brother Chen too!” Du Yafu actually laughed when he heard that.

Liang Yin felt annoyed yet laughable too, and was indeed helpless. Since the two people had confirmed their relationship, she noticed that he was becoming more and more roguish. Yet she just ignored him and put down her cellphone to respond to Du Yafu’s words, “He saved me, so it’s only right to call him ‘Brother Chen’”.

“That’s true. Yinyin, you have to thank Jianchen properly ah.” Du Yafu added. The scene that day was really scary.

Before Liang Yin could respond, the cellphone vibrated again. When she picked up to look at it, Zhou Jianchen had sent another message, “Why don’t you call me ‘Husband’?”

Liang Yin’s face flushed up instantly and glanced at Zhou Jianchen, who looked at her with a provocative and teasing look.

“I’m going to read the script first.” Liang Yin was really at a loss. Fearing of being caught, she could only sit down and pick up the script.

But her face was already flushed up.

Persisting for a while, she still picked up her cellphone and texted back, “You ah!”

When had he ever talked so much obscenity?

She soon added, “I won’t talk to you anymore, it’s affecting my acting.”

She still has another scene to shoot with Song Jingming.

Looking at it, the smile in Zhou Jianchen’s became more ardent, which he held back as he chatted with Du Yafu besides him.

Just as she was engrossed with the script, Song Jingming pulled a chair over and sat down, “Liang Yin, let’s also rehearse the next scene then.”

Startled, Liang Yin glanced at Zhou Jianchen subconsciously and quickly replied, “Okay.”

Sitting by the side, Song Jingming was blocking Zhou Jianchen.

Song Jingming is someone who strives for perfection and pays particular attention to the script-lines. They had done it more than once this morning. Except Zhou Jianchen was not around at that time, now …

Liang Yin didn’t know what Zhou Jianchen would think, but now she could only continue to rehearse the script.

Zhou Jianchen was talking with the Script Supervisor about the afternoon filming content, thus when he turned around, he saw Song Jingming and Liang Yin sitting together.

His gaze changed instantly.

Originally he wasn’t jealous of Song Jingming, but now he somewhat really felt it.


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