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Just want to be with You – Chapter 37.2

Translator: Oinkoink

Chapter 37.2

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The filming afterwards still revolved around Xu Mengbai and Du Mingyue, while Zhou Zhaozong’s scenes were scheduled in the afternoon.

Hence, Zhou Jianchen could only sit in the shooting site and watch Song Jingming keep acting with Liang Yin. Watching Song Jingming and Liang Yin dancing on the dance floor, looking at Song Jingming put his arm around Liang Yin’s waist and seeing Song Jingming leaned on Liang Yin’s shoulder …

It was simply impossible to watch anymore.

Song Jingming’s acting skills are really good, natural and spontaneous without a fault, but Zhou Jianchen felt upset ah.

As it happened, Liang Yin didn’t even glance at him again and only devoted in the role.


It was not easy to endure until the morning’s filming was over and it was already 12 o’clock. The set supervisor began to distribute lunch boxes and Xiao Tian also accepted for Liang Yin.

As Liang Yin was eating, she felt her chair being kicked suddenly. Turning her head to look, Zhou Jianchen was indeed standing behind her.

Liang Yin was a little speechless, but Zhou Jianchen pulled another chair over and sat down, “Teacher Liang, let’s also rehearse our script-lines ah.” He spoke in all seriousness and even had a script in his hand.

Liang Yin really wished she could stomp on him. How can there be such an awful person? Burying her head in the lunch box, Xiao Tian almost laughed out loud.

“Have you eaten?” Liang Yin held back and asked. He had already put on his makeup.

“Yea, there’s nothing delicious.” Zhou Jianchen replied then looked up and said, “Teacher Liang, you eat and finish your meal first then rehearse with me.”

He was still full of enthusiasm.

“Zhou Jianchen!” Liang Yin hissed softly through gritted teeth.

Zhou Jianchen however was even more rascal, “Teacher Liang does not call out ‘Brother Chen’ now?”

After a pause, he leaned closer to her, “It does not matter if you don’t call out Brother Chen … “

‘Swoop’ all of a sudden, Liang Yin’s face flushed up again.

__  He saved my life, it’s only right to call him ‘Brother Chen’.

__ Why don’t you call me ‘Husband’?

“I really can’t act anymore if you keep doing this!” Liang Yin glared at him, except the potency of this glance was too weak.

Zhou Jianchen finally couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “Who told you to ignore me.” Looking at her and full of grievances.

Looking at him like this, Liang Yin’s previously gnashed teeth with contempt was now powerless all at once. She really can’t do anything about him.

“Liang Yin.” At this moment, Chen Hua’en suddenly called out her name. Liang Yin looked up instinctively and froze.

Next to Chen Hua’en stood a medium built and unobtrusive person in a down jacket, black sweatpants and a cap, who was looking at her with a smile and who undoubtedly was Zhong Jianian.

“Yinyin.” Zhong Jianian waved happily at her when he saw her.

Liang Yin looked at Zhong Jianian, then at Zhou Jianchen and replied after quite a while, “I’ll go over there first ah.” Zhong Jianian did say he would come today, but she didn’t expect it to be so sudden.

Zhou Jianchen had also noticed Zhong Jianian and saw the obvious changes of Liang Yin’s expression, but he only responded, “En.”

Liang Yin had already walked over and Xiao Tian also followed in wake. Along the way, they naturally attracted a lot of attention. There were some who knew Zhong Jianian while others didn’t, yet it didn’t hamper their curiosities about the person who would come to look for Film Empress Liang.

“Who is this person ah?” Zhou Jianchen moved his chair back and asked the director of photography who was adjusting the camera lens on the side.

That person seemed to be well-acquainted with Director Chen. The director of photography and Director Chen are long-time associates, so he should know.

The director of photography looked up and said, “Oh, he ah, Boss Zhong, Director Chen’s friend.”

Zhou Jianchen knew as soon as he heard this. Chen Hua’en has a good friend named Zhong Jianian and those who are in the circle know it too. This person loves to invest and will invest whatever that makes money. He alone invested 60 million in this film and StarLight had also invested 150 million. He had heard of this person, but had never met him and it corresponded when he heard the surname Zhong.

Yet hearing the surname Zhong and seeing him coming to find Liang Yin, he could roughly guess who he was.

A member of the Zhong family …

That year Liang Yin came out of nowhere and everyone was curious about her background. Chen Hua’en merely stated that she was a junior member of a friend’s family whom he met by chance.

This friend should be the Zhong family.

LIang Yin had already walked up to Zhong Jianian and called out “Little Uncle”.

Zhong Jianian sized her up and down, “Why do I feel that Yinyin has lost weight? I said Old Chen, did you mistreat my Yinyin?”

“Scram.” Chen Hua’en did not even look at him yet he couldn’t help but blasphemed out the foul word.

Only best friends can be like this.

Zhong Jianian laughed out ‘ha ha’ and yelled out again, “Go, go, let’s go eat first. Driving all the way here, I’m starving to death.”

“I’m not free. You go with Yinyin.” Chen Hua’en said again.

“You old tortoise, it’s rare for me to come here once!”

“I begged you to come?”

“Heyo, okay. I’m indeed not here for you. Let’s go, Yinyin, we’ll go have our meal.” Saying that, Zhong Jianian motioned for Liang Yin to leave with him.

Liang Yin, however, hesitated a little.

“Go ahead. It’s okay, I’ll just rearrange the scene.” Chen Hua’en said.

Zhong Jianian urged impatiently again, “Go, go, go. Don’t eat whatever lousy lunch boxes that make you lose weight. I happened to have something to tell you.” Saying that, he just went out.

Liang Yin could only catch up seeing that. She, however, did turn back to glance at Zhou Jianchen who was also looking at her with an illegible gaze.

Xiao Tian followed too. Getting into the car, she was still the one driving. Zhong Jianian has no tender feelings for the fairer sex and is never lenient in training the little girl. He had driven enough the whole morning too.

Zhong Jianian sat in the front passenger seat and in the back, Liang Yin sent a message to Zhou Jianchen, “It’s my Little Uncle who is here and I’m having lunch with him.”

Zhou Jianchen texted back very quickly, “Okay.”

Liang Yin didn’t say anything else. She didn’t know how to explain the relationship to Zhou Jianchen.

Recalling that her hair was still tied up, she took off the pin and removed the wig on her head. Though Little Uncle can bear hardships, he usually is unwilling to suffer. The place where they eat is certainly not ordinary, thus it’s eventually odd to walk in rashly like this. As for the qipao on her body, fortunately there is a down jacket covering it.

As expected, Zhong Jianian really pointed out and stopped at an upscale restaurant, he then turned around and said, “My friend’s restaurant and tastes pretty good.”

He always has friends all over the world. Liang Yin smiled and just followed him.

Going in through the VIP channel, they didn’t meet anyone along the way and a table full of dishes was served a short while after they entered the private room.

“Yinyin, eat more. It’s all your favorites.” Zhong Jianian said and moved the dishes towards her.

“I’ve already eaten some, Little Uncle, you eat.” Liang Yin merely said.

Zhong Jianian was indeed very hungry and ate ravenously himself after he called out to Xiao Tian.

In a short time, several plates were half empty.

Looking at it, Liang Yin laughed. Zhong Jianian’s appetite has always been very good. The Zhong family stresses on eating slowly. At a family banquet once, Father Zhong was so angry that he left the table in the presence of others and angrily rebuked Zhong Jianian for being unrefined.

Thinking about the Zhong family, Liang Yin held back her smile.

“Little Uncle, you said you wanted to see me for something, what is it?” She then asked.

“Eat first. We’ll talk after we finish.” Zhong Jianian, however, didn’t speak immediately.

After the three of them had eaten, only then did he take out a card from his wallet and hand it to Xiao Tian, “There’s a shopping mall next door. Go buy something for yourself. Oh yes, also buy me a few sets of those thermal underwear and put them in the car. This damn weather is freezing cold.”

This was a furtive way to let Xiao Tian go out. Xiao Tian has long been used to this, hence she took the card and closed the door once she walked out.

Liang Yin realized what Zhong Jianian was going to say wouldn’t be something simple.

As expected, Zhong Jianian opened his mouth after a long while, “Yinyin, how about you remarry Mingzhen?”

Liang Yin raised her head. Although she somewhat expected it, she simply didn’t think it would be something like this.

“Little Uncle … “

“Listen to me ah, this was a misunderstanding all along.” Zhong Jianian, however, interrupted her, “Mingzhen and that person, called Qiao Shan, have no such thing at all!”

Zhong Jianian said what he had learned from Zhong Mingzhen.

That day, he felt strange after hearing Zhong Mingzhen say, “I have no relationship with Qiao Shan” on the phone. So, he put down his work the next day and went to look for him in Shencheng to understand the situation. He finally knew the truth of the matter after lots of questioning and speculation.

“At that time in Seattle, Mingzhen had no affair with Qiao Shan at all. Qiao Shan wanted to get back together, but he refused. As a result, Qiao Shan drugged his wine and he passed out for the night. Qiao Shan took a picture of herself with him and sent it to your phone. When he woke up the next day, Qiao Shan still wanted to seduce him, but Mingzhen ignored her and tried to leave, but that crazy woman ended up throwing his cellphone away when he tried to call you …“

“Mingzhen went back to look for you in the mansion as soon as he knew what had happened. Hearing that you had returned to the country, he came back at once. He wanted to explain at first but seeing that you had made up your mind, he didn’t say anything … “

“Yinyin, Mingzhen has always thought that you don’t love him, thus he agreed to the divorce.”

Liang Yin raised her eyes and her whole person was in disbelief.

“At that time you were still young, he thought you didn’t know anything and married him naively. Then after so many years, he believed you were tired of it. When you asked for a divorce, he had to respect your choice.”

“It’s true, he didn’t spend even a single day with Qiao Shan after that at all. He later found out that you had liked him all this time and really wanted to get you back.”

“When you were reported online at that time, I was unable to stomach it and called him, but he told me he would take care of everything. The result was that he accompanied you to pay respects at the cemetery, took you home and sent you back to the hotel. I was quite puzzled at first, what was the use of him doing so ah. Even if he wanted to crush those rumors, you both have already divorced and there was still a Qiao Shan behind. But now I know he is simply trying to get you back ah!”

“He wanted others to know that you are not some damn abandoned rich wife and both of you are still fine, and you are still the Zhong family’s young mistress!”

“Yinyin, did he propose remarry you at that time?”

“But you rejected?”

“Except me, our Zhong family is really low-key to the point there is no such person in the investigation. Mingzhen would never accept these messy interviews, but that day, he precisely accepted it. Why ah? Only because he simply wanted people to know that even if you are both divorced, it’s all his fault, not yours. He doesn’t want to affect the rest of your life and just wants you to live well. You rejected him, but he still wants to take you into account for the rest of your life.”

“Yinyin, Mingzhen is someone who only takes action, but not words. Yet what he did was always incomprehensible, but his intention is like this and can’t be changed.”

“He does like you. For so many years, he probably didn’t realize it himself. Do you know what I saw when I came home to look for you that day? I saw your marriage and divorce certificates on his table. I was so angry at that time that I didn’t notice, but now that I think about it, why did he put those on the table ah.”

“There is your photo on the marriage certificate!”

“When was that? You both just got divorced and he didn’t even know you liked him!”

“You divorced him two or three months ago, but he never erased the traces of your presence. It’s still the same now like when you were there. I just wondered if he is just waiting for you to come back, as if you never leave … “

“Yinyin, when I saw Mingzhen the day before yesterday, he was obviously much quieter and thinner. He is naturally reserved in temperament, but now, he seems to be at his lowest.”

“Yinyin, you know he is someone excessively calm, too self-possessed and he always restrains himself first in whatever he does. He used to like someone but he later disliked and all his feelings seemed to have numbed, yet everything was long passed when it gradually revived. But Yinyin, I know you like him, so can you give him another chance and start over again?”

“He knows that you’ve loved him for 13 years and he will cherish you in the future.”

“Yinyin, remarry Mingzhen … “

All along, Liang Yin listened silently to Zhong Jianian’s long speeches.

There were tears in her eyes, which were held back bit by bit.

She seemed to see all the past images. Zhong Mingzhen appeared at Jiayuan’s entrance, Zhong Mingzhen asked her “Have you made up your mind?”, Zhong Mingzhen’s appearance at the cemetery and Zhong Mingzhen saying to her, “Yinyin, let’s remarry.”

From the beginning to the end, everything was in sight.

He did ask her to stay, and it was more than once, but she never dared to accept it.

She thought he pitied and sympathized with her, never dared to think that he liked her and was unwilling to let her go.

But does he really like her?

There was a little bitterness at the corner of Liang Yin’s mouth, but it finally just turned into a faint smile as she replied, “Little Uncle, I have someone else already.”

Even if he likes her, everything is already over.

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