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Just want to be with You – Chapter 38.1

Translator: Oinkoink

Chapter 38.1

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Zhong Jianian was dumbstruck, “You … “

How long has it been …

Lowering her head, Liang Yin smiled with no intention to respond.

“He … “ Zhong Jianian wanted to ask “Who is he?”, but thinking about it, he seemed to have come up with an answer, “That Zhou, Zhou Jianchen?”

He seemingly caught sight of them sitting together just now.

“En.” Liang Yin didn’t hide it.

With eyes widened, Zhong Jianian leaned against the back of his chair and he somewhat couldn’t react. Quite a while later, he couldn’t help but ask, “But just how long has it been … “

This has only been two or three months ah. Two or three months, just such a short period of time.

Liang Yin smiled silently.

Two or three months were indeed very short, but it was too long for her. No one knew how she spent her days and nights at first. She forced herself to let go of him and pulled herself bit by bit away from that 13-year affection, as if extracting her bones and stripping her veins that the pain was unbearable.

But she didn’t voice out and just endured it day after day, from sunset to dusk and again from dusk till dawn, telling herself that it would pass soon and everything will soon be over.

It doesn’t matter, everything will be over.

Just like when she was a child.

Once she lost her beloved parents, and now she also lost the man she loved, how hopeless it was.

But she has really held out, no matter how bitter and difficult it was, she has pulled through.

And she is unwilling to go back.

There is something that once it’s over, it is over.

She also really has Zhou Jianchen.

“Yinyin, you have loved Mingzhen for more than 10 years, how can you just let it go.” Zhong Jianian was still unwilling to give up. Leaning against the table to get closer, he simply couldn’t accept it at all.

Even if she has been with him for two or three months, how can it compete with the affection of more than 10 years?

“Little Uncle,” Liang Yin raised her head and met Zhong Jianian’s gaze. With calmness and grief, she said, “It’s exactly because I have loved Mingzhen for more than 10 years that I do not want to continue.”

“I’m really, kind of tired.”

“Mingzhen he doesn’t really love me, he’s just … perhaps used to it. If he really loves me, how could he not know that I have loved him all this time?”

He all along thought that you didn’t love him … what sad words.

How could he not notice if he has a little feeling for her. She had really loved him to the marrow of her bones.

Taking a deep breath, Liang Yin replied, “Little Uncle. Mingzhen and I are no longer possible.” She wanted to smile, but the smile eventually was bitter.

Looking at her determined look, Zhong Jianian frowned with a wavering gaze and wanting to say something, but he didn’t know where to begin. He scratched his head vigorously and finally said, “Don’t tell me that Zhou Jianchen is so good?”

He simply couldn’t believe she would be so heartless. Thirteen years ah, which he had observed bit by bit. He doesn’t believe that she can just say let go and give up like that.

“He is really a very very good person.” Liang Yin replied and the smile on the corners of her mouth became obvious when she thought of him, “Little Uncle, I really want to start afresh.”

“But he is someone in the entertainment industry ah. Everyone in the entertainment circle is fickle. Saying they like you today, perhaps tomorrow they will like someone else, how can you be so assured!” Zhong Jianian is half-foot in the entertainment industry and has long known the inside out of those dubious matters, thus he simply doesn’t trust these people at all.

Liang Yin was somewhat silent listening to him, but then looked up and responded a long while later, “Even if there’s a day he doesn’t like me anymore, I just want to cherish this moment.”

“ ….. “ Zhong Jianian had nothing more to say.

“Little Uncle, if there’s nothing else, let’s go back first.” She had been out long enough.

Looking at her, Zhong Jianian was disappointed and sad. The disappointment was because he thought there’s still time, instead the result turned out to be like this; sad because if Yinyin is really with that Zhou Jianchen, would her heart still stay with the Zhong family … unlikely. If she really starts afresh, how can she still be involved with the Zhong family.

Their Zhong family was eventually short of one more person.

“Go, go, go, go back, all go back!” He felt a little annoyed, yet he just stood up finally, picked up his clothes and went out.

Liang Yin really wanted to say “I’m sorry”, but held back in the end.

LIttle Uncle will not accept it and she doesn’t need to.

These matters are simply difficult to avoid.

Xiao Tian had bought the things and put them in the car. She swiped the card with thoughts. In addition to buying a few sets of thermal underwear and a few pairs of socks for Little Uncle, she also bought one thick down jacket for Liang Yin – Liang Yin loves cleanliness and that white down jacket previously bought by Zhou Jianchen cannot really withstand dirtiness. She also bought a sweater and a pair of pants for herself, the total price did not exceed 2,000.

Getting into the car, Zhong Jianian still sat on the front passenger seat, but he didn’t utter a word. Xiao Tian could feel the oppressive mood and glanced at Liang Yin in the rearview mirror. Seeing her usual expression, she just started the car silently.

Picking up the cellphone and wanting to send Zhou Jianchen a WeChat message, she, however, caught sight of Ruona’s message sent 10 minutes ago: Yinyin, browse Weibo when you are free.

Liang Yin’s heart still once she looked at it.

Her name, once again, was on hot search.

Yesterday, Qiao Shan was exposed as the one who originally reported the explosive news, who not only vilified her but was even the culprit who broke up her marriage. This morning, all her details were dug out. Don’t be fooled by her beautiful glorious appearance on her social media. In fact, she has long been wanton to the core. From the early years, she is already a temptress who has often been involved with various men and frequently having many lovers at the same time. Afterwards, she even wrecked others’ marriages and was willing to be the mistress.

She ruined Film Empress Liang and the head of the Zhong family’s marriage precisely because of her extreme frustration in her failure to change her mistress status, hence she wanted to reconcile with Zhong Mingzhen to redeem herself. Zhong Mingzhen used to be her schoolmate and had once pursued her, but at that time she was excessively fickle-minded and straddled two boats at the same time, when she finally threw herself into another man’s arms and rejected him, and Zhong Mingzhen later married Film Empress Liang.

When Zhong Mingzhen didn’t agree to her reconciliation request, Qiao Shan used the sordid tricks. Putting drugs in the wine, she then took an in-bed photo when he was sleeping and sent it to Film Empress Liang. In the end, Film Empress Liang left broken-heartedly and filed for divorce.

Film Empress Liang married Zhong Mingzhen 5 years ago, but she has loved Zhong Mingzhen for 13 years. She knew that he once liked Qiao Shan, hence she accepted what was in the photo as the truth …

__ By noon, her relationship with Zhong Mingzhen was exposed too.

After the death of her parents, she followed her maternal grandma to the Zhong family; she first entered the entertainment circle as Zhong Mingzhen liked to watch movies; she has been waiting silently since Zhong Mingzhen liked Qiao Shan … all were listed one after another.

It was true that she retired without prior notice because she married into the Zhong family, except it was due to a sudden car accident.

The car accident was also real. She was unconscious at that time and only took a turn for the better after half a year and not much was said because it implicated too many.

Ultimately, it was also for the sake of the Zhong family.

Loving him for 13 years since she was young, but due to Qiao Shan’s wrecking, she finally chose to let go with broken-heartedness and hopelessness.

As Mr. Zhong was busy with few words, she always thought he still had someone else in his heart and had simply never loved her at all over the years.

But Mr. Zhong, too, has indeed wanted to redeem himself …

Once these revelations were disclosed, her name was instantly on hot search.

Everyone knew they had divorced and knew that Zhong Mingzhen was redeeming himself, but no one expected there would be such inside information.

Many matters that were not comprehended before, were now clear.

__ 13 years, how many 13 years does a woman have!

__ I’m dying of heartache. My Goddess, wuwuwu! How can this Qiao Shan be so hateful!

__ I just knew my Goddess is not one who retired without warning! I didn’t support the wrong person! Didn’t support the wrong person!

__ My God, Mr. Zhong, hurry up and get Goddess Liang back. Couldn’t bear this sight of sadness!

__ Mr. Zhong is a scumbag too ah! I just watched Film Empress Liang’s first movie again. OMG, the young girl’s feelings were poetic. How was he unable to tell at all!

__ Get back together, hurriedly get back together. Can’t bear Film Empress Liang’s broken-heartedness …

__ I hate this Qiao Shan to death! Why does such a bitch exist ah! It was you who didn’t want him at first! Now that people were living a good life, you came back to ruin it! Why don’t you go to hell ah!

__ Despicable people are invincible, mistresses deserve to be exterminated!

__ I feel sorry for Film Empress Liang.

__ Please get back together, please get back together!

__ …..

On Weibo, there were snippets of heart-aches and excerpts of hope that they can get back together. Apart from this, it was precisely full of blasphemy to Qiao Shan. Her background has been entirely dug out, while some even deliberately went through her social media and successively hurled curses under her accounts.

The world has never been tolerant of mistresses, not to mention that Liang Yin has such a loyal fan base, as well as the countless passing onlookers.

Qiao Shan has long become the target of scorn that everyone shouted at, who disgusted people to the extreme.

Looking at all these, Liang Yin felt heart seized a bit. She wasn’t embarrassed, nor did she even feel a trace of joy.

She knew not everything above was Zhong Jianian’s doings. He just ordered someone to plan it out and at most, it was just a trigger. As a result, Qiao Shan had provoked the public’s wrath and was thoroughly flayed. Zhong Jianian alone simply didn’t know so many matters. Just like amidst those who broke the news, she noticed several familiar traces. These were all those who formerly had connections with them.

They didn’t speak up before, probably were unsure about Zhong Mingzhen’s stance but coming out now, perhaps they too were indeed disgusted by this Qiao Shan.

And by doing this, Zhong Jianian just wanted to devise the final clarification for her.

If it was before, she might have a different frame of mind, but now, she just thought of Zhou Jianchen.

He knew she had loved someone before, but he didn’t know how much she had loved and she didn’t know how he would feel when he saw this.

Or perhaps he has already seen it.

She deliberately didn’t look at him in the morning, but would often glance at him from the corner of her eyes and there was a time she saw him looking down at his cellphone.

“I’ll be right back.” Thinking as such, she sent out a message.

She didn’t know if he was able to see it, but she eventually wanted to make her feelings clear.

She didn’t want to be like last time again, when it was too late to say anything.

They soon arrived at the shooting site. Xiao Tian let Liang Yin get off first before she drove to park the car.

Zhong Jianian didn’t get off but still sat in the front passenger seat and went along to the parking lot.

Xiao Tian realized he had something to say to her, so she just parked the car and didn’t get off immediately.

“How long has Yinyin and that Zhou Jianchen been together?” Zhong Jianian opened his mouth finally and asked after a while.

Xiao Tian dared not hide, “About a week or so.” She wasn’t sure of the exact time, so she just gave a rough estimation.

She had probably guessed what they had just said inside.

Zhong Jianian was a little discontented, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Lowering her head, Xiao Tian dared not answer.

Zhong Jianian felt even more distressed. About a week or so … just over a week … how could it match the feelings of 13 years.

“Boss … “ Xiao Tian thought about it, but still summoned up the courage to open her mouth, “Actually, Brother Chen is very good … “

Zhong Jianian’s gaze was not amicable, but Xiao Tian still continued to say, “You probably don’t know. Brother Chen has likes Sister Yin for many years and he has been waiting for Sister Yin … “

She didn’t know it at first, but that day Rong Xin took her to dinner and divulged some details to her.

Zhong Jianian’s gaze changed slightly.

“Sister Yin and Brother Chen are really happy together. She has been unhappy earlier and I’ve never seen her really smile … “

Sister Yin was ladened with grief at that time that caused others to feel distressed seeing her. She seemed to come to life when Brother Chen appeared. That Mr. Zhong is very good too, but she eventually felt that Brother Chen is more suitable for Sister Yin.

Brother Chen carries warmth with him, hence he can warm up Sister Yin.

“Brother Chen is also really good to Sister Yin. Afraid that she is cold, afraid that she is hungry. The earlier accident in the shooting site and being hospitalized was also to protect Sister Yin, fearing that the crashing lamp would hit her … “

“Okay, don’t say it anymore!” Xiao Tian wanted to say more, but Zhong Jianian no longer wanted to hear.

Who the hell cares if he treats her well.

But recalling that Liang Yin had been unhappy before, his eyes calmed down again.

Is she really happy all these years?

When had he ever seen her smile happily?

Xiao Tian was stunned with fright and dared not continue anymore.

“Go, go, go, you go too. You are too annoying staying here!” Zhong Jianian waved and scolded again.

“I will get off then?” Not daring to stay any longer, Xiao Tian asked a question and opened the door to get out of the car.

“Traitor!” But Zhong Jianian scolded again.

Hearing that, Xiao Tian couldn’t help but smile, “Goodbye Boss.”

He scolded her like that, which meant he didn’t blame her.

What the eye didn’t see, the heart didn’t grieve over, Zhong Jianian turned his head away. He took off his cap and scratched his head, yet he still felt annoyed.


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