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Just want to be with You – Chapter 38.2

Translator: Oinkoink

Chapter 38.2

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When Liang Yin arrived at the shooting site, Zhou Jianchen and Song Jingming were filming a scene together.

Once Zhou Zhaozong entered the cabaret, he caught sight of Du Mingyue talking to Xu Mengbai and became suspicious, hence he deliberately got close to Du Mingyue. It was a tranquil scene, but beneath the surface, an undercurrent was looming and the two people were very serious.

Zhou Jianchen, who was engrossed in the character, brought a different kind of charm. His expression and gaze were full of theatics while all his body language had also transformed into the role of the character.

As Zhou Zhaozong was arrogant, he was spot-on arrogant; when Zhou Zhaozong smiled, he smiled too. Just such an askance glance brought out an extreme scrutiny as he looked at that person, who self-proclaimed to be the general manager of Nanyang Allied Company, in front of him. Without a word, his aura could somewhat suppress anyone.

Song Jingming’s acting skills were very good and all his previous performances were noteworthy, but it unconsciously became a little inferior in front of Zhou Jianchen.

Several staff members on the side were already full of admiration.

Zhou Jianchen was indeed an inherent performer. Watching him, Liang Yin felt somewhat down.

She recalled what Zhong Jianian said.

__  Everyone in the entertainment circle is fickle. Saying they like you today, perhaps tomorrow they will like someone else.

Zhou Jianchen is not someone fickle, but she inevitably has so many issues …

Will he mind?

“CUT!” Chen Hua’en suddenly shouted stop.

Then simply came Zhou Jianchen’s voice, “I’m sorry, I momentarily forgot the dialogue.”

Regaining her reverie, Liang Yin saw Zhou Jianchen looking at her with the corners of his mouth pursed and a smile in his eyes.

Just like before.

Seeing this, Liang Yin somehow smiled too.

And her heart relaxed too.

Zhou Jianchen’s eyes warmed her heart.

“Let’s continue then.” Chen Hua’en, who was in front of the camera, spoke again.

“Okay!” Zhou Jianchen made a hand gesture, and then collected himself to continue playing the role.

While he was acting against Song Jingming just now, he inadvertently looked up and saw Liang Yin standing in the distance before he was distracted for a moment and the dialogue he was about to say was momentarily stuck …

Seeing that they were filming again, Liang Yin went to the dressing room for makeup after she greeted Chen Hua’en. The next was precisely the three people’s scene.

When she returned to the shooting site, the two just happened to finish their scene and Zhou Jianchen had already returned to his seat.

Liang Yin walked over and wanted to say a few words to Zhou Jianchen, but Song Jingming walked over again.

“Liang Yin, Jianchen, let’s rehearse our next scripts.”

Zhou Jianchen was about to get his cellphone and almost rolled his eyes when he heard this, while Liang Yin almost laughed out hearing this. As Song Jingming was looking down at his script, he didn’t notice at all.

Xiao Tian came over with the car keys and whispered in her ear, “Boss Zhong just went off and left the key with Director Chen.”

Liang Yin merely nodded after hearing that.

Afterwards, the two people didn’t get to talk with Song Jingming’s presence. Zhou Jianchen was obviously impatient, but Liang yin could only hold back her smile.

The scene was shot until half past five in the evening.

Today’s scenes were completed satisfactorily.

“Let’s wrap up.” Chen Hua’en gave the words.

Everyone bustled about again.

Returning to his seat, Zhou Jianchen was unscrewing his thermos mug for a drink and his gaze all along was on Liang Yin across the mug while Ah Zhao was packing up for him.

Liang Yin was also packing her stuff, yet Song Jingming was talking next to her. She could sense the hostility in Zhou Jianchen’s eyes, but Song Jingming was talking about filming, thus she could only continue dealing with him.

After Song Jingming finally left and her script was put away, Liang Yin suddenly turned around and said, “Brother Chen, let’s have dinner together tonight.”

Zhou Jianchen was somewhat stunned.

“Yo, what’s the situation, Yinyin is inviting Jianchen for dinner?” Du Yafu, who was squatting on the side and packing his things, raised his head when he heard it.

There were several other people on the side who all cast curious gazes.

Liang Yin explained, “Brother Chen saved me that day, so it’s only appropriate to treat him to a meal.” She didn’t intend to hide it from anyone either.

“Let’s all go together.” Liang Yin added after looking around.

“I’m not free. Director Chen still wants me to do the artistic design.” Du Yafu replied first, then looked at Chen Hua’en and asked, “Director Chen, do you want to go ah?”

Chen Hua’en merely spat out two words, “I’m busy.”

He added after a pause, “Once all’s done, I’ll invite Jianchen to have a meal too.” Zhou Jianchen’s accident was whilst with the production team and as the chief director, he eventually had some responsibility for the mishap. He didn’t have time to think about it before, but once Liang Yin mentioned it, he naturally remembered too.

Since Chen Hua’en was not going, the several other assistant directors and executive producers were respectively busy too. They are also  not quite well-acquainted with Liang Yin.

Liang Yin has always been reserved on the set. Although she is quite easy-going during chats, she is not close to anyone apart from several people. Song Jingming actually hesitated, but he quickly declined.

LIang Yin had expected this, so she looked at Zhou Jianchen again, “Brother Chen, are you going?”

Go! Why refuse!

“Go ah, but isn’t this one meal of yours a little lacking, since I was hospitalized for several days.” The words that came out became like this again. Gazing at her, his expression wasn’t apparent but his words were openly an ‘extortion’.

How could Liang Yin not know what he meant, but she paid him no heed. She turned around and said, “I’ll go remove my makeup first then. We’ll keep in touch later.”

“En.” Zhou Jianchen responded lightly. He called out to Ah Zhao, who had packed up beside him, and went towards his dressing room as soon as she left, “Let’s go.”


An hour later, the group arrived at the previous clubhouse again. Zhou Jianchen, Ah Zhao and Ah Xian arrived first, followed by Liang Yin and Xiao Tian in another car.

Zhou Jianchen was very cautious this time. He called in advance and the boss then arranged for the employee channel where they didn’t see many people along the way.

Once they reached upstairs, the head waiter brought them to the previous private room. At the door, Ah Xian said with a smile, “We will have our meals next door.”

Zhou Jianchen naturally didn’t object.

The head waiter then took them to the next room. Xiao Tian was a little surprised, but she was quickly pulled away by Ah Zhao.

As soon as they left, Zhou Jianchen closed the door, pushed Liang Yin against the wall and kissed her.

He has really endured it the whole day.

Liang Yin didn’t expect him to be so abrupt and wanted to push him away, but Zhou Jianchen just kissed her more intensely and spoke as he kissed, “Who told you to ignore me today, eh?”

His breathing was a little heavy. Hearing him say so, Liang Yin didn’t dare to push him with might. As soon as she relaxed, she was being kissed more intensely that she could barely stand.

Zhou Jianchen’s hands then pulled down the zipper of her down jacket. Liang Yin felt nervous, but Zhou Jianchen bit her ear and said, “Don’t you feel warm with the air conditioner running so high?” As he said that, he unzipped and took off her jacket before throwing it aside yet his mouth never left her lips.

Liang Yin’s ears are very sensitive. Zhou Jianchen’s bite just now almost weakened her legs, “Zhou Jianchen!” Dodging instinctively, she was dizzy from the kiss and could hardly breathe.

Seeing that she was about to flee, Zhou Jianchen wrapped around her waist to snuggle her against his body, “Call Husband!”

Something nearly happened with this snuggling.

Liang Yin was wearing a thin tight-fitting sweater underneath. With a slim waist that was barely a grasp, her whole person was seemingly encircled in the embrace with arms wrapping around her, and her full breasts seemed to set them aflame in an instant.

“F*ck!” He cursed a rare profanity and lowered his head, yet he just kissed Liang Yin even harder.

Liang Yin almost tears up. Zhou Jianchen’s palm was strong and warm, making her tremble as it moved to her waist.

“Zhou Jianchen, let me go quick!” She couldn’t help but say so.

She was aware of Zhou Jianchen’s reaction too, and if this continued, something would definitely happen.

“Thud, thud, thud __ “ At this moment, there were knocks outside the door.

Taking advantage of his distraction, Liang Yin quickly pushed him away, wiped the traces from the corners of her mouth, picked up her clothes and headed for the dining table.

“Someone’s coming!” Not forgetting to remind him again.

With hands still propped up against the wall, Zhou Jianchen turned to look at her with a heaving chest. His eyes were filled with dissatisfaction due to the interruption but also amusement from her panic escape. After a while later, he just turned around to open the door, “Just simply walk in, what’s with knocking the door.”

A guilty person gave himself away consciously.

Standing outside were naturally the head waiter and a server who pushed the food cart. The head waiter didn’t respond but merely thought how I would dare to walk in rashly. The boss had warned them to be more prudent this time.

The dishes were soon served on the table. It was not hot-pot, rather several other light signature dishes. Zhou Jianchen specially ordered the dishes that would be served later to be lightly-flavored when he called previously.

The head waiter and the server soon left. Taking off his down jacket, Zhou Jianchen sat down too. He was wearing a sweater underneath with his sleeves rolled up, revealing a fair but powerful forearm. Looking closely, there were two faint scars, which were from the previous injuries.

Liang Yin’s face was still a little flushed. Looking at her, Zhou Jianchen merely felt amused. Pondering about it, he then simply sat down next to her with the tableware.

“What are you doing?” Liang Yin hurriedly dodged to the side when she saw him coming over.

The seat was a long sofa, which was more than enough seating for two people.

“Change my seat for the meal ah, why are you so nervous.” Zhou Jianchen said and just ladled some fish balls into her bowl, “Eat, before it’s cold.”

Liang Yin dared not look at him and Zhou Jianchen kept looking at her with a smile and a bad intention, “Eat properly and don’t mess around again.” She reminded him again.

Zhou Jianchen looked at her and smiled again, but replied soon after, “Okay, let’s eat first. We’ll talk after the meal.”

Liang Yin almost choked, but Zhou Jianchen laughed even harder.

He, however, really didn’t mess around anymore after that, as he just watched her eat intently and ate meticulously himself. In between, he even peeled two shrimps for her.

Liang Yin felt a little sweet and warm, and also a little emotional looking at the two shrimps.

After eating for a while, she put down her chopsticks and said, “Zhou Jianchen, actually I have something to tell you today.”

Zhou Jianchen was peeling the third shrimp for her. When he heard her say so, he glanced at her, “You talk.” After saying that, he buried his head again to peel the shrimp.

This was the first time he was peeling shrimp for someone.

And it was quite enjoyable.

Liang Yin hesitated for a moment and said, “Have you seen what’s on Weibo?”

Zhou Jianchen had a momentary pause and raised his head, “En.” His eyes were unreadable.

Liang Yin’s heart sank while Zhou Jianchen put the peeled shrimp on her plate, “Eat quickly, before it’s cold.”

“Don’t just peel it for me, you have it too.” Being interrupted by him, the built up emotions were disrupted again, “I’m talking to you.”

He was really like an unruly mischievous child.

Hearing what she said, Zhou Jianchen really put down the shrimp in his hand and picked up the wet towelette next to him to wipe his hands, “Okay, I’m listening.”

Liang Yin was pleased to see him facing her. After a pause, she then stared into his eyes and said, “It’s my Little Uncle who came to see me today, but it is the Zhong family’s Little Uncle. He has always been very kind to me and has said before that he will come over to visit me at the shooting site.”

“He came over today to ask me to remarry Zhong Mingzhen, but I didn’t agree.” Her every word was particularly serious.

“In fact, Zhong Mingzhen also mentioned remarriage to me before, but I didn’t agree too.”

“I indeed liked Zhong Mingzhen, the very, very like kind. It has been 13 years, but now, I already have you.”

“Zhou Jianchen, don’t misunderstand me.”

The original intended words were much more, but only these few words really came out.

Liang Yin looked at Zhou Jianchen, not daring to miss out anything. She feared that she would miss all his expressions in a blink of an eye.

Zhou Jianchen looked at her for a long time and smiled.

His eyes reddened slightly and what lingered was all warmth.

“Liang Yin, why do I like you so much?”

Lowering his head, he raised it again and said, “I did see what’s on Weibo, but I didn’t care about it. I just thought at that time, even if he wants to have you back and you waver too, I must snatch you back this time.”

“You are mine now.”

You are mine now, only one sentence which was spoken with unparalleled solemnity.

He was panicking too at that time, but he didn’t want to fluster anymore. He let her go 5 years ago, but this time he will not give her up.

The rims of Liang Yin’s eyes teared up instantly as she listened.

She has really, really never heard such heart-warming words before.

“En.” She just nodded her head in response after a long while and couldn’t help but lean forward to hug him while her heart calmed down.

Zhou Jianchen hugged her back. Leaning on the nook of her shoulder, his eyes reddened a little too.

He’s just afraid he can’t love her enough this lifetime.

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