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Just want to be with You – Chapter 39.1

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Chapter 39.1

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The atmosphere became tranquil and beautiful. Leaning on Zhou Jianchen’s shoulder, Liang Yin felt very much at ease.

As if finally found a harbor to dock after a lifetime of wandering.

Being hugged, she suddenly felt a tickle on her neck. A low moan and she instinctively drew back her head to dodge.

Zhou Jianchen was nipping her neck.

Dressed in a low-neck sweater, Zhou Jianchen’s head was buried in the crook of her neck. Sensing the faint fragrance on her neck, he couldn’t help but rub against her collar and kiss the skin that was concealed under. Her neck is indeed too beautiful; gracefully slender and clearly fair. On top of that, it was delicate to touch that the moment he kissed it, he was seized with a sudden impulse to bite.

It was not really a bite, he just parted his lips and his teeth to lightly nip while his tongue licked.

And merely this lick caused Liang Yin to instantly feel limp that she cowered and involuntarily let out a ‘Hmm~’ sound.

Hence, the tranquil atmosphere was totally broken.

Zhou Jianchen grinned roguishly watching her dodging away.

Realizing that he was teasing her, Liang Yin’s face turned scarlet and gasped annoyingly, “You ah!”

“What’s wrong with me?” Zhou Jianchen ceased his laughter, poked her waist and laughed again, “Who let you be so sensitive.”

Making unfounded counter-charges.

Except there was still a twinkle in his eyes.

He didn’t really want to tease her at first.

As Liang Yin was ticklish and was busily dodging him, she couldn’t find a word to refute.

She is indeed quite sensitive everywhere, especially after being with him, she can’t withstand the teasing at all.

“Zhou Jianchen, don’t tease me anymore.” In the end, she could only say so feebly and turned around with her side facing him, not wanting to look at him again.

The teasing had made her not know what to do.

“If I don’t tease you now, when can I tease you?” Zhou Jianchen however spoke again.

“It’s not like we can always have the chance to be together. There are always large groups of people that it’s difficult to even speak a word.” Finally, he was disgruntled and couldn’t conceal his grievances and gloominess.

Liang Yin turned her head and felt somewhat unbearable. It’s true, their time together alone is too little and it’s simply impossible for her to have dinner with him like this every night.

“Let me kiss you again.” Zhou Jianchen raised his chin and made another request.

Looking at the playfulness in his eyes, Liang Yin laughed in exasperation as she picked some vegetable and put in his bowl, “Eat first.” This man is still a little picky eater!

Zhou Jianchen laughed, yet he didn’t really coerce her and just sat upright to pick up his chopsticks to eat the vegetable.

He doesn’t like green vegetables, but now it actually tasted unusually sweet.

He also didn’t really dare to mess around again. If he did, he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to control himself.

At this moment, a buzzing ringtone sounded again.

The cellphone was left on the side of the table. Glancing at it, Zhou Jianchen immediately tapped on it and pressed on the speakerphone.

“Hello?” He answered casually.

Sister Shao’s voice came from the other end of the phone and came straight to the point, “Zhou Jianchen, did you follow Liang Yin? Did you both agree or was it you who did it presumptuously?”

Liang Yin raised her head when she heard her name, yet Zhou Jianchen was indifferent, “What’s wrong?” Saying that, he picked up the phone.

As soon as Sister Shao mentioned ‘follow’, he knew what it was about.

“What else! Don’t you look at the timing ah! Go check out Weibo yourself!” Sister Shao was even more annoyed.

Zhou Jianchen glanced at Liang Yin with a smile, then switched to Weibo. Thinking about it, Liang Yin took out her cellphone too.

In the wee hours of last night, Zhou Jianchen couldn’t sleep and posted on Weibo. When Liang Yin saw it this morning, she commented ‘Night Owl’ which caused Zhou Jianchen to follow her after he caught sight of it.

Nothing happened after that. This morning, more and more of Qiao Shan’s explosive news emerged endlessly and the onlookers were busy watching the spectacles, thus Zhou Jianchen’s Weibo was inevitably neglected. Except his fan base was really so huge that by afternoon, it was still discovered by fans who have been paying close attention to him.

“Hey, did you all notice the number of people Brother Chen is following has increased, it was 571 before but now it’s 572.” __ The earliest fan who discovered it said so.

Zhou Jianchen has followed many people, but most of them were many years ago and the number of people he followed in recent years has not exceeded two digits. The last person he followed was nevertheless half a year ago who was an upcoming director, thus this sudden solicitude inevitably caused an uproar among his fans – his following list has long been scrutinized; how many people he was following and who they were have long been a matter of familiarity among his fans.

__ This person only has about a thousand followers, who could it be ah?

__ Was it a slip of hand?

__ Only you will have a slip of hand. When did Brother Chen ever have a slip of hand?

__ It’s nevertheless an overseas account ah, and it looks like a woman’s, but regrettably there is no photo.

__ I suddenly have a brazen idea.

__ I too have a brazen idea.

__ This can’t be Film Empress Liang Yin, is it?

Once this presumption came out, it instantly caused an uproar.

__ WTF, she indeed even followed Yuan Ruona and Yuan Ruona was following her too!

__ Crap, could it really be Film Empress Liang?

__  I’ve got a feeling it is really Film Empress Liang ah. Brother Chen is not one who follows anyone randomly ah, smile wryly…

__ Brother Chen has always liked Film Empress Liang ah, and the two of them are now working together, so it’s really not surprising to know her Weibo ah …

__ Goodness gracious! Is it really my Goddess’ account?

__  Indeed looks like it ah! The contents posted on it really seems like her style ah …

__ I didn’t expect my Goddess to be so patriotic, and there’s no lack of China!

__ Wu, wu, wu, I’m going to follow her. There is never any connection to get in touch with my Goddess these many years that I can’t find a medium to talk to her!

__ Better to ask clearly first ah, just in case it’s not her.

__ Right, let’s ask first. What if we’re mistaken and it’s not good to disturb people …

__ …..

Though there were many rational fans on Weibo and even so, Liang Yin was still shocked by the countless @, myriads of comments, innumerous likes and numberless private messages from people she didn’t know when she switched to Weibo.

Even the people who she originally followed sent her private messages: May I ask if you’re really Film Empress Liang? Trembling with excitement.

Apart from those comments and private messages from people who she didn’t know, those who were either unaware of the truth were frantically confessing their feelings, some asked if she was Liang Yin herself, while other than that, some were comforting her and begging her to reconcile.

__ Goddess, I really like you ah. I’m so excited that I’m going to cry!

__ May I ask if you are Film Empress Liang Yin ah, I really like you. If you are not, please forgive me for bothering you QAQ.

__ Feeling heartache for you.

__ Hug hug my Goddess. I hope you can be happy. 13 years, wu wu wu, seeing your sadness, I’m sad too.

__ Goddess Liang, get back together with Mr. Zhong!

__ Please get back together! Please get back together!

__ …..

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