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Just want to be with You – Chapter 39.2

Translator: Oinkoink

Chapter 39.2

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The number of comments on her topmost Weibo was formerly single digit, but now it has more than 5,000 and the number of followers has instantly increased from more than 1,000 to a million or so, and all the figures still keep rising …

Looking at it, Liang Yin was a little lost and she finally understood what had happened.

Zhou Jianchen was also looking at her homepage. He was smiling originally, but when he turned around and saw her expression, he couldn’t help but frown, “You are not happy?”

Liang Yin hurriedly shook her head, “No.”

Fearing that he might misunderstand, she hastily said, “I’m simply, a little surprised.” She didn’t expect her Weibo to be exposed.

“How did you notice me?” She asked again.

Zhou Jianchen replied, “Didn’t you leave a ‘Night Owl’ comment and I happened to see it.” He said it and still felt pleased with himself.

Liang Yin laughed in spite of herself as she didn’t expect such a coincidence. Looking at his smug look, those discomforts in her heart were swept away too.

“Liang Yin is there too?” Sister Shao asked again after hearing her voice.

“En.” Liang Yin responded quickly.

“Zhou Jianchen didn’t discuss this with you?” Sister Shao asked again.

Liang Yin glanced at Zhou Jianchen and replied, “No.”

Hearing her say that, Zhou Jianchen pinched her waist again.

“You’re giving me hard times!” Sister Shao scolded Zhou Jianchen and asked again, “Then how do you want to handle it now?”

Dodging Zhou Jianchen, Liang Yin hesitated a little.

Sister Shao then said, “I do not recommend making it public right away, since this might be unfavorable to you.”

It’s still okay without a Weibo account before, but now knowing she has one which she has been using for several years, people will inevitably condemn her for not uttering a word after her retirement all these years and causing everyone to worry for nothing. Although it has now been clarified that she was seriously injured in the car accident, it will inevitably cause gossip.

Moreover, the matters between her and Zhong Mingzhen are stirring now, hence this will become the focus of public opinion again if this is made public now. In due course once she is confronted with boundless inquiries, she doesn’t know whether to respond.

Just under this comment, there were myriad comments of ‘Please get back together’, which was simply appalling.

__ Does he still f*cking wants to have a serious romance! Sister Shao was angry thinking about it.

How could Liang Yin not think of this possibility, she naturally didn’t want to make it public too, but most importantly, it was still herself who didn’t want to make it known.

That account is too personal for her. It has recorded every detail of her past few years; where she had been, who she had seen and what she had done. Others might not have understood, but it’s distinctively clear to her and she doesn’t want others to pry.

She has never been one who is willing to reveal everything about herself.

“If you agree, give this account to me first and I will clarify that this is merely a staff’s account which has nothing to do with you. But you can’t use this account casually in the future.” Seeing her silence, Sister Shao understood her wish too.

She then added, “If you still want to use Weibo, you can create another or when the moment’s right, simply create an official one.” She suggested again.

If Liang Yin is still advancing in the entertainment industry, it is obviously better to have an official account. She could see the potential web search traffic in herself.

When the time comes to create an official account, it’s also the right time to ‘clarify’ today’s events.

“Okay.” Liang Yin listened carefully and nodded. She has no plan to create an official account for the time being, but she still agreed to Sister Shao’s suggestion.

As for this account now, although she didn’t want others to pry into it, she didn’t have much reluctance to part with it either. It is after all just memories that belonged to the past and she hasn’t posted anything for two or three months.

Sister Shao quickly hung up. Liang Yin then sent her the username and password. When she turned to look at Zhou Jianchen, there was guilt in her eyes.

She knew what he was thinking, it after all was still the words ‘make it public’.

He wants others to know about their relationship. He wants to make it public that everyone knows they have a special relationship.

But, right now, it’s really not possible.

“Zhou Jianchen – “ Liang Yin didn’t know what to say, so she could only move forward to hug his waist and lean against his chest.

Zhou Jianchen hugged her too and actually sighed heavily.

He knew what Sister Shao and Liang Yin’s intentions were, and it was indeed the best way to deal with it now. He also knew that with Liang Yin’s nature, she’s probably unwilling to make their relationship known in this lifetime.

Whether to disclose it or not, he will just accept it.

When he clicked on that follow button, how could he not know what would happen. Impulsive? Of course he was impulsive, but for a moment, he didn’t want to care about anything else.

__ Indifferent and nonchalant, that is him, Zhou Jianchen ah.

“Hurry up and create an official account, by then I can openly follow you too.” In the end, he could only say so.


 Under Sister Shao’s arrangement, the account with the username ‘Take it easy’ soon had a clarification.

“I’m very sorry, I’m really not Liang Yin. I’m merely StarLight Media’s staff and have just joined the company. Brother Chen only followed me because I’m working for Brother Chen. I’m really sorry for causing these misunderstandings.”

The tone was gentle, just like the way it was on Weibo before.

Weibo authentication had also been validated quickly, the StarLight media’s staff wrote as such.

For a moment, countless people were disappointed. Originally they thought they had discovered Film Empress Liang’s Weibo but it turned out to be just a mistake. Hence, some apologized and unfollowed, and the storm subsided.

Except at this moment, the account with the username ‘Take it easy’ has nearly three million fans.

There were still some doubts, but Sister Shao was very cautious that no slip-ups were found.

After that, some rushed to Zhou Jianchen’s Weibo to leave messages:

__ Brother Chen, can you tell my Goddess to create a Weibo soon?

After this message was posted, it gathered more than 200,000 likes.

Zhou Jianchen laughed in spite of himself and finally replied, “I’ll try to persuade her.”

As a result, it received another 400,000 likes.

Afterwards, more people began to wait for Liang Yin’s Weibo.

Brother Chen had said he would persuade, would there still be no result?

Ruona called to ask too. She naturally knew that this account belonged to Liang Yin and now it was actually being used by StarLight Media, which was naturally surprising. Liang Yin did not keep mum about it and told her the same too: I am with Zhou Jianchen.

At that time, they were going back together in the same car and when Zhou Jianchen heard it, he even said hello to Ruona.


After that, the filming was intense. Liang Yin and Zhou Jianchen couldn’t be alone together again. Zhou Jianchen was restless everyday, but he could only restrain himself.

When they returned that day, Liang Yin exhorted him again and again not to tease her on the shooting site. She was really afraid that she would not be able to perform well. In front of Zhou Jianchen, her focus was really bad.

Looking at her pleading face, Zhou Jianchen could only agree. Who asks him to be soft-hearted. But how could he endure it? He didn’t tease her on the set, but he would persistently tease once he returned to the hotel, causing Liang Yin not able to memorize her script at all and her dialogues naturally got stuck the next day. Zhou Jianchen however memorized it quite fluently. When she forgot her words, he even reminded her just like a good person, appearing like a good student who takes pleasure in helping others.

Liang Yin was so annoyed, yet she really couldn’t do anything about him.


Time passed and in a blink of an eye, it was a week before the lunar New Year’s eve, and everyone in the production team had dinner together. This year’s job is over and after this meal everyone will go home tomorrow.

Chen Hua’en was quite generous as he had arranged a banquet of 13 tables in a high-end hotel. Playing the lead roles, Liang Yin and Zhou Jianchen naturally sat at the same table, and were arranged to sit next to each other.

During the banquet, Zhou Jianchen was not in good spirits. Liang Yin looked at him and wondered why. Zhou Jianchen held her hand under the table several times. Afraid of being discovered, Liang Yin didn’t dare to struggle free, so she could only let him be – and his grip was particularly firm.   

Once the meal was over, everyone went back. Many were carpooling due to having alcoholic drinks. When Xiao Tian stopped the car, Zhou Jianchen opened the door and got on.

Liang Yin was a little surprised yet Zhou Jianchen just leaned over to her side and said, “Ah Zhao is sending Director Chen and the others back first.”

There are many men in the production team and only a few who didn’t drink. Since Ah Zhao didn’t drink, he undertook the driver’s role. Zhou Jianchen was getting into his own car when he saw Xiao Tian driving over from afar, so he gave up his seat to the screenwriter – while several drunk screenwriters and producers were in his car, only Chen Hua’en looked sober though he drank a lot too.

Xiao Tian had started the car and originally wanted to take a few more people, but everyone at the entrance had found their own transportations and Zhou Jianchen had already boarded.

After getting into the car, Zhou Jianchen didn’t speak at all. Sitting upright, his hand gripped Liang Yin’s hand again.

Liang Yin didn’t know what was wrong and just looked at him a little worriedly.

Zhou Jianchen sat for a while and finally opened his mouth, “Xiao Tian, don’t look back.”

Being called out, Xiao Tian subconsciously looked at the rearview mirror and hastily retracted her line of sight as a result.

In the rearview mirror, Zhou Jianchen had turned around and was kissing Liang Yin.

Shocked and embarrassed, Liang Yin tried to push him away, but Zhou Jianchen just kissed her harder. There was a faint scent of alcohol on him since he drank a lot too.

Liang Yin was, after all, thin-skinned and Xiao Tian was still there, so she couldn’t let him do whatever he wanted and finally managed to push him away.

She looked at him, silent with a reproachful gaze.

Gazing at her, Zhou Jianchen however felt a little aggrieved.

In the end, he could only vanquish. Leaning on her shoulder and hugging her waist, he could only lament, “Tomorrow is the holiday ah.”

It’s the holiday and he can’t see her ah.

Hearing that, the little admonition she felt for his recklessness and disrespect dispersed all of a sudden and her heart softened in a total mess.

He leaned on her shoulder, obviously having drunk too much.

But soon, there was some sentimentality too.

__ Indeed, it’s the Lunar New Year and everyone has to go home.

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