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Just want to be with You – Chapter 41.1

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Chapter 41.1

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Feeling pain from the kiss, Liang Yin nevertheless pushed him away. Zhou Jianchen merely wanted to vent out a little and just let her push him away after he had enough.

The two people stood facing each other without a word for a moment.

Liang Yin understood and felt rather guilty too. The reason why she didn’t want him to look for her was because he surely must spend more time and celebrate the festival with his family.

“You have to go back.” She looked at him and spoke in a low voice. He has a family, so how can he stay here?

Zhou Jianchen did not compromise, “You go back with me.”

Liang Yin could not respond.

“Then I’ll stay here with you.” Zhou Jianchen said, without room for negotiation.

“I’ve brought my clothes over.” He once again picked up the bag that was on the floor.

He had spare clothes in his car. Afraid that she wouldn’t agree, he simply packed and brought a set when he came up just now.

He appeared to have made up his mind.

Seeing this, Liang Yin took a deep breath and let out a long sigh, full of helplessness.

Knowing his temperament and aware that he couldn’t be persuaded for the time being, she could only turn around and said, “Come in first.” She couldn’t just let him stand at the threshold.

She naturally can’t go home with him. Their relationship only started not long ago, and …

Just glancing around the house, she felt a little awkward. She has never had a man here before.

Opening the shoe cabinet, she took out a pair of disposable men’s slippers for him and feared that he might misunderstand, she explained, “Ruona’s assistant brought me meals before and thinking if needed, I had it prepared first.” That assistant of Ruona was a man, who just stayed at the door and did not come in when he came to deliver the food. She thought perhaps there would still be a need in the future.

Zhou Jianchen didn’t say anything. He just changed the shoes and went in.

Even after taking off his shoes, he was still very tall and it was another kind of dynamic after he bent down and straightened up.

Since he was not at the shooting site, he wore only a sweater and a black thin pants with the jacket off.

Liang Yin hung up his jacket then turned around and said, “I’ll go get you some tea.”

Without the jacket on and a change of shoes, there was a kind of homely casualness about him.

She dressed a little too. A thin long skirt, no socks and just a pair of bare feet inside the fleecy slippers.

The house was heated with quite the right temperature.

Watching her walk away, Zhou Jianchen followed her too. He just glanced at the furnishings of the house and couldn’t help but felt a little reserved too.

This is also the first time he entered a girl’s home.

Although he was forceful and non-negotiable just now, he eventually did come uninvited.

But he didn’t feel remorseful either. It’s quite spacious here and apparently has been refurbished. Since it was just her alone, he didn’t know how she was going to spend the Lunar New Year.

After pouring the tea, Liang Yin walked back while Zhou Jianchen put the bag on the stool and took out a small bag, “A New Year’s gift for you.”

Liang Yin took it and felt a little surprised. Opening the small box for a look, she was even more shocked.

Inside was a ring set with pink diamonds in the shape of a sunflower.

Looking up, Liang Yin didn’t know what to say.

“I saw this piece at a friend’s place and thought that it would suit you.” Zhou Jianchen explained. He has wanted to buy her a gift for a long time, but he doesn’t know what to give her. When he saw this ring, he decided at once and also happened to bring it along as he came up just now.

It was a casual ring which she could wear for fun and wasn’t out of boundary.

Liang Yin knew that this ring looked modest but it’s worth a ransom. Thinking about it, she didn’t say anything and merely uttered, “Why do you always like to give me pink stuff.” This ring and so was the pair of snow boots last time.

Seeing that she didn’t refuse, Zhou Jianchen smiled, “Don’t you girls like pink.” His eyes were gentle.

Liang Yin felt rather amused. It seems that in his eyes, she is always a little girl.

“Thank you.” Closing the box, she thanked him again.

She really likes the ring, it’s very unique and beautiful.

Zhou Jianchen smiled too, seeing that she liked it.

Liang Yin put the box away then remembered something and asked him, “Have you eaten dinner yet?” It was almost seven o’clock now.

“No.” Zhou Jianchen replied truthfully.

Liang Yin felt bad, “I’ve already eaten.” There was a smile in her eyes.

After a pause, she asked again, “What do you want to eat?” There weren’t many takeaways left and he would definitely feel unwilling to eat out, so after thinking about it, she said, “I’ll make you some noodles.”

She added soon after that, “But my cooking is not good at all.” Saying that, she felt a little embarrassed as her cooking skills are really bad.

“En.” What could Zhou Jianchen still strived for, he could only comply with.

“Then make yourself at home and it’ll be ready soon.” Liang Yin said and went into the kitchen to get busy. She tied up her hair and opened the fridge. Taking out the noodles and steak, she then cut a piece of butter to melt it.

She learned all these when she stayed here during her school days, which she often got by with back then and it was the same some time ago.

Her skill is no longer as rusty as it once was. Practice makes perfect and now it is presentable.

Sitting on the chair and watching her, Zhou Jianchen’s eyes somehow gleamed.

Hence, while Liang Yin was cooking the noodles, she felt someone hug her from behind.

Looking back, she saw Zhou Jianchen leaning on her shoulder and hugging her tightly.

A warm current then rushed through her body.

“It’s like a dream.” Zhou Jianchen smelled the fragrance on her body and spoke in a low hoarse voice.

Hearing that, Liang Yin’s eyes fluctuated too. She kissed his face and smiled again, “Silly.”

She however felt emotional too.

When has she ever not wanted to live so tranquilly with just the two of them.

Three meals a day, clothes for four seasons, how simple and wonderful that is.

Looking at her, Zhou Jianchen smiled and lowered his head to kiss her. She didn’t dodge but just raised her head in response.

When his kiss became more and more intense, and the embrace tightened, she blushed and let go of him, “The noodles are getting soggy.”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s soggy.” Zhou Jianchen said and continued to kiss her lips again.

Liang Yin kissed him back but didn’t let him continue, “It won’t taste good if it’s soggy.” Saying that, she dodged him and scooped the noodles out.

Zhou Jianchen however continued to hug her, unwilling to let go.

Liang Yin just let him be.

She actually likes being held by him very much. She always feels particularly warm and at ease.

Once the steak was finally pan-fried and plated, “You can eat now.” On the plate was the black pepper sauce steak, butter-fried noodles, plus a fried egg and some broccoli.

“En.” Saying that, Zhou Jianchen took out the knife and fork himself.

Returning to the table, Liang Yin poured him another cup of tea, “Eat.” She sat across from him and looked a little nervous.

Zhou Jianchen took a mouthful of noodles and nodded, “Delicious.”

Liang Yin smiled when she heard that. Tasted it just now, she indeed didn’t fail.

After a few bites, Zhou Jianchen then held her hand, “Liang Yin, why am I so blessed.” He said with a smile on his face and a little glint flashed in his eyes.

“Silly.” Liang Yin said and added, “If you like it, I can make it often for you in the future ah, but you’d better not get tired of it.”

“I will never get tired of it.” Zhou Jianchen listened and replied with a smile.

Liang Yin smiled and lowered her head again.

By the time he finished, the plate was completely clean. Liang Yin didn’t cook too much, fearing indigestion late at night.

Taking the initiative to scrub and wash the dishes, Liang Yin let Zhou Jianchen do it seeing his insistence. She didn’t walk away but just stood by the side, telling him where things were to be placed from time to time.

Zhou Jianchen was obviously not used to doing such things and a little clumsy. With his sleeves rolled up, the person was tall yet it was not too strenuous with his legs and body bent.

Watching him, Liang Yin found it amusing. She thought, perhaps no one has seen him like this either.

After thinking about it, she took a photo of him.

Zhou Jianchen didn’t mind either. He just turned his head to look at her and smiled happily.

Liang Yin didn’t post it anywhere. She just saved it in the album to treasure it properly.

By the time everything was cleaned up, it was already half past eight.

Zhou Jianchen came out from the kitchen after washing his hands and Liang Yin handed him some tissue to wipe his hands. After thinking about it, she still said, “Go back.”

Glancing at her, Zhou Jianchen said, “I’ve said I’m not going back.” There was still no intention of backing down.

After saying that, he didn’t wait for her to say more as he picked up the bag on the side and went to the bathroom, “I’ll take a shower first.”

Looking at his back, Liang Yin could only sigh helplessly.

Not daring to ignore him, she could only follow him and asked if he needed anything.

Zhou Jianchen closed the door to take a shower, while Liang Yin went back to her room to keep the ring he had just given her into the safe.

There is a lot of jewelry in the safe and she merely placed it in the most visible place.

There were once again fluctuations in her heart.

With the sound of running water in the bathroom, she knew Zhou Jianchen was determined not to leave.

But how can he not leave.

On the phone, Ruona sent another message which she had replied when her gaze fell on the call history again.

In the afternoon, the Zhong family’s Old Madam called and asked her to go back for the Lunar New Year, but she rejected.

How could she go back.

Zhou Jianchen soon came out again. With a change of clothes, his hair was wet as he wiped it with the towel.

The towel was given to him by Liang Yin since he brought nothing but a change of clothes.

Seeing this, Liang Yin took out the hair dryer from the bathroom, plugged it into the socket and said to him, “Come here, I’ll blow dry your hair.” It was already so late, how could he sleep without drying his hair.

Zhou Jianchen really went to her side after hearing that. He smiled at her and lowered his head with incomparably obedience.

Seeing this, Liang Yin couldn’t help but smile. She took the towel to wipe for him and then turned on the hair dryer to blow-dry his hair. His top-front hair was quite long and became densely fluffy by the blow while the bottom was pretty short and a little prickly to the touch. Feeling these sensations, Liang Yin felt a little soft in her heart.

Zhou Jianchen just stood obediently and let her blow-dry.

After his hair was dry, Liang Yin took out a small jar and asked, “Facial cream, do you want it?” The weather was dry and she was afraid that his face would dry out. He didn’t bring anything, so he could only use hers first.

Zhou Jianchen was fixing his hair and when he heard this, he lowered his body again, “You apply for me.”

Liang Yin laughed in spite of herself, yet she really opened and scooped a little onto her palm to lather it and applied it on his cheeks.

Zhou Jianchen squatted down a little more to make it easier for her to apply.

Seeing this, Liang Yin felt even more laughable and her heart sighed with emotions.

His face is really good-looking, and it was even more distinct when the fingertips stroked over it.

She had never looked at him so closely, face to face and the distance was only a foot away. The eyebrows, nose and lips were all well-defined.

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